Thoughts on Raw Food, New cute Masks in Shop and Trying on Bandanas


We hope you’re well! If you are reading this while having breakfast or brunch, enjoy your meal (and be glad Sami isn’t there to eat it for you!)  😀

We’ve had a good week, went to another class of puppy school and the feedback was amazing 🙂

We are now working on socialization with other dogs and Sami is doing really well! He usually tends to be quite stubborn and obsessive around other dogs, so we were happy to see that he is learning to behave better.

This is even more relevant since since next week we are taking a much needed vacation and we’re going away with our friends who also have a Westie!

We will be sharing an apartment together so it will be interesting to see how Sami will adjust to sharing his space with another dog (who is also male, also young, also quite stubborn, hahaha). It’s the first time we do something like this. Hoping that everything goes well and that they will get along, fingers crossed!

In honor of all Westies (and their humans) working from home, we have a new design!!

We hope you will love this one, it’s based on our calendar wallpaper from May and it’s cute and fun and lovable! As usual, you can get your own maskstickerscoffee mugphone casethrow pillowsfloor pillowwater bottlesockstote bagpostcards.

See our other designs here: onetwothreefour.

Raw food experience

If you read our previous emails, you know that we are currently feeding Sami a raw diet.

Many of you asked us about our experience so far, saying you are thinking of trying this too. For us, it’s only been about two weeks, so it’s still soon to decide if it’s something we could do long term.

He seems to enjoy eating raw, he adjusted pretty well and he is not licking his paws anymore. He had runny poops for about a week, which I read is normal, but it has adjusted now and it’s back to usual again (only he poops less and it’s almost odorless, which is wow!).

It takes some adjusting from us as well, since feeding raw is work, at least in the beginning while we learn how to create a balanced meal.

Some basics are it needs to contain some lean meat (lamb I heard is very good for Westies, also chicken, turkey or even beef), about 10% organs for vitamins and minerals, a source of fat (some people use coconut oil, I used a bit of olive) and bone seems to be essential for calcium (since I don’t feel I can trust him with a bone, because I fear him swallowing sharp pieces again, I give him bone broth which I buy already made from Nature Pets).

Also, some slow carbohydrates are recommended for digestion; I now give him green beans and pumpkin. You can also use spinach, kale or cucumber.

All in all, I would say feeding raw is a long journey, there is a lot to learn and there are also risks and disadvantages, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it, or not doing it either. I just think you should do a lot of research, maybe talk to some people who do it, and decide what is best for you and your pup.

We want to write an article on our blog and share our experience in more detail, so please let us know if this is something you’d be interested to read. And let us know if there is something in particular you are wondering about?

How do I look? asks Sami

And something for fun: a while ago we ordered some cute bandanas for Sami, from Etsy. Last week they arrived and we did an unpackaging video and he tried them on! 😀 It was fun and we are excited to have him wear them this summer! Also, we didn’t think he could be cuter, but… what do you know?

Watch him try on the bandanas here.

This is it from us this week. Until next time!
Stay safe!

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