Instagram for Dog Owners: How to Have a Great Instagram Account for Your Dog

Understanding Instagram for dog owners is equally as exciting as marketing yourself. As someone with an innovative pet-friendly Instagram, it’s time to take yours to the next level. In such a saturated market, you’ll want to make your dog stand out amongst the other pet personalities online, and it can be simple with the right tips.

By improving the quality of your photos, maintaining consistency, and improving your understanding of social media, you can spread the word of your favorite family pet. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can grow the number of your followers and transform an ordinary Instagram into a professional one.

Why You Should Improve Your Dog’s Instagram Account

Every pet parent has an idea of what they want from their dog’s Instagram account, whether it’s to meet new people or to generate income. With the popularity of social media, it’s no wonder more people are creating their pet profiles. There are plenty of online personalities who have fewer followers than their dog’s accounts!

There is a whole world of opportunity that opens up to you when you create a successful Instagram account. Instead of chatting with the same three pet parents who follow your feed, you can reach a substantially more extensive audience. More followers, in turn, will transition to brand deals and networking with more significant creators. 

You’ll also be boosting your pet into popularity, so they get the attention they have always deserved. Did you know that some influencers are paid up to $16,000 for a single brand post? These offers could be from companies such as Dyson and Google.

Creating a Time Capsule

Photo sharing platforms have allowed families to save photos for years, instead of relying on traditional forms of media such as photo albums. With your Instagram account, you will have a time capsule available on the internet forever. You’ll easily be able to scroll through your page to find pictures from years before and reflect on all of your favorite moments with your dog.

Immortalizing memories is by far one of the most important reasons to consider when you’re improving your dog’s Instagram account. The more curated the photos are, the happier the memories will be, and you’ll be able to see all of the improvements and developments of your pet over the years. For example, you’ll be able to reminisce on how adorable they were on Christmas Eve when they were nine months versus now, at the age of five.

There’s nothing better than having a digital portfolio of images to remind you of your furry friend and how strong the bond is between the two of you.

Networking with Like-Minded Dog Owners

One thing to be said about social media is that most people follow accounts that they believe in and are interested in. Like-minded dog owners give you an invaluable opportunity to network with other dog parents that are interested in the same things as you. Or even followers that enjoy consuming your content regularly.

If you think about the sheer amount of pet parents that create dedicated pages for their pets, there’s plenty of opportunity for networking. Not only is this beneficial for you, but for your pet as well, as you will both be able to find new friends for playdates and healthy socialization.

What we love the most about networking is the crucial information you can learn about businesses and services in your area. By focusing on pet parents that live near you, you can learn about highly recommended groomers, pet stores, trainers, and more. All of this information can help to better the life of your pet, as you’ll get great tips about training, feeding, and more.

A great example is if you’re a Westie owner, you can quickly meet other pet owners in your area with Westies. You can then plan a time for everyone to get together. You can exchange invaluable tips for helping you and your dog become closer than ever before. 

Not to mention, people who enjoy traveling will be able to meet other Westie owners no matter where they are.

Gaining Sponsorships and Deals

There are plenty of emotional benefits to owning an Instagram for your dog, and there are monetary ones as well. If you’re able to put these tips to use and establish a successful social media page, you can easily get sponsorships and brand deals. Your compensation could be in free products or actual money for advertising a specific brand that you trust.

An essential part of gaining sponsorships and brand deals is to make sure that you mix them into your regular posting schedule. Otherwise, you could be harming your social media page by posting ads with every single photograph.

Tips for Gaining Sponsorships

For those whose pages go viral, it’s most likely that companies will reach out to them before they even contemplate the idea of a brand deal. However, this isn’t the case for everyone, as a minimal amount of dog Instagram pages hit immediate success. Instead, you’ll likely need to use these tips for getting in contact with brands.

1. Start Small

It’s not often that an Instagram owner will be approached by a big brand such as Bark Box right off the bat. Instead, you’re most likely going to be contacted by smaller companies. When you create your ad campaign for them or your sponsored post, you’ll want to show off your creativity and professionalism.

The more often you do small brand deals, the more often larger companies will see how effective of a marketer you are. Networking with big names will lead to better sponsorships for better products over time. You must approach every deal with as much passion and motivation as the next.

2. Keep a Portfolio of Engagement Statistics

On Instagram, you can see how effective your marketing campaigns are by tracking the traffic from your specific ad to a product. For example, if you add a call-to-action button on your Instagram stories, you can directly see how many of your followers clicked the link. With a portfolio, you’ll be able to show brands how effective your advertisements are.

Considering 49% of consumers will buy products based on influencer recommendations on social media, your marketing could have a significant impact on a business.

