Westie July Calendar for Desktop

2021: Westie Calendar Wallpaper

I always have Sami as my wallpaper, both on my phone and my laptop (dog parents will know this is what happens!). Sometimes I have a quick look at the date on my homescreen, then find myself having to open my calendar app, in order to do some planning.

What if there was a wallpaper that could include both Sami AND this month’s calendar? That’s how I ended up designing the Westie calendar wallpaper!

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Can Westies eat Shrimp?

Can Westies eat shrimp? Yes, but be careful. It should be really small amounts. The shrimp should be plain and cooked (steamed is perfect). Fried or breaded shrimp is really …

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Can Westies Eat Mango?

Can Westies eat mango? Yes! A resounding yes! Of course, we are talking about the pulp of the fruit. You need to peel it and remove the pit before giving …

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Daily Use Westie Products

Since we got Sami, in December 2018, we went through lots of products trying to find what works best for us. Here’s a list of them, from the Basics to …

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