Daily Use Westie Products

Since we got Sami, in December 2018, we went through lots of products trying to find what works best for us.

Here’s a list of them, from the Basics to nice to have Accessories, I hope you find inspiration in it.


Waterproof Zee Dog leash Neopro Blue

This is our main leash for Sami. It’s great because it’s thin, which makes it very light, and more importantly it’s waterproof (the material feels like silicone).

I can walk Sami in the rain and even let the leash on the floor while training him and it won’t get too dirty. You can wash it quickly with soap and you don’t need to wait for it to dry.

It’s also very resistant (I’ve had it for almost a year now and using it exclusively).

There’s lots of different colors, as well.

Zee.Dog Waterproof Dog collar 

This is the matching collar for the waterproof leash. It’s great for the same reasons as the leash, it doesn’t get dirty easily, you can wash it fast and reattach it to the dog, plus I love the colors.

Also, it’s important to mention that even though the surface feels like silicone, it’s not sticky and  it won’t pull on the hair at all, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Zee Dog collar (Small) (Lola model)

It’s the collar with the prettiest designs. I would probably buy all of them if they were cheaper, but the only one I have is the watermelon (also known as Lola) and it’s the main collar we use since the day we got Sami and it’s still in one piece, very sturdy, very well made.

I wash it every once it a while using a brush and it looks like new. It’s definitely worth the money.

Zee Dog Leash  (Size Small for westies) (Lola model)

This is the leash I bought when Sami was a puppy and we still use it sometimes.

I love the good quality and the gorgeous designs. The one we have is a match to the collar.

Lavender scented dog poop bags

These are the main poop bags we use and we love them because they use recycled materials in their packaging, plus the lavender scent helps cover the poop smell a lil’ bit 🙂

I would tell you more about them, but they’re poop bags, what more can you say?

Soft crate to sleep in

This is the crate Sami sleeps in. It’s very versatile because it opens both on the top as well as on the side. You can have your puppy sleep there with the crate open or closed.

The mesh is breathable, so he will be comfortable, plus the crate is super spacious. When traveling, it can be folded and carried like a briefcase, which makes it very practical (not to mention it’s super light).

Teepee tent

The dog teepee is both beautiful and practical. It’s very comfy, as Sami loves napping in it everyday. Since it’s white you might think it gets dirty quickly, but my experience is not it.

So far it looks really good. And it’s easy to wash. The design is simple and gorgeous and everybody who comes to our home admires it. Not to mention all the insta likes it got us 🙂

Here’s a more detailed review of the tent that I’ve written when Sami got it.

Regular dog crate

This is the classic dog crate, perfect for crate training. We’ve had it since Sami was a tiny pup and we still use it. It usually sits in the living room and he needs to go there if he keeps begging for food and ignoring our pleas to stop 🙂

We send him there and he sits there with the door open until we finish dinner.

Don’t think it’s a punishment tool though, because it’s not. But crate training is great for teaching him discipline.

He also takes his naps there whenever he needs his space (he usually naps on the couch with us, but sometimes he wants alone time).

Outdoor bed

We bought this outdoor bed when we noticed Sami loves to spend time outside, in our yard. He often naps there and we wanted him to be comfortable, so we put this in his favorite spot.

It’s waterproof, so no problem if it sits in the rain. It’s great for summer too, since the air circulates under it and it keeps him cool. The size is M, but your Westie could easily fit on an S as well.

Travel water bottle 

CJMJ Portable Dog Water bottle and a westie puppyThis water bottle is perfect for when going on long walks or hikes. It’s easy to hold (can be hung to your backpack), the water comes out and goes back in at the push of a button (which means no water is wasted!) and it’s very easy for a Westie to drink from it. It’s also unbreakable.

Here’s a more detailed review of the bottle. We now have two in the house, because we need one in the car when we forget to bring the one in the house.

Collapsible bowl for water and food

This is always a must have whenever we take Sami out to a restaurant with us, or when we are traveling. It can be used for either water or food, it’s very light and easy to carry. We usually keep one in the car and one in the backpack or my purse.

There are different colors, as well. We own a read one and a yellow one 😀


We love this raincoat. It’s see through, so it’s almost as if Sami had nothing on, it’s pretty comfortable and sturdy enough that it doesn’t move in the wind. Easy to put on and take off. And quite cheap.

We’ve used it for a few rainy months now, sometimes everyday, and it’s still intact, so it’s worth the money. Probably it will break at some point, since the press studs are sewn directly on the plastic, so of course at the price it’s not going to last forever.

When it comes to size, we chose M, but your puppy might be smaller or bigger, so pay attention to the the dimensions.