3. Know Your Worth

When you were starting with your Instagram, you likely had a few followers, and at that point, not much power for negotiating. However, as an established page, you have far more pull and should know what space on your timeline or stories should cost. Make sure you negotiate for the best rates, as it can help you to get the best sponsorships.

instagram for dog owners

Tips for Establishing a Successful Instagram Account

At this point, you already have an Instagram account for your beautiful Westie or any other dog you may own. But it’s not getting as much traffic as you had hoped, which can be demoralizing. There are plenty of ways for you to improve the quality of your dog’s Instagram, so that it transforms from ordinary to extraordinary.

The most exciting part of the process is being able to show off your real creativity without having to invest a lot of money into the project. By using these critical tools, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing social media success like you never have before.

Take Professional Photos

It is vital that on Instagram, your page has photos that are of a higher quality than what you can take with an old smartphone. Your pictures will need to look professional, crisp, and have fresh ideas. Most of the famous dog Instagram owners have professional setups when they are taking pictures of their furry friends.

Not only will you have to invest in the right equipment, you’ll also need to learn how to use the equipment. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with lackluster photographs that you’ll need to spend more time editing. Similar to a website, the quality of your content is more important than anything else on the page.

The following techniques are highly recommended for someone who is looking into becoming an at-home professional photographer for their pet. It’s always best to diversify your skills so that you don’t have to hire someone to do the work that you can easily do for free.

Learn the Basics

First, let’s discuss the basics. There are several ways that you can avoid having to use Instagram filters to make your photos look better. Some of these tips you’ve likely heard before. 

Others are “insider” secrets from some of the more popular accounts on the platform.

Optimizing Your Camera

The very first thing that any dog Instagram owner should do is make sure their phone camera is optimized. Optimized settings allow for the highest quality photos possible. On iPhones, most of the features will be at convenient settings for good images, but there are also manual adjustments you can make.

For example, you can adjust the camera’s exposure, as well as locking in the exposure and focus. Compared to DSLRs, there are very few manual settings on the iPhone; however, with the latest releases, the cameras always seem to boost convenience and quality.

Using Natural Light

The best source of light anyone can have is natural light. This reason is why all of our favorite influencers flock to exceptional locations around the “Golden Hour.” Instead of relying on artificial light, which is also expensive, the sun allows you to capture the truest colors in your images.

Any photographer would agree that lighting is the single most important thing for taking pictures because it adds depth and dimension. Also, the finer details of the photograph will capture the viewer’s attention and appear to be more realistic. Finding great lighting is particularly important when you’re trying to capture the uniqueness of your pet.

Cleaning the Lens

You would be surprised at how dirty your phone’s lens can get just after a few uses. Even a single fingerprint on the camera can completely disrupt the crispness of an image. Before you get ready to shoot, make sure you wipe the surface of the lens with a soft microfiber cloth.

Another important tip is to make sure your phone’s camera isn’t covered. It could be covered by any plastic film from your case or any other source. Being shielded by plastic can also cause distortions in the image that takes away from its high-quality appeal.

Preventing Overexposure

If you’ve used a film camera, you know the hassle of under and overexposing a photo. For Instagram owners using their phones for photos, it’s simple to avoid overexposing, as the features are typically built-in. For example, iPhone users tap their screen for the level of exposure to be automatically adjusted.

When you’re using a professional camera, such as a DSLR, it should be advanced enough to adjust the exposure for you as well. Alternatively, you can go into the settings of the camera and adjust it manually once you have a little more experience. The main issue with overexposing photos is that they make everything in the image look blown out.

Most of your effort will be for creating a picture that looks realistic enough to come out of the screen. You won’t want everything to have an insane level of brightness. Also, there’s not much you can do with photo editing software if the original photograph is far too overexposed.

Avoiding Zoom

Have you ever seen someone taking pictures for an Influencer where they walk closer to the model rather than use the zoom feature on the phone? They do this because the closer you zoom into the subject, the harder it will be for the phone to focus on smaller details. A better alternative is to move closer to the subject for the highest quality possible.

On an iPhone, for example, it doesn’t have what is known as optical zoom. Optical zoom maintains the quality of the image as the lens gets closer. Instead, it has a digital zoom, which blows up the image and crops it at the same time. Unfortunately, the digital zoom tends to create highly pixelated and grainy photos.

You can use a minimal amount of zoom when you’re close enough to the subject but need a little bit of extra help filling the frame. However, if you stand far away and zoom all the way in, you’ll be destroying the quality of the photograph.

Consider Perspective

It’s natural to want to take a photo of something at eye-height because that’s how we see the subject naturally. However, when taking pictures, achieving a different perspective or viewpoint can add something extra to an ordinary photo. For example, getting on the ground to get a shot facing towards the sky.

