6 Amazing T-Shirts for Westie Lovers, Designed by a Westie Owner

I love wearing tshirts. Who doesn’t? But, even more important, I love wearing the t-shirts I design because my day to day job is, you guessed it, an illustrator.

So when we got Sami, our Westie, I had to have t-shirts with Westie related messages.

Here they are, the t-shirts I created for myself, a Westie mom.

“If my Westie can’t come, I’m not going” t-shirt

Really, who does? When I first got Sami, I wanted to have him with us everywhere. I genuinely refused to go anywhere if it wasn’t outside, where Sami could come with us. We actually drove 10 hours to France, from Portugal, for Christmas, just so he can be with us in the restaurant for Christmas dinner, because dogs are allowed inside there 🙂

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“Work from Home Westie Mom” t-shirt

Well, what more can you say about this? 🙂 I love how the Westie silhouette is so recognizable. It’s as much Sami as it is your own Westie 🙂

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Westitude T-Shirt

Of course. Who would ever forget what our Westies have more than enough? Westitude is such a big part of our life now, because of Sami, that I needed to have a t-shirt that let everyone know: I got some of it, as well!

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My Westie is Calling and I must go! t-shirt

I love this one a lot. I was in a restaurant with some friends and my fiancé asked why I kept checking my phone, is everything alright? And NO, it wasn’t! Sami was alone at home and I looked at the phone in case he calls! 😀 Wouldn’t that be amazing? Our Westie being able to call us? Though, if I think about it… maybe not!

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“Beware! Crazy Westie Lady” t-shirt

Well, it’s only natural for me to let everybody know, right?

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All You Need is Coffee and a Westie

Yeah, I need my coffee, and I need my Westie. This is how my morning starts: cuddle with Sami, drink my coffee, walk Sami… You get it, right?

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Happy Westie Tongue Out t-shirt

This is every Westie I’ve ever met: cute and energetic and a lot of attitude. And tired and tongue out after playing and running. And cute, did I say that? 🙂

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