White Dog Breeds for Any Home

There are few things in life as special as the day you bring home your new dog. 

For anyone considering getting a dog, though, the sheer number of different white dog breeds, shapes, and sizes can be a minefield!

Before you get your new fur baby, there are some things to consider: Do you want a large dog? Do you have the time and space to exercise them properly? 

Do you want a fluff-ball? Are you prepared to be picking up that gorgeous fluff off your floors, sofas, and basically, everywhere?

Does anyone in your household have allergies you need to think about?

Once you’ve had a think about the practicalities of owning a pet and are ready for the commitment, choosing the type of dog is next.

For those looking for the perfect white dog, we’ve collated some of the most popular white dog breeds for you to consider or just enjoy the cuteness!

White Dog Breeds to Consider Owning

1. Samoyed

A gorgeous fluffy creature that can grow up to 23.5 inches, the Samoyed is a hugely popular breed.

Bred initially in Siberia to tow sleds and assist hunters, the Samoyed has a double coat with a thick oily undercoat, which helps to keep them warm in freezing conditions beneath the luscious thick fur that makes them the perfect Instagram star.

As Samoyeds were bred to be working dogs, they do have a considerable amount of energy, so you will only want to commit to this breed if you’re prepared for regular walks and lots of love.

2. Afghan Hound

Another photogenic animal, the Afghan Hound’s heritage can be traced back to Egyptian pharaohs, used initially as a “coursing hound” during hunts alongside falcons. 

Afghan Hounds have since spent many generations in the mountains of Afghanistan, building their breed into an incredibly agile dog with plenty of stamina.

Thanks to their regal way of standing, stamina, and soft, gentle temperament, the Afghan Hound is a common choice in dog glamour circles and are sometimes called Kings of Dogs. 

Owners considering getting an Afghan Hound should be prepared for a pet that requires regular grooming and can be tough to train, particularly if there are cats to chase!

3. Great Pyrenees

If you want a big dog, the Great Pyrenees is one of the biggest dogs around, growing up to 32 inches and weighing a massive 160 pounds when fully grown!

Originally bred to protect livestock, particularly high on snowy mountains, the Great Pyrenees is a dedicated, intelligent, calm dog who is fiercely loyal and won’t shy away from protecting their family.

4. Akbash

Another giant of the white dog clan, the Akbash dog has another long heritage originating from 300BC in Turkey.

Similar to the Great Pyrenees, the Akbash was used to protect livestock in the mountains of Turkey. 

This linage created an animal that is fiercely loyal but can be suspicious of strangers and potential threats to their “flock’”.

As with all fluff balls, the Akbash requires training and a lot of grooming to maintain their silky fur.

5. Husky

There are few dogs as iconic as the Husky. Although they’re rarely completely white, their iconic coats and fabulous temperaments make them an excellent companion once you establish yourself as the alpha.

Incredibly intelligent and independent, the Husky will only give respect to those who earn it, but once you’ve earned their respect, you’ll have a loyal and wonderful pet.

Originally bred as hunting dogs, Huskies require a lot of exercises and regular grooming.

6. Dalmatian

Okay, we all know Dalmatians are white with black spots, but as one of the most easily recognized dog breeds in the world, it didn’t feel right to leave them off this list.

Although many people are sold on Dalmatians thanks to the 1996 Disney film, anyone considering this breed of dog should be prepared for a pet with lots of energy and requires a lot of regular exercise and socialization. 

They’re also known to be one of the worst breeds for allergy sufferers thanks to their hollow hair-like fur.

7. Pomeranian

A favorite of royals throughout history, the Pomeranian is another easily recognizable white dog breed thanks to their fox-like face and incredible fluffy coat.

A tiny white fluffy animal, having a Pomeranian is almost like having a teddy bear come to life. 

That is if that teddy bear had buckets of energy, a huge personality, and the need for regular grooming, of course, just look at that coat!

8. Bichon Frise

Staying with the aristocrats’ favorites, the Bichon Frise was originally bred as a companion for French aristocrats. 

Their white, curly fur is reminiscent of wigs worn by French royalty, although they were almost abandoned during the French revolution.

Coming from the aristocracy, the Bichon Frise unsurprisingly needs regular haircuts and doggy-spa days as well as plenty of company and affection since they can be destructive if left alone.

9. Maltese

Another adorable small white dog, the Maltese has a beautiful, long, straight coat and is renowned for bravery, particularly when standing up to larger dogs! 

They love people and rarely shed their fur, making them great pets for families.

10. Japanese Spitz

For anyone who wants the fierceness of a larger dog in a smaller package, the Japanese Spitz might be for you. 

A natural guard dog, the Japanese Spitz has a huge personality and lots of energy, so it will need to be run around a lot to avoid restlessness.

11. West Highland White Terrier

Finally, we’ve got to look at the Westie. Growing up to 11 inches, this dog won’t ever get unusually large, although they’re full of energy to make up for it.

Native to Scotland, their rugged white double coat keeps them nice and warm all year round no matter where you roam.

Although Westies usually have a great temperament, you should watch out when introducing them to young children since they don’t like being handled roughly and have strong hunting instincts.

Final Words

So, there you have it. Our 11 favorite 11 white dogs, perfect for any home.

Just remember, getting a dog is a commitment, and most can live up to 16 years or even longer, so be sure you’re ready to have a full-time family member who will need just as much love and attention as any other. 

For the right home, there’s nothing better than having a wagging tail and companion who will love you forever!

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