When you’re taking photos of your dog, perspective is everything as you’ll want to make sure your pet looks different in every photograph. Imagine a pet Instagram where every frame was the dog sitting in the same location and looking directly at the camera. There wouldn’t be any variation to their grid, which would make the page less fascinating.

Instead, we would recommend having a couple of portrait shots, followed by a few action shots to help add diversity to your page. You’ll want to make sure your pictures encourage potential followers to look at more of the photos you have. You certainly won’t want them thinking, “I’ve seen one of their pictures; I’ve seen them all.”

Getting Familiar with Shutter Speeds

When you’re taking pictures of your dog, being able to handle shutter speed is of the utmost importance. Even professional photographers need to consider shutter speed with subjects that aren’t moving. With your dog, you’ll need to practice a lot before you can take the perfect images.

Different shutter speeds can either increase or decrease the amount of blur in a photo, depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve. The slower the shutter speed is, the less light enters into the lens, which can cause underexposure. On the other hand, a fast shutter speed lets more light in, which can cause overexposure.

Even the most well-trained dogs find it difficult to sit still when getting photographed, which is why you’ll want to use faster shutter speeds. However, you won’t want it to be too fast, especially if you’re not using a stabilizer, such as a tripod. With fast shutter speeds, moving your hand slightly could cause the image to be blurry.

Instead of using slow shutter speeds, a faster setting will help you to capture your dog frozen time. You may even want to consider using a quick burst function, which will take multiple pictures of your dog within a matter of seconds. This setting then gives you the ability to choose the photo that has them the most focused.

Understanding Framing

The main reason as to why you need to keep an eye out for framing is because it gives your entire picture context. It also helps to add depth to each picture as well as extra layers that emphasize the focal point. When it comes to sponsored posts, you’ll find that framing is of the utmost importance.

With the right techniques, you can quickly draw the viewer’s attention to a specific point in the picture so that they feel more intrigued by what they’re looking at. You can also achieve framing in numerous ways, whether it’s a picture through a tunnel, between two people’s heads, and more.

It can be quite simple to overthink framing, which can cause your photo to look too cluttered. The first thing you’ll want to consider is whether the items in the picture will add or take away from a specific shot. You won’t want to have too many subjects in the same picture, as it will take away from the focal point you want to focus into.

Two tips for framing have a lot to do with apertures. If you want a blurry frame that adds depth, we recommend using a larger aperture when shooting. On the other hand, if you’re going to focus on the items framing the photo, a narrow aperture is your best bet.

Another important aspect of framing is to know exactly how to crop a photo. When cropping, you’ll want to ensure all of the most important details are included without sacrificing certain parts of the image. For example, if you’re going to focus in on your dog’s torso, you won’t want half of its chest being cut off.

Cropping is a very useful tool for minimizing distractions in a photo, but it can also be easy to overdo. You also won’t want to crop an image to a size that is smaller than the other pictures on your grid.

Creating Contrast

If there’s one thing to be said about stunning pictures, it’s that they have the perfect amount of contrast. Contrast can easily be achieved by taking the color of your dog and your background into consideration. You surely wouldn’t want to place a white dog in front of a white background, but instead a black background.

Contrast is a phenomenal way to draw the viewer’s attention to the subject of the photograph. It also helps to put the majority of emphasis on your dog, rather than items in the background. The rule of thumb is to opt for backgrounds that are the polar opposite of your dog’s color.

For example, dark backgrounds such as forest green, navy, and black are fantastic options for light-colored dogs and vice versa. You’ll also want to take the tone of the color into account, as well. Choosing the right color tone may include putting a warm-toned dog in front of a cool-toned background.

A great example of maximizing tones is by putting a reddish-brown dog in front of a green background, like the grass at their favorite dog park.

Minimizing Distractions

This tip is particularly essential for the pet parents who take photos of their dog at home. It might seem like a good idea to take pictures of your dog surrounded by their favorite objects, but at times, this can be very distracting to the viewer. You might want to consider allocating a spot in your home for photos that is clean and organized.

Having too many things going on in a single photo takes away from the subject, leading to a “messy” effect. You won’t want your dog to get lost in the picture, especially if it’s for their Instagram account. There are dozens of ideas you can put to good use for building a “Social Media Corner” in your own home.

Visit your favorite décor store and pick out a few fantastic pieces that compliment the personality of your pet, along with a couple of things they love. Opt for blankets and cushions that all add to the aesthetic you’re trying to create. Leave everything arranged so that when it comes time for the next picture, your background is already prepared.

