Best for traveling: Portable Dog Water Bottle Review

Going on adventures with our Westie pup is always so much fun! We love to go to the park, walk on trails, go hiking, explore the local towns, and more. Really, we would take him absolutely everywhere if we could.

One of the biggest problems we’ve experienced while out and about with our Westie is that we need to find an easy way to get him some fresh water. While he would be content to drink from the river or any puddle he sees, we don’t want him getting sick from any polluted water!

In our research, we found out about dog water bottles and decided to give this CJMJ Portable Dog Water Bottle a try. Will this type of water bottle work for you and your Westie, too? Let’s take a closer look together.

CJMJ Portable Dog Water Bottle

This product from CJMJ (or, in the United States, this M&MKPET is similar) is a portable dog water bottle that is made specifically with a trough in the front. This is so that your dog can drink fresh water on the go with ease. This means that you won’t ever need to carry around a bowl or any other special equipment to get your Westie hydrated.


Who Is This Water Bottle For?

This bottle is great for any pet owner who wants to be able to give their dog water on the go. Whether you’re in the car, at the park, or just walking through the neighborhood, we’ve all seen our dogs get thirsty when we don’t have their bowls nearby. Using a portable water bottle like this is ideal for those situations.

In particular, we’ve thought of the following situations when we would have loved to have this type of water bottle for our Westie!

  • Walking through the neighborhood
  • During long hikes
  • Outdoor picnics
  • Long car rides
  • While out shopping
  • When at a friend’s house

Of course, you could use a bottle like this one any time that your pet is thirsty! At home, you have the luxury of a bowl, but it’s not always easy to keep a bowl and a bottle of fresh water on you. This bottle combines both, so you don’t need to carry as much around.

What’s Included?

This water bottle comes with the water bottle reservoir and the attached trough top that allows your pet to drink from it. It also has a small carrying strap so that you can easily hook it onto your wrist and take it with you on a walk.

Overview of the Features

Now, let’s get into the features that we found when trying this out for our Westie! There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on, and it’s very different than your average dog water bottle.

While this bottle holds 12 ounces (or 16 ounces if you upgrade the size) of water, it has a very unique flip top that you won’t find on a regular water bottle. This top can be held at an angle and filled with water from the bottle to act as a trough for your pup. This means that they can drink from the small, bowl-like area with ease.

The bottle itself has a lock between the water and the trough so that the water will not come out on accident when it is in your bag. Additionally, there is a layered seal to help prevent any leaks as well.

The entirety of the bottle is made from pet-safe plastic materials. Thanks to this, you can be comfortable with your pet drinking from this bottle and built-in bowl directly.


  • Small size fits in many places conveniently
  • Lightweight
  • Easy for dogs to drink out of
  • Unused water can be put back into the bottle
  • Dogs like drinking from it


  • Can break easily if dropped
  • Might not be enough for large dogs
  • Long term durability issues

How to Use This Water Bottle

We absolutely loved being able to use something this convenient when compared to our old method: Tupperware and a water bottle! While those things are easy enough to carry around, they simply aren’t as convenient or fun to use as this type of dog bottle.

All we had to do was this:

  1. Push the button.
  2. Tilt the water bottle so that the water comes out of the reservoir and into the trough area.
  3. Let our Westie drink from it.
  4. Once he’s done drinking, push the button again.
  5. Tilt the water bottle back so that the water can return to the reservoir.
  6. Seal it up, and you’re good to go!

As you can see, it’s really simple to use the bottle. The biggest thing that we noticed while using it was that the water came out very slowly after a few uses, so we took it apart and cleaned it really well. This worked, and the bottle is good as new! Cleaning it regularly seems to be very important if you want it to work for a long time.


Another versatile option is the RoyalCare Pet Food Water Bottle (or the same from LumoLeaf if you are in the United States). Due to the design of how this bottle opens, you can fill it with water or pet food to take on the go. We love the idea of being able to give our Sami a snack when we’re out and about!

If you tend to carry water bottles for yourself anyways, using this Collapsible Pet Bowl (or these COMSUN ones, if you are in the United States) can be very easy, too. We’ve used these in the past, and it’s very convenient to use also. You just pop them open, fill with water, and then continue on your way!


There is no doubt in our minds that the CJMJ Portable Dog Water Bottle (or the M&MKPET Dog Water Bottle for Walking in the United States) is a fun and convenient way to keep your Westie hydrated while you’re out on an adventure together. Sure, there are several other bowl-like options you could carry around, but this keeps the water and the bowl in a single small and convenient carrier.

If you love the idea of giving your Westie a special bowl to drink out of on the go, this is a fantastic option. Most dogs will come to recognize what the special bottle is, and they’ll love seeing you pull it out to give them water when they get thirsty during a walk! Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

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