Here’s a video of Sami walking in the rain with it.

Air cushion safe car seat

We got this when Sami was a puppy and used it for all the trips to the vet, driving to the park and any other trip we have around the city. It’s a sturdy car seat, very good quality, stays put in the car and it’s easy to wash (dries super quick too).

What I love most about it is the air cushion on the bottom, because Sami has a bit of FOMO and needs to see whatever is out the window at all times. The cushion allows him to see out the window and nap at the same time. The only flaw is that every few weeks, the cushion will slightly deflate and will need to be re-inflated to reach its maximum air capacity. It’s probably normal, when riding with a 7 kg dog on top of it 🙂

Dog Car Booster Seat

This quickly became the main car seat we use. The reason we got a second car seat was that we each have his own car and it was complicated always having to switch the car seat to whichever car we would use.

This car seat is super comfy, much softer than the other one, it must feel like a soft couch for Sami. It’s larger too, so it’s more fitting for his adult size and he can easily sleep in any position inside it. It’s easy to wash, but dries slower than the other one because of the stuffing.

Also, it’s lower than the other one, which means Sami can’t really see out the window unless he is seated and not laying down, which is a disadvantage and I wish there was a way to integrate a tall cushion in there while maintaining the safety aspect. However, it’s our go-to car seat at the moment.

Car Seat Cover

Anti slip car seat cover so that Sami is comfortable during our long car trips. We did a few road trips through Europe with this and it’s the best car seat cover we’ve had.

There’s a mesh in the middle, so Sami can see what’s happening in the front without getting up, and the anti slip means he’ll stay put every time we take a turn.

He sleeps a lot when in the back seat thanks to this anti slip feature.

Car safety harness

We need this for the long trips with Sami. They’re padded, the air circulates well so he doesn’t get hot. Also important it the fact they’re easy to put on and take off.




Dog Life Jacket with Extra Padding Pet Safety Vest for Dogs Lifesaver Preserver

We got this dog life jacket for Sami when we started doing stand up paddling on the river. It was a safety measure for when he falls off the board, to make sure he stays afloat and also that he doesn’t get scared.

We ended up using it also for swimming in the river or even in the pool, since it has a head support that helps keep his chin above water. For dogs who aren’t water lovers or great swimmers, this is a very good investment.


Slingshot flying toys

Sami’s favorite toys ever. He has three of them (2 lobsters and one shark)! One for outside, one for inside and a messy one for when it rains :))

They are slingshot type of toys, so perfect for teaching your dog fetch. We also play tug of war with them, but careful because they will break. They’re not very resistant and if he chews on them a lot they will break open, but they’re so much fun and we always get “just one more”.

We bought them from this store and this store. If you want them on Amazon, this is the closest we found.

KONG Classic

This Kong toy never disappoints. I use it to keep Sami busy when he’s bored (like when I’m in the kitchen cooking and he won’t leave my side, waiting for me to accidentally drop food). I just put some yummy treats in there (like yogurt, or kibble, or chicken, or apple, sometimes with some peanut butter smeared on top) and he can spend even 30 minutes with the Kong, trying to get the treats out. It’s super fun.

It seems unbreakable and it’s easy to wash in the dishwasher. Sometimes I’ll also freeze it beforehand and he’ll spend more time licking it.

KONG Wobbler

We put the kibble inside and Sami spends a long time getting his food out, piece by piece. He will chase it through the whole kitchen and living room and he gets super focused.

Trixie slow eater 

This is another slow eater / mental stimulation toy that we use all the time. It’s easy to use and it feels like a casino game 🙂 I put the kibble in there and Sami will just use his paw and hope something falls. You can change the level by using the 3 hole lids, or the 1 larger hole.

It’s lots of fun, but it’s important to teach your pup when first interacting with the toy not to chew on it to get the treats. Because if he learns to do this, the toy won’t last long and it will be money wasted. When we first got it, Sami tried chewing it thinking it will be easier, but I corrected him every time and redirected him towards using his paw, so he quickly learned how to play.

Kong Knot Bear – durable quality toy

This is in top 3 Sami’s favorite toys ever. It’s basically a stuffed bear with a skeleton made of rope, so he can chew the rope through the toy.

It’s fluffy, it squeaks and it’s great for playing tug-of-war and fetch. We are already on our second one and Sami loves chewing it.