When choosing accent pieces for your mini photo studio, follow the same guidelines as you would when developing contrast. You’ll want patterns, fabrics, and colors that help your dog stand out against the background. You can even add holiday-themed décor accents for adorable holiday pictures.

Editing Photos

instagram for dog owners

The next step to taking your dog’s Instagram to the next level is to learn how to edit photos. Even though your raw images might look stellar, it’s still a good idea to edit them so you can have a consistent vibe on your page. For example, a lot of Instagrammers love to have themes where all of their photos are color corrected in the same way.

There are a ton of free-to-use platforms that you can put to good use for editing. They also give you numerous options for adding filters, adjusting brightness, sharpening specific areas, and even hiding imperfections. We’ll discuss the top three ways of editing photos for Instagram, your phone, the best free apps, and Instagram itself.

Using Your Phone

Most Instagram influencers prefer to use free or paid-for apps to fix their photos. There are plenty of editing options natively built into your phone, as well.


For iPhones, the “Photos” app that comes with your phone can be used for many things, including adjusting the color balance of a picture and applying filters. All you have to do is open the app and select what photo you want to edit. Next, click the “Edit” icon, and you’ll be given all of the available options.

You’ll easily be able to rotate and crop photos to specific aspect ratios or shapes. There’s also the option of removing redeye, adjusting the color and lighting of a picture, auto-enhancing, and applying photo filters. An interesting tip is that these features are also accessible to you if you are editing videos.


Similar to iPhones, there are multiple editing functions natively built into Android phones as well via the Android Photos app. By selecting the “Edit” button, you can rotate, crop, and adjust your photo. Also, you’ll have access to three categories of functions: image effects, basic settings, and cropping.

When you visit the basic settings page, you’ll find a brightness and contrast tool, an auto-adjustment tool, the ability to edit colors, and more. The image effects menu allows you to apply filters to enhance some aspects of a photo or to achieve a particular aesthetic.

If you’re not interested in finding additional apps, then you should stick to using the native tools on your smartphone. Though it’s important to note that some of the most successful influencers use paid-for apps, so you’ll want to get as close to perfection as possible to stand out.

Using Free Apps

Free apps are easily one of the most used pieces of any phone, especially if you’re editing photos. There are hundreds of different apps for you to take advantage of, though not all are equal. Our top-rated free apps for editing include:

VSCO (iPhone and Android)

VSCO has become all the rage as it’s easily one of the most popular editing tools on any social media platform. With the ability to use free and paid-for filters, you can customize the look of your photos to fit your brand. It’s also one of the most commonly used tools amongst professional photographers, aside from Adobe Photoshop.

There are plenty of free filters available for you to use, and they do all of the edits for you. However, you also can customize specific settings for each filter. If you’re looking for the highest-quality custom filters, they are available to purchase in the app.

Some of the most notable features of VSCO include:

Free Features

  • 10 VSCO presets
  • Grain, saturation, and contrast editing
  • Photo sharing

Paid Features

  • 200+ VSCO and member presets
  • Film X vintage film recreation
  • Advanced editing tools (Borders, video editing, etc.)
Snapseed (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

The biggest hesitation you might have with VSCO is that it’s not compatible with iPads as of yet. As someone who wants to edit the finest details of a photo, you might require the screen size of an iPad. This time is where Snapseed comes into play as it’s compatible with virtually every popular mobile device.

This editing app has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to edit multiple photos in a variety of ways. Users can manually tune photos, adjust saturation, and customize contrast. All of the edits can easily be achieved with a swipe of your finger to increase or decrease its effects.

A few of the best features of Snapseed include:

  • 29 editing tools (healing brush, structure, perspective, etc.)
  • Compatible with .JPEG and .RAW files
  • Filter brushes
  • Precise controls
  • Image tuning
  • Text editing
  • Vintage styling
  • Face enhancement
Pixlr (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

When image correction is concerned, Pixlr is one of the more interesting free apps to use. It’s highly useful for getting rid of imperfections in photos such as lens flares or spots on your camera’s lens. You’ll also find it’s one of the better photo editors.

Some of Pixlr’s features resemble Photoshop, such as the poster sketch, halftone, and pencil tools.

Available for both iOS and Android, it’s recommended for pet owners that like to edit their photos on multiple devices. We also found that it’s great for making collages and more creative edits. The most notable features of Pixlr include:

  • Custom spacing, backgrounds, and layouts
  • Color balancing
  • Auto fix feature
  • Stylize options
  • Blemish and redeye reduction
  • Focal blurring
  • Overlays
  • Image resizing
Repix (iPhone and Android)

At first glance, you can tell that Repix is a photo editing app that puts a lot of effort into their interface. It’s an aesthetically pleasing editor that not only looks great but offers a lot of functionality as well. If you’re in the market for something that has a lot of effects and filters, this is one of the top photo editors to consider.

