Westie Figurines

It is impossible not to adore a West Highland White Terrier (or Westie), with their small white fluffy bodies and dark button nose.  Sami the Westie joined our family nearly one year ago, and I can say that he is most pleasant to have as a pet and makes for an excellent companion in the home.

For Westie fans like me, who are crazy for anything and everything related to Westies, I have compiled a list of the best Westie figurines that you can use to decorate your home. You can also share your mutual love of Westies with your loved ones by gifting them these figurines.

1- “Take Me Home” Westie Figurine

This pocket-sized collectible depicts a cheerful Westie Terrier sitting in an orange bag. The figurine is an ideal choice to add to your existing Westie collection. It could also be an excellent piece for a new collector looking to start his collection. 

This hand-made vintage collectible Westie figurine is from the ‘Leonardo Collection.’ It is approximately 13 centimeters tall, made of resin, with no cracks or visible chips. 

Get it on Etsy for $10.60

2- Teacup Westie Figurine

This collectible figure shows an adorable and cheeky Westie peeking out of a teacup. The figurine is made of resin and hand-painted by an expert artisan. It is sinuously sculpted with attention to the smallest detail, giving it a fantastic lifelike look.

This piece is about the height of 5.75 inches. It will be a fabulous Westie figurine to put in your collection, and it can also work as a splendid gift for the Westie lovers. 

Get it on Amazon for $18.99

3- Thanksgiving Westie with Basket

Although it is a perfect piece for Thanksgiving, I have been showing off this professionally crafted figurine in my living room without the occasion. This hand-crafted figurine shows a Westie with a black magician’s hat and cape, holding a Thanksgiving basket in his mouth. It is simply perfect!

This piece is crafted and painted in Cheshire, England, by the sculptor Barry Snelson. The size of this collectible is 3.1 by 4 inches. 

Get it on Etsy for $33.07

4- Halloween Westie with Ghost-Friend

This hand-crafted and painted Halloween Westie is an ideal gift for the Halloween occasion. This figurine is intricately sculptured to perfection and portrays a Westie sitting in an open-head pumpkin with a witch’s hat and a broomstick. Beside the Westie is a Casper-like friendly looking ghost. 

This collectible is 2.25 inches high, and it is made in England.

Get it on Etsy for $19.82

5- Westie Sunflower Figurine

Sami loves nature! Whenever we go out, I can’t compare the level of enthusiasm he jogs with. That’s why this nature-inspired figurine reminded me of him.

This piece depicts a Westie on a green leaf, with a sunflower on his background. It is beautifully made out of resin and is a perfect collectible for adding to your collection. You can also give this exceptional piece to a fellow Westie lover as a present.

Get it on eBay for $19.99

6- Christmas Westie Post Box Figurine

The Christmas Westie is posting his letter to Santa on his gift-loaded sleigh. This is the best Westie figurine to decorate your room with the sparkling Christmas spirit. The figurine is hand-crafted and painted in England, and it is created by Barry Snelson. 

This piece is 4 inches tall and made of ceramic. 

Get it on Etsy for $46.33

7- Westie Pair In Heart-Shaped Box

This marvelously sculpted figurine is vintage from before 2000. However, it is in perfect condition with no discernible chips and cracks. 

The figurine illustrates a Westie pair in an open heart-shaped box. One Westie is sitting inside the box, while the other is on the outside, and both are adorably hugging each other. 

This 10-centimeter tall vintage collectible is made of resin, and it is a great choice to add to your Westie figurine collection. 

Get it on Etsy for $19.88

8- Halloween Westie Surprise Gift

This stunning Halloween Westie figurine is professionally hand-crafted and painted in England. The collectible characterizes a Westie in an open pumpkin, using the head of it as a hat. Alongside the pumpkin is a basket loaded with treats that says ‘trick or treat.’ 

This sculpture’s size is 3.5 inches, and it is one of the best-sculpted Westie Halloween pieces I have come across online.

Get it on Etsy for $39.70

Add these spectacular Westie figurines to your collection and show your love for this amazing and beautiful breed.