Westie Bookends – White Terrier Barriers for your Beloved Books

In just about two years, Sami has filled my life with so much fun and frolic! Now, whenever I go shopping, I look for products that reflect my love for my furry family member. I recently stumbled across some beautiful home décor items in the form of Westie bookends that feature Sami’s lookalikes in their design!

Sami the Westie sitting on a bookshelf, giving inspiration for a Westie bookend

I am equally attached to Sami and my books, so Westie bookends are the perfect props for my bookshelf. Acting as two-sided barriers, these bookends can be placed at both ends of my row of books, holding them firmly in place. Plus, while I am sure these tools will prevent my books from flying off the shelf, they will draw compliments from my friends when they lay their eyes on these cute creations.

Does my search for Westie bookends inspire you? You can also get some for your own home. With DIY tutorials available all over the internet, you can easily make one for yourself! In fact, it can be your next fun art project.

All you need are some crafting items, a few common household knick-knacks, and access to a printer. Start by rummaging through your toy collection.

If you are like me and love Westies, you might have bought a couple of Westie figurines as toys in your childhood. If so, dig them out, give them a fresh coat of paint, stick them to two large rocks with super glue and leave them under a fan for a few hours. Once dried, your new Westie bookends can be displayed proudly with your books.

If you don’t have Westie toys, you can go to the printout route. Simply find two pictures of Westies that you love, print them, and paste them onto sturdy pieces of cardboard. Get a pair of scissors, cut the cardboard according to the outline of the pictures and fix them onto small wood or scrap metal squares that can act as platforms. Voila! Your DIY Westie bookends are ready.

It is not necessary, though, to print out Westie pictures for this endeavor. If you would like to try your hand at drawing, you can simply sketch two Westies, paint them and follow the steps related to cardboard pasting and cutting. And if you have a little Sami of your own, you can organize a photoshoot with them. The resulting pictures can be developed and incorporated into your bookends!

However, if you don’t want to undertake the task of making a DIY Westie bookend, you can simply purchase a ready-made one.

There are hundreds of Westie bookends on the market. Here are a few of the unique ones:

1.    The Heirloom Westie Bookends

This is a pair of cast iron bookends featuring a solid green base and two finely sculpted white Westies standing up straight on the platform. Handcrafted and finished, these bookends are definitely a collector’s item. You can buy them on Amazon.

2.    Smithsonian Westie Bookends

Promising to protect your books while holding them in place, these antique-looking Westie bookends can add a spark of grandeur to your room. For more information, visit the Smithsonian product page today!

3.    Knob Creek Metal Arts Westie Bookends

With a set of two bookends featuring a black silhouette of the cute dog, this pair is made of steel strong enough to hold your entire reading collection. So, if you are an avid reader with a ton of books to arrange on your shelf, get your hands on this set on Etsy.

4.    August Grove Westie Bookends

Made of cast iron and painted white, the Westies standing on their hind legs in this set of bookends are two of the most joyful looking dogs we have come across. Simply clean the pair with a dry cloth for maintenance, and you are good to go. If you would like to purchase these, be sure to explore the Wayfair website where they are up for sale. 

Westie bookends can be the perfect culmination of your passion for reading and your admiration for spunky little dogs. I am glad that Sami inspired me to search for these exciting art pieces!