Westie puppy on a beach with a palm tree, OBidos Lagoon, Portugal

A fun day at the beach!

2020 is looking sunny already! We started the year on the right foot, going for a day at the beach. Since Portugal is mostly warm and sunny in winter, we …

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Westie and Maltese Mix

Westie and Maltese Mix: All About the Highland Maltie

What you’ll come to find about a Westie and Maltese mix is that they are a combination of the two most popular small dog breeds in the world. If you’re …

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Westie and Pug Mix: All About the Pugland

Are Westies Good Family Dogs?

Why Does My Westie Have Black Specks?

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Gifts for Westie Lovers: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Gifts for Westie Lovers: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

It’s safe to say if you know someone who loves Westies, getting them a gift toremind them of their loved pooch will immediately be a hit. Whether for aholiday or birthday, you cannot go wrong when you find the best gifts forWestie lovers.Whilethere are plenty of products on the market, we’ve narrowed them down to ourfive favorites.

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Halloween gift ideas for Westie lovers

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