Got this pet teepee tent for Sami and loving it!

This is Sami’s favorite place to nap in the whole house!

Westie dog teepee tent

The reason we decided to buy this pet teepee tent is because we needed a place for Sami, our Westie, aside from the crate he has in the living room, the large crate he has in our bedroom and the dog bed he has in the kitchen (!). So, obviously, he needed a new bed. Obviously.

The thing is, I work from home, so I spend a lot of hours in my home office. And since Sami stays with me all the time, I wanted him to have a bed there as well. And I wanted something nice, rather than something practical and rather ugly, haha (like the ones we have so far). Something simple and easy to blend in with the vibe in my office. I’m a fan of the minimalistic design, give me white, simple, geometric. So when I saw this teepee on Amazon, it was perfect. It’s comfy, large enough for him to fit in any position and it’s white! Which means it’s has no problem sitting in the sun, it won’t get hot.

Pet Teepee Tent Technical Specs

As for the more technical specs, I like that the materials are natural. It’s basically pine wood structure and cotton canvas, which means it’s breathable. It is white, which means it will get dirty every now and then, so you can just take out the cloth and wash it. I chose buying it with cushion included (you can opt for no cushion and then you add your own), which is super fluffy and nice. Unfortunately, the cushion has no zipper, so it can’t be washed (I wouldn’t risk it since it will probably get ruined in the machine). However, you can keep it from getting dirty by covering it with a blanket or something.

Westie dog teepee tent
Sami’s happy place

We got it from Amazon, here is the link.