Sami face masks, switching to raw diet and Sami Talks!


For those of you who don’t follow us on social media, we have a surprise! So many of you loved this month’s calendar wallpaper that we decided to make the design available in our shop!

You can now have the cutest face masks, T-shirt, bath mat, wall clock, stickers and many more!

I hope you’ll enjoy these, I sure did enjoy creating the design!

This week we made some progress regarding Sami’s allergies.

Two days ago we went to the vet and, since the allergies were still up and running, we needed a new treatment. Our vet is doing all she can to avoid giving him oral medication (or injection), since these are more invasive and affect his entire body.

She prefers to first try to treat the problem locally, which I appreciate because I also don’t want to overwhelm his body with chemicals if it isn’t absolutely necessary. For this reason, she prescribed a mousse that we have to use on his paws every day, leave the solution to dry and hope it makes it better.

She also gave us a spray which we apply on his lower jaw, instead of the antibiotic cream we used before.

It’s only been two days so we still can’t tell if it’s working, but he seems to lick his paws less (could also be because he hates the taste).

A lot of you suggested it could also be allergy to food, to wheat possibly, so we are doing a test. For the next week (and more if necessary) we will switch to feeding Sami only raw food. We already have the freezer full of already packed and prepared meals for him, which contain all the nutrients he needs, so we will give this a try.

No more rice, pasta or kibble for a while. If the allergies disappear we will know that diet may be the culprit. We will keep you posted!

Despite allergies, he is as opinionated as ever and we decided to make a series of videos showing off his westitude! 😂🤣😂🤣

In the past year, since he started to “talk”, we have gathered lots and lots of videos of him so we decided to share them with you!

Here is part 1 of Sami Talks! Watch it on our IGTV!

Stay safe (with Sami design masks, if possible 😜)!

Until next week!

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