Can Westies Eat Pears? Can Dogs Eat Pears, in General?

Can dogs eat pears? Especially Westies?

Yes! Pears are an excellent snack, in moderation. Just remove the seeds and, if possible, the entire pit as well. Also, especially for a smaller dog, you should cut the pears in bite-size pieces.

Disclaimer: We’re not vets. You should ask your vet about your puppy, specifically, first, before giving them new treats.

Why are pears good for our dogs (and Westies)?

First of all, they are high in copper, vitamins K and C. It’s also a good source of fiber, which helps our puppies when… well, they poo.

How much pear for our puppies?

While pears don’t really do anything bad, any fruits should be eaten in moderation. As already said, they contain fiber, vitamins C and K. Vets say that fruits should be less than 10% of a puppy’s daily caloric intake. In particular for Westies, which a smaller dogs, that means around a slice of pear every now and then. You can also combine them with watermelon, so that your puppy doesn’t get bored of the same food. Anyway, if you’re not sure, just ask your vet.

DO NOT feed your Westie an entire pear! That is too much for a small dog, as I’ve said. I just wanted to make sure you read it 😆

Are canned pears good for your dog?

Canned fruits are not good for any dog. Westies, as well. Canned fruits contain a lot of sugar, because of the process that takes place, and sugar in high quantities is bad for dogs. It can irritate their digestive tracks and they might lead to obesity.

Juicy flavorful pears of nature background

Risks associated with eating pears

There aren’t too many risks when feeding pears to your Westie. Of course, no matter how safe, pears are still a choking hazard (we went to something like this with a small bit of boiled bone and it was bad). You need to cut the pears in small, bite-sized pieces and pay attention to your Westie while they eat them, so they don’t choke.

Don’t forget to remove the pit and seeds, as well. The seeds contain traces of cyanide and they are toxic in high quantities. They are also a risk of choking.

Ask your vet

Before giving your Westie any new treats, ask your vet. It’s a good habit to have and their advice is the one to follow. We are not vets here. We love our Westie, Sami, and we give him lots of treats (pears included), but we always ask our vet before hand. Not only because it’s a good thing, but because every puppy has their own issues and your vet should know if something is good or not specifically for your dog.