A Westie’s Portugal Day, treats for tricks and new products in our shop!


This past week was Portugal’s Day and even though we are not Portuguese, Sami is.

So we celebrated by posting a few pictures from the past year or so, in some of the beautiful places we traveled to, here in Portugal, from beaches to snowy mountains! See them all here (make sure you swipe through).

And let us know, have you ever been to Portugal? And if yes, what did you love the most?

Sami’s Allergies

In terms of Sami’s allergies, we made great progress.

Since the vet prescribed that mousse, we’ve been applying it every day for about 5-6 days and the allergies seem to have gone away. One thing we also did also about 10 days ago is we switched to raw food exclusively, as an experiment, which could be the real reason why his allergies stopped.

We don’t know if it was the change in diet or the mousse, maybe both, maybe just the food. The good news is, his paws are fine and he is not licking or scratching anymore 🙂

We will keep up the raw diet for now, we currently use packaged dog meals from Nature Pets, which we like because they prepare all the ingredients needed for a balance diet (and there are lots of meats to choose from!).

We are not committed yet to BARF diet long term, so we might switch back to kibble at some point and see what changes. However, this time it will be grain free, since Sami might possibly have an issue with wheat.

Great news is, we added a new design to our store! ♥

The previous one was very appreciated and we want to thank all the people who got it!

Thank you for supporting what we do and please know that this way you are helping us create more Westie Vibes designs!

This new design is a Westie pattern, same smiley face, same eyes sparkling with joy!

And it is available on many products (face maskssocksshower curtains , leggingsphone casesthrow pillows and so many more!).

See all of them here!

And on a funny note, here is Sami when he is very hungry 😂🤣😂

He will do all the tricks he knows just to get those treats! And these were yummy treats too, cooked cow liver and heart pieces. So you can understand his excitement!

This is it from us this week. Until next time!
Stay safe everyone!

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