With that said, it’s not the best editor when you need access to regular features, as the non-stylistic options are rather basic. Similar to VSCO; however, you can purchase additional effects through the app for a more custom vibe. A few of the best features of Repix include:

  • 28+ handmade brush effects
  • Decoration tools
  • 16 designed filters
  • 11+ frames
  • Cropping tool with six presets
  • Quick adjustments
  • User-friendly interface
Photoshop Express

As the fifth and final photo editor, Photoshop Express is the perfect companion for someone interested in Photoshop without the hefty price tag. With the surge in popularity with Instagram, Adobe designed a free app that offers plenty of great photo editing features. You will also find that using it is far simpler than learning the desktop version.

Photoshop Express gives you the ability to enhance your photos similar to most of the other editors on this list, but in a far more intuitive way. The interface is sleek, easy to understand, and creates professional-quality imagery. You likely won’t be lacking any features with this free app, as it has everything you need for better quality photos.

The best features of Photoshop Express include:

  • Multiple photo effects
  • Blending effects
  • Color temperature and vibrancy editing
  • Dehazing (removing fog)
  • Professional-quality collages
  • Enhancing color themes
  • Custom stickers, captions, and memes
  • Adjusting text placement
  • Watermarking
  • Auto-fix feature
  • Redeye and pet-eye adjustments
  • Exposure, contrast, and white balance adjustments
  • Focus and blurring adjustments
  • Noise removal
  • Spot healing
  • Perspective correction

All in all, our top recommended free photo editing app for your pet’s Instagram page is surely Photoshop Express. This app creates the best quality photos. We also love that it features a pet-eye adjustment so your dog’s eyes will always look clear in every photo.

Using Instagram

instagram for dog owners

The third option you have when it comes to editing your photos is to use Instagram itself, which may be the most straightforward option. It’s easy enough to apply a filter and adjust fundamental aspects of your image, as long as the raw file doesn’t have any significant imperfections. One of the things to love about this social media platform is that it’s all-inclusive where you can edit and share your photos at the same time.

The editing features on Instagram are rather thorough today compared to when the app was first released. When you select an image from your library, you can then choose to apply a filter or explore the more enhanced editing tools. Filters are a fantastic way to create a cohesive theme for your page, which is a huge trend.

Several of the other editing tools available on the platform include:

  • Crop, rotate and tilt
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Structure adjustments
  • Warmth, saturation, and color
  • Fades, highlights, and shadow adjustments
  • Sharpening
  • Tilt-shift and vignette

If you’re looking for convenience, opting to edit your pictures directly on Instagram is your best option. You can expect other influencers to be doing the same as well. As you will want your images to be noticeable and iconic to your pet’s branding, consider a new editing app as well.

Maximizing Consistency

We’ve lightly touched on the idea of creating a uniform aesthetic for your Instagram grid. As an incredibly important part of developing a professionally styled profile, it’s essential that you know the ins and outs of creating an aesthetic. Having a homogeneous style across your profile is vital, as it will be one of the ways people identify with your brand.

For example, if you always opt for cool-toned pictures, a photo of a dog that looks like yours with the same stylistic choices is more recognizable. It also gives your followers the ability to know what to expect from your content, which can increase the number of followers you have.

A few essential tips for maximizing consistency on your Instagram page are:

Use Minimal Filters

When you begin browsing through photo editors, you’ll notice the most abundant features they tout are photo filters. Filters have become increasingly popular because many believe they fix everything in a photo. However, filters can be quite distracting when misused.

You might be tempted to try each of the 25 filters for some creative variation, but it can work against the idea of maintaining consistency. A better alternative is to choose two or three filters that you enjoy the most and switch between them at regular intervals — for example, posting 12 images with one filter and the next 12 with another.

When you’re trying to create a cohesive flow to your dog’s page, remember that users see 12-15 images on their phones at one time. You won’t want them to view six different filters in 12 photos, as it’s too distracting to the eye.

Keep Consistent Tones

The tones of your photos have a lot to do with creating an aesthetic on your social media as well because they can affect the way your followers feel about a picture. Similar to color psychology, as we will discuss below, the tones of your photo can make a viewer feel warm and cozy or cool and fresh. For example, a picture of your dog in front of the fireplace surrounded by items with warm tones will feel inviting.

This reason is why influencers rely on a few different filters when establishing their Instagram accounts, as the filters affect the tones in the photo. Bright and fresh hues are typically found on fashion accounts with warm tones mostly seen on lifestyle pages. You can even consider switching tones with the seasons, for example, warm tones for summer and fall with cool tones for winter and spring.

