Hot Weather Things Sami Uses

We live in Portugal. And Portugal in summer is HOT. This means it’s not only hot for humans, of course, but for pets as well. So we looked for things to make Sami’s life better during this heat.

Cooling Bandana

You might have noticed Sami’s new bandana in the recent videos and photos. It’s not JUST a bandana, it’s a cooling bandana:

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We decided to buy this in order to make his life easier on this summer heat. We get 30-35 degrees C here, so anything helps.

This bandana has a cooling gel inside it and it works best when it’s wet. You dip it in water to get it wet, then put it on the dog’s neck and it keeps them cooler for a few good hours. It was a very good investment (and it’s not expensive either). 

Cooling Water Bowl

We also got a few other items from this brand, which we don’t recommend as much as the bandana, but they are OK. We got the cooling water bowl (large):

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You keep the bowl in the freezer for a few hours and it has gel balls inside which keeps the water cool for about half a day (inside the house).

We now use it exclusively and it’s good, but if you have a water fountain it’s probably better for fresher water. This one just keeps the water cool, not fresh as well.

Sami is a pretentious dog when it comes to his water and if the water isn’t really fresh, he prefers not to drink unless he is really, really thirsty. So we still have to change his water 2-3 times per day.

Chill Out Toys

We also got the Chill Out toys, which also work wet, they are like a sponge and keep moisture inside, hydrating the dog. They also float in the pool. We got the blueberry ice cream :

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And a piece of kiwi like this one:

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Sami didn’t really play with these, but then again, he doesn’t really play with most toys, it’s how he is. So your pup might actually like these!