Are Westies Good Lap Dog Breeds?

The small stature of West Highland White Terriers automatically makes them good lap dog breeds. With an adult Westie growing anywhere from 13 to 22 pounds, they would still fit into your lap. Since Sami is a male, he weighs more than females.

What’s the verdict then? Do they make good lap dogs? It all depends on the dog and the person offering their lap as their personal bed. Moreover, every Westie has its own unique personality.

This means that if Sami finds comfort in my lap, your Westie may not. If you’ve read a few of my blogs on Westies, you’ll know by now that this dog breed is too independent. Most Westies feel comfortable on laps while others do not like laps nor hugs.

What If I Want My Westie to Sit on My Lap?

You can train your Westie to become a lap dog or just wait for them to find their own way to your lap. I did that with Sami. I never forced it. I showed him love and affection and one day while I was watching TV, he came to sit on my lap. Dogs are loving animals, so it won’t be long before your Westie starts sitting on your lap.

In that case, do female Westies make better lap dogs than male Westies?

Female Westies are smaller and lighter than male Westies. They are naturally drawn to the lap than males. However, Sami is a male lap dog, but then again, it differs from owner to owner. Your male Westie may not be a lap dog but mine is.

Plus, no research on who is a better lap dog — male or female — exists. Moreover, the West Highland White Terrier Club of America gives hope to owners of male Westies, stating that males are as lap- friendly as females.

If My Westie Sits on My Lap, How Much Space Will He Take?

When Sami sits on my lap, he sits on half of my lap. He drapes the front of his body over my lap and then stretches out on the couch or bed next to me. Sometimes, he just rests his head and forelegs on my lap. When he was a puppy, he used to crawl completely onto my lap, but as he grew older, he has taken up a more sprawled position. Most Westies sit like this on the lap, hence there’s a high chance your dog will too.

Even if your Westie doesn’t sit on your lap, he will love to cuddle

Your Westie may not sit on your lap, but he will enjoy curling next up to you or even resting their furry head on your feet. Westies need some type of physical contact with their owner. When your Westie is a puppy, expect him to do this a lot because it gives them a sense of security and comfort.

What If Your Westie Gets Up on Your Furniture?

If your Westie gets on your lap, he’ll get on your furniture. You can prevent that by training him not to get on your furniture. Everyone in the household needs to be on the same page about this. You’ll have one confused dog if one family member lets your Westie sit on the furniture while others do not.

Don’t Get Upset if Your Westie, Covered in Dirt or Drenched in Water, Jumps on Your Lap

If your Westie jumps onto your lap while he’s dirty or wet, don’t get too upset. If you show you’re angry or upset, he may not do it when he’s clean either. When a dirty or wet Sami jumps onto my lap, I gently remove him from my lap, stand up, and clean myself up. A dog doesn’t know that he can only sit on your lap when he’s clean. If your dog does jump on your lap and messes up your clothes, it’s okay.

Note:  If you wake up a sleeping Westie from your lap, you’ll get a grumpy Westie

Take my word for this. Don’t wake up a Westie when he’s in deep sleep and sleeping on your lap unless you really have to and most often, you do. He’ll be grumpy and make growling and rumbling noises, but he’ll not bite. Westies look so adorable when they are sleeping on you that you may not want to wake them up from your lap.

When Your Westie Gets Older, Help Me Up on Your Lap

When Westies get older, they may develop arthritis or some other health problem, thereby preventing them from jumping high and into your lap like they used to do when they were younger. If you want your Westie to sit on your couch or your lap, you will need to help them up.

You can invest in doggy steps, which they can use to get up on the couch and your lap. If you have arthritis and you can’t bend down to pick up or assist your Westie, get doggy steps. Moreover, small lap dogs for the sick and elderly are not recommended.

Since they’re full of energy, they might jump up quickly at the sound of a doorbell, and for a frail person, this can be very painful because they use their abdomen to push themselves up from the lap. If you don’t have any health issues and aren’t that fragile, get a Westie.

In short, Westies do make good lap dogs. They are small, energetic, and affectionate dogs that will most likely find comfort and love in your lap.


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