Dog snuffle mat

This is amazing for bored pups. I got this snuffle mat when Sami was still a puppy and I had to work from home, but he always needed my attention and I couldn’t catch a break 🙂

So I’m making this a meal by hiding treats in this magic rug and he would spend maybe 15-20 minutes super focused, sniffing and finding the treats. You can use kibble, dog treats, diced cucumbers, apple, carrots, tiny pieces of chicken…

The options are infinite. It’s great for mental stimulation and helps him spend some of all that puppy energy.

Trixie activity puzzle

This was the first puzzle game we got for Sami when he was 4 months old and we still use it sometimes.

We hide treats and he is having fun finding them. It’s an easy activity game, but perfect for pups who are still developing their logic and motor skills.

Squirrel Plush Dog Toy

This was a big hit. Sami got these for his birthday last year and he was crazy about them! He loves the squeaky squirrels, he loves that they’re soft and he can chew them, he loves the puzzle of taking them out of their trunk.

We would play fetch with one squirrel and then throw another one and watch him go crazy trying to get them all! It’s great fun.

Also, they’re good quality, he chewed on them a lot and they’re earless, but still intact. 😀

Plush Lamb toy

This was Sami’s favorite toy as a puppy. We had this in the rope version, too, and he loved chewing on it and playing tug-of-war with us.

He is a big fan of stuffed toys and for some reason he loved these lamb ones.



Interactive Fetch-N-Treat Dog Toy

We got this one trying to get Sami to play with balls.

Because to the surprise of us and even our dog trainer, Sami has absolutely no interest in balls.

So we got him this toy and tried to teach him how to play, he loves the treats that the toy dispenses but won’t take the ball and place it in the hole. So this one didn’t work for us yet (still trying though). But we’re mentioning it because I’m sure for a ball lover pup it might be fun!


Nail grinder

This nail grinder is a life saver because Sami has developed a phobia of nail clippers.

So after using my file to grind his nails (which took forever), I bought this and it’s amazing.

It’s pretty silent, it grinds nails well and Sami even falls asleep during the process. It’s small, wireless and you can charge it to your computer, through USB cable.


Grooming kit

This grooming kit is seriously all you need for grooming your Westie (except for hand stripping tools, which are separate from this, below). This has all the tools for clipping the hair, trimming bangs, combing and nail clipping. It even comes with a cleaning solution for when you’re done. It’s very good quality and we recommend it.


Rubber fingers for hand stripping

If you’re new to hand stripping (or you want to give your thumb a rest), these are very good for stripping the dead hairs off your Westie. I use them with Sami when I prefer not to use chalk (so this way he remains clean).




Stripping stone

I am using this when I hand strip Sami and I use it alternatively to the rubber fingers and the chalk.

It has good grip and it makes stripping easier, since it hangs on to the dead hairs and helps pull them out. If you are not stripping your pupper, this is handy for getting all the hairs from the couch or from your clothes, too!


Inflatable Dog Collar

We got this inflatable collar after Sami hurt his paw and the vet prescribed a treatment, which meant he had to wear a cone in order not to lick the cream off his paw.

The vet got us the usual plastic cone, but he had to wear it at night too and it was so uncomfortable to sleep in. Not to mention our walks!

He would sniff something on the ground and the cone would scratch the ground and gather dirt and leaves inside it. He would also bump the cone into every possible door frame he walked through, lol. So I got him this inflatable one and we never had these problems again.

It’s soft to the touch, comfortable to sleep on and he could easily sniff stuff on the floor without any problem. Plus, you can put it on and take it out super easily, since it has velcro.


Pet Head Shampoo for White dogs

I love using this shampoo on Sami.

It smells delicious, like oranges, but you won’t feel it after the coat is dry.

It’s important to me not to use anything with strong perfume. It’s especially made for white coat, so it does brighten the hair a bit and it makes it soft.

Unscented dog grooming wipes

I use these to clean Sami every evening before bed, usually just on the areas where he tends to get dirty: lower belly, back legs, butt, paws and around the mouth. I always do this after brushing. Sometimes if he’s been getting dirtier, I’ll use them to clean all over his coat.

You only need a few wipes for that, since they are wet enough. The fact that they’re non-perfumed is what made me buy them, I’d been looking for something like this for a long time.


Zee Dog Bow Tie

Every dog needs a cute bowtie.

This one matches our collar and we love the cool design!






Small aluminum carabiner

You would be amazed how useful these things are as a dog owner, especially when traveling with your pup.

You can use carabiners for hooking the dog water bottle to your backpack, or hang the silicone collapsible bowl to your bag. I even use them on beach walks, to hang my flip flops to my jeans waist, when running with Sami on the beach.

They are super handy, light and cheap enough to afford to always have one around. At home, you can always use them to hang your keys to your pants when going out on walks without a purse or pockets 🙂