Be Consistent with Colors

Colors are another vital aspect of creating the most cohesive profile possible, and this is where we explore color psychology. It is a known science that specific colors can affect a person’s perception of an image and how they feel while looking at it. Color psychology is so well known that professional marketing firms use it when creating advertisements.

An example would be when you see an item on sale at a store with a big red “Sale” sign. Red is a color known to encourage excitement and love, which can encourage shoppers to come into the store and want to take advantage of all of the potential savings. Blue, on the other hand, is known for its calming effects and can help to create a serene and peaceful environment.

A few other examples of how colors can affect your photos include:

  • White: Innocence, clarity, and purity
  • Yellow: Energy and warmth
  • Purple: Wisdom, mystery, and luxury
  • Orange: Attention and enthusiasm
  • Black: Darkness, strength, and unhappiness

Develop Photo Themes

The easiest way to capture consistency on your dog’s Instagram is to create themes that you can follow throughout the year. With the help of décor and accent pieces, you can craft a theme that will engage your users and give you the ability to express your creativity. There are multiple different themes you can use to your advantage that your pet will love.

You might be interested in discussing the importance of dog health, for example. You can spend a few days curating photos of your dog at the dog park. Or even enjoying their favorite healthy snacks and posing with a bag of organic dog food. 

In the next post, you can create a theme around their birthday and all of the activities you’ll be doing together.

Theme creation is also found a lot in blogs, which is essentially what your Instagram is, except with more pictures in a streamlined interface. When you start putting photos together, you’ll be telling a story to your followers, and you’ll want to make sure you’re consistent. Otherwise, all of the effort you put into creating a theme will fall short.

Create a Family Oriented Identity

There’s nothing sweeter than a pet that is loved by its family. As the owner of a dog Instagram, you’ll want some of your identity involved as well. Let your viewers into your life by capturing moments with family members that are also your dog’s owners.

By having a familiar face pop up regularly in the photos, you’ll be creating a sense of familiarity and consistency your followers will love. It will also assist with making your posts appear more family-oriented and comfortable. Not to mention when it comes to networking, other pet parents will know who they’re talking to.

For the most successful dog Instagram account, you’ll need an identity. Allow some of your personality to transcend through the posts so you can create something relatable.

Using Instagram Trends

There’s a reason why the most successful influencers rely on trends; they’re what’s popular at the moment. Even though you’ll want to create a profile that is unique to your pet, at times, using Instagram trends can also be beneficial. They’re a fantastic way to jump on the bandwagon that will bring more views to your page.

You must choose trends that relate to your brand identity mostly because you won’t want to be a family-friendly dog page that follows an adult-only trend. You can guarantee there are a ton of them for you to use to your advantage.

Another fantastic part of Instagram trends is they’re an easy way to be tagged in other pet profile’s photos. As you begin to make friends with others in the community, you can start challenges and tag other pet owners to do the challenge as well. Eventually, you’ll be the one tagged in the post.

Trends and tagged challenges not only gives you the ability to reach out to your specific community but other communities as well. If their followers see content from you that they like, they’re inevitably going to follow your account as well.

Engaging with Your Community

As a follower, you’re going to want to follow accounts that contribute something to your time spent on social media. These things could be moving images that brighten your day or conversations that give you new insights. As the owner of a dog-friendly page, you should be prepared to engage with other pet owners following your content.

This theory also applies to regular businesses, as 78% of customers suggest a poor customer service experience makes them lose trust in a brand. Although you won’t be selling a product or service, keeping in contact with your followers is a part of customer service. You’ll be able to answer questions about your pet, their lifestyle, or even products you would recommend to pet parents.

Another important aspect of engagement is that it establishes a trustworthy foundation with your followers when/if you begin to advertise your brand deals. Even though you would never boast about a product you don’t believe in, you still need to make your followers believe you. As an Instagram that consistently talks with its followers, you’re establishing brand trust and loyalty that will surely convert when you start with brand deals.

Developing a Content Calendar

instagram for dog owners

Content calendars are especially important when it comes to Instagram, as you’ll have to make sure your dog’s page stays relevant and fresh. Users are far more likely to forget about a particular influencer if they don’t post for a while. You will also want to ensure you retain as many followers as possible by staying active.

These calendars will become the foundation for your posting schedule and can help to keep you organized. Not only will you know when you have to post photos weekly, but also the type of photos you want to display. Once you start acquiring brand deals and sponsorships, you’ll need a content calendar to make sure you post at the specified date on your contract.

