Who is Sami the Westie

Westie puppy and owner in a selfie

Sami is a Westie (or a West Highland White Terrier, the official name of the breed ).

He was born on September 9th, 2018, he lives in Portugal and he enjoys being a Westie every day. This includes joining his human mom on a SUP on one of Portugal’s rivers.

Wesite puppy in a life jacket, on a paddle board, floating on the river, looking at a bridge in the background

His family writes here (his human mom and dad) about the life with a Westie, including everything they use and everything they do to make Sami happier and healthier. They also write a lot about our trips since they take Sami (me) with them almost everywhere they go.

Here’s Sami waiting for his first plane trip to Greece, in 2019.