Can Westies Eat Olives? Can Dogs Eat Olives, in General?

Can Westies eat olives?

Yes, Westies can eat olives in moderation. But there are some things you should know about it, first, before giving the tasty treats to your puppy.

Sami, our Westie, doesn’t really like olives. He may try and taste them, but he can’t really be bothered. He picks them up and we find them around the house if we try to feed him olives.

Westie puppy looking at the breakfast table

Are olives good for dogs?

Olives are not necessary for your Westie, if they have a healthy and balanced diet to begin with. On the other hand, they are good as a healthy treat for your dog, from time to time.

As with humans, the healthy fat available in olives is good for dogs. The difference, though, is that olives can add too many calories to your Westie’s diet.

Are olives bad for your Westie?

Pay attention, though, to the olive’s pit. First of all, your puppy can crack their teeth in them. The pits can also be a choking hazard for your Westie and they can lodge in the intestinal tract of your dog.

Green and black olives and basil

Are canned olives good for your dog?

No, not really. Avoid giving your puppy human canned food in general, because there is either too much sugar or too much salt. The salt contains sodium and too much sodium is unhealthy for your dog: it can dehydrate them and, at extreme, it may be toxic.

As usual, check with your vet before giving your pup anything new, including olives. Also, check with the vet if you find that your Westie, as crazy as they are, ate too many olives, by accident.