Another essential part of having a content calendar is it tells you what time of day is most useful for posting. For example, if you want to upload on Friday, you’ll know the best time for posting is between 10 AM and 11 AM. Each day, Instagram has times when your photo is likely to get the most views, and in turn, the most likes.

Top Posting Times

  • Monday: 11 AM and 2 PM
  • Tuesday: 10 AM – 3 PM and 7 PM
  • Wednesday: 11 AM and 1 PM
  • Thursday: 10 AM and 12 PM
  • Friday: 10 AM and 11 AM
  • Saturday: 10 AM
  • Sunday: 8 AM

All in all, by sticking to your content calendar, you can remain consistent with your posting. You can also make sure your photo is likely to be seen by the most massive audience.

Staying Positive and Patient

Did you know that 71% of social media users who have had a positive experience with a brand wind up recommending that brand to a friend? A lot of the traffic to your pet’s Instagram will be through word of mouth. You’ll want to maintain a positive and patient tone in your captions and photos. You will also want to ensure you are always friendly when engaging with your followers.

Having patience is also a huge part of establishing a long-term plan for the success of your dog’s Instagram. It’s far too often that people assume their page will boom in popularity overnight when it can take months to become established. There are approximately one billion Instagram profiles as of June 2018, which is a very saturated market.

Maintaining Relevance

You could say that staying relevant is a big chunk of patience, as it takes a lot of time and effort to create a carefully curated Instagram page. You will always want to make sure that you are consistent with your posts and that you never stop. If you have to take a break from social media for a vacation, let your followers know how long you’ll be away.

It’s more difficult for someone to decide to follow and support you than it is for them to click the “Unfollow” button. Always ensure you are keeping your audience up to date with the latest changes to your content calendar. One of the most recommended tips is to make sure you post regularly on specific days, so your followers know when to expect a new post.

Another feature of staying relevant is to keep up to date with the latest trends and aesthetic improvements you can make to your photos. The world of influencers is ever-changing, and it seems like there’s a new fad every few months. For example, creating cohesive color themes was never a big deal until very recently.

The best way to stay relevant is to keep yourself inspired and to follow some of the most popular Instagram accounts for even more inspiration.

The Importance of Inspiration for Your Dog’s Instagram

Instagram is one of the most creative social media platforms, aside from YouTube. You are responsible for curating content that will keep followers engaged and entertained. This task requires a lot of creativity and inspiration, which is easy for some but can be more difficult for others.

If you’re not a naturally creative person, it doesn’t mean that Instagram isn’t for you. It merely means that you’ll need an extra push to open your mind and think outside of the box. An account created by an uninspired owner is uninspiring to followers and less likely to be viewed.

Find an Inspiring Page

Our top recommendation for boosting your inspiration is to find an account that gets your creativity flowing. Inspirational content could be anything from a lifestyle page to another influencer who has a dedicated pet page. Even though you won’t want to copy the content directly, looking at their pictures can help you think of your own unique ideas.

Remember, inspiration can be found from relatively anywhere. You might want to consider viewing the “Explore” page once in a while to find new like-minded accounts instead of just the accounts you’re already following. We’ve provided a list of our favorite Instagram accounts for all types of pets that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

Our Favorite Instagram Accounts for Pets

Doug the Pug

There are many things to love about Doug the Pug. From his hilarity to the wholesome feeling of the photos on his page. He also frequently interacts with other online personalities, such as YouTube’s favorite pugs, Nala (Zoe Sugg), and Edgar and Maya (PewDiePie and Marzia). 

His pages are also a great way to encourage your motivation, as all of his social media accounts have over 10 million followers in total. With appearances in music videos from influential artists such as Halsey and Katy Perry, Doug the Pug is the most iconic pug in the world. His likeness has also been monetized effectively as he has his line of merchandise and a book.


If you’re looking for a heartwarming Instagram account to follow, Norbert is easily one of our favorite dogs. What makes him unique is that he doesn’t exist for the sheer purpose of gaining followers, he is a certified three-pound therapy dog. Many would also suggest that he’s a philanthropist.

As a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Norbert regularly brings smiles to patients who could be suffering some of the worst illnesses in the world. His entire feed is filled with wholesome photos and videos that will have you smiling and laughing all at the same time.

Brimming with absolute joy, all of the most beautiful moments of Norbert’s life are perfectly captured on his page and ready for you to enjoy.

Winston the White Corgi

What we love the most about Winston is that he defied the odds with his beautiful genetic differences, causing him to be an all-white Corgi. The most notable thing about his page is his hilarious side-eye that he frequently gives his owner when caught doing something naughty. Winston’s profile is an excellent example of how you can take multiple types of photos and create a cohesive theme.

