Westie Necklaces to Choose From

I’ve been fond of jewelry ever since I can remember. Whether in shades of gold or silver, I always felt a piece of jewelry could enhance my overall look. However, the type of jewelry I wear has always mattered to me. I am not someone who likes big earrings or necklaces. Those that include small pendants are elegant, classy, and work well with most outfits.

Even though the only piece of ‘jewelry’ Sami wears is his dog collar, I thought it would be a great idea to buy some westie necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Some pendants were handmade and had such a fine finish that I instantly made up my mind to purchase them. Others were bedazzled with large beads, something I wouldn’t ever wear.

Read on to find some of the jewelry pieces I loved the most:

Westie Charm

The pendant in this westie necklace is textured brass plated with high-quality gold and matte finish, comprising a gold chain. The gold-filled properties of this necklace offer beauty, luxury, quality, and durability, all in one. The pendant is also the shape of a westie dog, with prominent black colored eyes and nose. It is 0.8 inches by 1.2 inches, while the chain is 17 inches long. The length of the chain is adjustable and can also be changed upon further request.

This necklace is the definition of subtlety and elegance. The westie pendant reminded me of Sami and how he portrays an extremely innocent face after a mischievous activity. It is also packed in a small cardboard box, which is ideal for storing the necklace as well.

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Westie Sterling Silver Necklace

Manufactured in London, the pendant on the necklace is marked with a 925 stamp to show that it is genuine sterling silver. The manufacturers have a unique process of creating this necklace. First, they draw sketches of dogs and people from real-life photographs and then convert the pictures into 3D CAD files. After this, they print the files on their 3D printer and mold the pendant in sterling silver. The overall process uses intricacy, precision, and delicacy to produce every westie necklace.

This specific silver necklace is a westie pendant attached to a long chain. Tracks of fur and a dog collar can be noticed on the westie, showcasing how detailed the overall manufacturing process is. The pendant is only 2.3g and can also be used on a separate chain as a bracelet, necklace, or anklet. I even attached the same pendant to Sami’s dog collar, and it looked perfect on him!

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Personalized Westie Necklace

Who wouldn’t like a personalized westie necklace? From a choice of gold or rose-gold colors, this necklace takes the shape of a westie dog. Even though the font size of the pendant is small, one can still read what’s written because of the simple font type used.

The chain also comes in three different size options and is the same color as the pendant of your choice. Unfortunately, sterling silver and gold/rose gold filled materials are prone to tarnish. To avoid them from wearing away, the necklace should not be exposed to water or humidity.

Despite its short life, I still chose this necklace because of its customization option. Get yours here!

Beaded Westie Necklace

This necklace comprises a tiny bead-embroidered westie pendant on a sterling silver chain. Small white glass seed beads were stitched and layered together to create the 3D pendant. Black glass beads were, then, stitched over the white westie face to add the nose and eye features. The pendant completes its look with a sterling silver heart-shaped charm hanging from the westie’s neck, making it unique and ideal for all dog-lovers.

I loved the creative process of the pendant; however, I felt it was not my style. The beads seem well stitched together, so one does not have to worry about the necklace breaking apart. If you’re looking for a westie necklace, this one might be for you.

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There are many types of westie jewelry available. From necklaces to bracelets, the stock is never-ending. You can also be like me, who purchases one pendant and uses it as a necklace, anklet, bracelet, and dog collar for Sami!