Linen Coverall to protect from ticks this summer

This week we received a wonderful surprise in the mail! Since we’ve had a hard time with ticks ever since spring came (we always find between 2-5 ticks on him after every walk!), Best Dog Raincoats was kind enough to send us a linen coverall handmade especially for Sami!

The coverall is meant to protect dogs from ticks and other bug bites, but also from UV rays (which is amazing, considering white dogs with pink skin can get sun burned easily).

It is made with elastics around the paws and the neck and there are adjustable straps to make sure it fits the body perfectly. The cloth is made of natural fiber (linen), which means that no matter how hot it is outside, the dog’s skin breathes. There is also a pocket there with a cloth on which you can pour some essential oils that are meant for repelling ticks (we haven’t tested this feature yet, but it sounds good and we will!). It’s a natural solution to repel ticks, which I like.

Bonus points: Look how cute Sami looks in it! 🖤

So far we used it two times and we love it! It always takes a little adjusting for Sami in the beginning, after we put it on, but 5-10 minutes into the walk he forgets about it. We wondered if peeing would be a problem, but it’s designed so well that he can pee without problems. We also love that it’s easy to wash and dry (it comes with instructions). Linen is an amazing fiber since it’s strong, which means it will last for a long time.

Watch Sami on his first walk wearing it:

The owner of this brand is a total boss lady from Lithuania, who has two cute Westies of her own! She makes all the clothes herself, as solutions to problems she has with her own pups. Here is what she says about this coverall:

“I created my BEST DOG RAINCOATS brand in response to the need to protect my white dogs from dirt and rain during the wet cold season. Over time I have noticed that I can offer solutions to other problems as well. We love forests especially in summer time. But this caused us many issues: dirt, ticks, various stuff stuck in hair (we love to rub). This is how linen overalls were created. This is a great protection not only against ticks, but also from direct sunlight, summer dust and dirt.”

She also says: “Linen coveralls are quite effective against ticks. The more the body is covered, the harder it is for ticks to get on the dog’s skin, making it harder to suck in. Secondly, many legends have been written about the fact that ticks do not like flax/linen as such. For those who do not like chemicals and try to protect themselves and their pets as naturally as possible, any option will seem acceptable just to reduce the risk of ticks. Extra protection in any case. The flax coverall can be spread with lavender, eucalyptus or lemon essential oils, which ticks are not very fond of.”

If you decide that this linen coverall would be good for your pup too, you can get it from Best Dog Raincoats shop. Use the code SAMIVIBES20 to get a 20% discount! Check out their website too, for other cute Westie clothes!