In some pictures, he is found running with family or playing with friends. In others, he’s lazing around the house or spending time with his loved ones. His personality entertaining to follow along with, and his features are also what makes him a unique dog.


If you’re interested in seeing the most popular dog on social media, you’ll want to turn your head towards Jiffpom. He is an incredibly unique-looking Pomeranian with multiple social media platforms. He touts an iconic bobblehead look and is known for his jaw-dropping handstands.

There’s no doubt about it, Jiffpom is the most relatable pet on Instagram, as he has just under ten million followers on that account alone. All of the photos on his account are professionally edited but have a surreal sense to them that would make anyone want to own a dog. From eating dog-friendly ice cream to riding a unicorn float in the pool, there’s plenty for you to enjoy.

Loki the Wolfdog

With the perfect combination of a stunningly unique pet and travel, Loki the Wolfdog goes on plenty of adventures with his owner. All of their journeys are captured and posted onto his Instagram account. We especially love the perfect level of composition, contrast, and beauty. 

As a malamute, husky, Arctic wolf mix, you’ve likely never seen a dog like Loki before. If you’re someone who has always had a passion for the outdoors, we highly recommend becoming one of his nearly two million followers on Instagram. Not only will you be able to partake in his adventures, but also find new places that you’ll want to visit in the future.

The Best Tips for Tapping into Your Creativity

instagram for dog owners

If you’re someone who would prefer to use your inner creativity than to find inspiration elsewhere, it’s time you tested your skills. Tapping into your creativity gives you the ability to capitalize on your uniqueness to create a profile that is entirely your own. It will also help you to show off your dog’s personality in the best possible light.

1. Achieving Great Artificial Lighting

It’s true when they say natural light is the best, though it might not be accessible in every situation. For example, people who have to be at work until it’s dark outside. Instead of waiting until morning, you can capture the perfect shot by being creative with artificial lighting.

Our top tip for artificial lighting is to consider investing in continuous lights. They are hefty, which doesn’t make them great for travel, but they give you the most consistency in your photos. Some of the higher quality lights have a coloring that is very similar to sunlight, which makes managing the white balance much easier in editing.

Another advantage of artificial lighting is you can adjust the brightness to show off the best features of your dog. With this feature, you can have more control over shadows as well, which should also help to make editing simpler.

2. Collecting Materials

It can be tough to make something creative out of nothing, which is why we highly advise having a bin of materials. Your container is something that you can use for a variety of different photoshoots with your dog. You’ll want to have an assortment of affordable costumes, different types of wallpaper, and even a few toys. All of these items can work together to create the perfect scene that you can capture and post.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing materials! You can even visit your local dollar store or garage sales for thrifty finds that will add to the content of your photos. Not to mention, you can also go to the craft store to pick up other decorations.

If you’re on a tight budget, you would be surprised at the sheer number of things you have at home that can be used for your dog’s Instagram. Anything from a pair of your favorite sunglasses to a lamp will contribute to an exciting photo. Remember, you’re going to want to tell a story with your photos that is fun, playful, and enticing.

3. Teaching and Using Tricks

Your dog likely knows a few great tricks that you can perform for an eye-catching photo ever so often. All you’ll need are a few of their favorite delicious treats for motivation. Using a fast shutter speed (to capture your dog’s rapid movements), snap photos as they perform one of their favorite tricks.

What we love about this idea is that it adds something different to your pictures, aside from your dog sitting still in a position. It’s also a great way to show off the fun side of their personality. Instead of investing money in materials and props, you can very easily get creative with basic tricks your pet already knows.

4. Going Outside

Are you tired of taking the same pictures in the same corner of your home? After a while, we can guarantee anyone would be! Why not try switching it up and taking your dog outside for a few extra shots to display on their profile?

Nature has a way of motivating and inspiring even the least creative people. You never know, there could be plenty of opportunities for unique and interesting shots. An example would be taking pictures of your dog running around with their friends at the dog park.

One thing that is guaranteed about going outside for photos is that Mother Nature always creates stunning backdrops. Whether it’s a photo of your dog smiling in the grass or trying to climb a tree to catch a squirrel, the options are endless.

Tapping into your creativity can be simple, as everyone is creative in their own way. Always remember that your uniqueness is what will set your dog’s Instagram account apart from the rest. With the combination of your skill and their winning personality, you’ll be able to capture the most memorable and adorable photos possible.

Instagram for Dog Owners: Final Thoughts

It’s never too late to spice up your dog’s Instagram account, especially when there’s much to learn about Instagram for dog owners. With the ability to compose brilliant photos, engaging with your followers, and knowing how to tap into your creativity, you’ll gain followers in no time. It’s time you captured just how amazing your furry friend is and shared it with the world.