Gifts for Westie Lovers

Gifts for Westie Lovers: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

It’s safe to say if you know someone who loves Westies, getting them a gift toremind them of their loved pooch will immediately be a hit. Whether for aholiday or birthday, you cannot go wrong when you find the best gifts forWestie lovers.Whilethere are plenty of products on the market, we’ve narrowed them down to ourfive favorites.

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Christmas Westie Gifts for the Holidays

Christmas Westie Gifts for the Holidays

From Christmas cards to decorative cushions, there are several different types of Westie-themed gifts for you to choose from. With these, it would be easy to share your love for your Westie with everyone. After all, the Christmas season is a time for sharing love, right?

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Zee.Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Review

We don’t mind cleaning up after our pup when out on our walks, but we found ourselves constantly forgetting poop bags and then wondering what to do when our Westie did his business. A friend recommended that we try a poop bag dispenser like the one that we will be reviewing today from Zee.Dog. While not an essential item by any means, we can’t deny the practicality and convenience that it offers. Let’s learn more about this little tool!

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Zee.Dog Crosby Dog Collar Review

When it came to our adorable Westie, we knew that we were going to want to get home some fashion-forward collars, but many of the local shops only had basic, solid-colored options. While those collars are just fine, we want some special occasion collars, too! Today, we’ll be talking about the Zee.Dog collar in the Crosby pattern. This same collar is available in several different designs, so remember that you can always choose another pattern and get the same features.

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