Westie Pajamas

Sami tends to feel cold during the December months, which is why I purchased some warm Westie pajamas for him. He loves all of them and can’t wait to wear them during the winter season.

Sami also loves roaming around in his dog pajamas. As the winter season draws closer, I tend to stock up on pajamas that would keep him warm and comfortable at the same time. He does not like pajamas that are too fitted because he finds it difficult to fall asleep in them. He also doesn’t like pajamas with a thick top band because that irritates the fur on his neck. Now that the winter season is only a few months away, I felt the urge to stock up on Sami’s pajamas to find those that perfectly fit his needs.

If you are a dog parent like me, shopping for clothes for your pet also involves stocking up a few sets for yourself. I got inspired by Sami and checked out a few pajama pieces because I thought it was a cute idea to wear Westie Pajamas. And now I’m eagerly waiting for the winter season to arrive so we can have the opportunity to wear them together. 

Here are some Westie pajamas that I found for myself and Sami:

Cotton-Blend Westie Pajama Bottoms

Encompassing design and comfort in one, these Cotton-Blend Westie Pajama Bottom are exactly like the pictures available online. They are comfortable to sleep in and include two-side pockets and a drawstring for flexibility. They are also machine-wash friendly and come out as good as new every time they’ve been cleaned.

The design on these pajamas includes about 18 to 20 Westies imprinted on each leg with a blue-grey shaded background. The Westie imprints are accompanied by small paw prints covering the gaps and adding to the pajamas’ overall theme.

These pajamas are unisex and come in different sizes. The first feel of the cloth is incredibly soft, and I can’t wait to try these on at night!

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Westie Flannel Pajamas

This was another Westie pajama purchase I made for myself. It’s a combo of pajamas and a full-sleeves shirt, complementing each other with matching colors. The pajama is blue and purple, checkered with a tiny paw print on the upper right thigh. It comes with a satin tie and inner waistband for proper fitness. The shirt is grey with a purple Westie imprinted on the front. Towards the end of the right sleeve is a small paw print, similar to the one on the pajamas.

This pajama set is 100% cotton and available in four other colors. I stopped myself from buying more because I needed to shop more for Sami and not for myself.

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Now, here are some pajamas that I got for Sami:

Winter Holiday-Themed Pajamas for Westies

Since Sami loves to stay warm during winters, I thought of buying pajamas that went well with the December holiday theme. These pajamas are a combination of red, white, and green. They are mostly red, with white snowmen imprinted all over the pajamas. Each snowman is embellished with a green hat and buttons, making it appear as if they are dressed up too!

The cloth is thick enough to keep Sami warm and also loose so he can sleep properly. I made sure to purchase a larger size than his original one because I did not want him to feel uncomfortable in any way.

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Savory Dream Westie Pajamas

Sami loves savory treats over sweet treats at any time. These lightweight pajamas are made with fleece and extremely soft for Sami to sleep comfortably in. The material used on these pajamas limits excess shed hair and Sami’s fur from falling all over my furniture and bedding.

True to its name, the pajamas’ design is a light blue color with different savory treats imprinted on top. From chicken drumsticks to hotdogs, there are various drawings all over the pajamas, and they describe Sami’s taste buds perfectly.

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For Sami, all the pajamas I bought are easy to put on and remove. They are soft and extremely comfortable for him. I personally also love my purchase. I can’t wait for the winter season to arrive so we can snuggle together in our matching westie pajamas.