How to Choose a Dog Christmas Bandana for your Westie?

I’ve been asked a lot of questions lately about dog Christmas Bandanas. They’re popping up everywhere and seem to be all the rage, but which one should you choose? This article will help you decide which bandana is your best bet for the holidays.

A dog christmas bandana is a fun little colored piece of cloth Westies wear over their neck during holidays.

Is it Okay for Dogs to Wear a Bandana?

I know there’s a lot of debate about whether or not it’s okay for dogs to wear bandanas. Some say they are too hot, and others say it is uncomfortable. It is okay for Westies to wear bandanas in moderate weather and even in cold weather, you can wet it and help keep your puppy at a colder temperature.

How Many Bandanas Should I Get?

I would say at least four. The more, the better. We have so many, truthfully, that it is up to you how many you want and can afford.

How to Choose a Westie Christmas Bandana?

1. Buy a bandana that is the same size as your dog.

Be sure that the bandana you are getting fits snugly. It will be necessary for Westies who tend to lose their bandanas or those who have a habit of grabbing them off of their heads and then hiding them in different places, creating a need to keep replacing them.

2. Make sure the color is not too bright.

When choosing a Christmas bandana, you should consider the color; not only will it add to your dog’s personality, but it can also be easy to lose.

3. Spend more on quality bandanas than on price.

I suggest that you spend more on a quality bandana than you would spend on a cheaper one. There are many different kinds of quality bandanas, such as cotton, velvet and fleece but do not buy wool. Westies do not like the feel of wool and will tend to lose them more often.

4. Look for something soft under your dog’s chin

Westies should be accustomed to wearing bandanas in mild weather so that they are used to wearing them in cold weather as well, which is why they will be able to wear them more comfortably when it gets cold outside.

5. Be sure your dog likes the bandana before buying it.

It would be best to test out the bandana in different places and see if your dog enjoys wearing it before you purchase it for him. If your Westie does not like the feel of a new bandana on his neck, stick with a different one or wait until Christmas to buy another one.

7. Take into consideration how often you will have to wash the bandana.

Some Westies can get easily irritated by some fabric that is too coarse, but when you are looking for a Christmas Bandana, there will be less wear and washing, so the fabric should be a little softer than other fabrics that need more cleaning.

Christmas dog bandanas are a great way to keep your Westie safe and cute. These bandanas are suitable for outdoor activities, visiting unfamiliar places, walking in public, and inside the home during holidays.