AmazonBasics Double-Door Dog Crate Review

Investing in a dog crate can be both an essential part of having a dog and a big frustration. We bought a very small dog crate when we first got our Westie and quickly realized we needed a bigger one as he started to grow.

While it’s okay to need to buy a bigger crate, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on one that you’re just going to upgrade in a few weeks. Thankfully, there are a lot of affordable crate options out there like this double-door dog crate from AmazonBasics.


Crates are really essential to the housing, training, and comfort of your dog, so it’s necessary that you take some time to think about if the crate has everything that you need. Today, we will talk about this option from AmazonBasics and what it can (and can’t) do for you.

AmazonBasics Double-Door Dog Crate

The AmazonBasics Double-Door Dog Crate is a small-sized folding metal crate that can be used at home or on the go. It helps to keep your pup safe and comfortable while they are lounging around or when you are out of the house.


Who Is This Crate For?

This crate is perfect for anyone who owns a dog, especially if it’s a puppy. In particular, we have found that it’s great to use both when we are home and when we are not.

When we are going out for the day, we find that locking our pup in the crate can keep things much safer for him at home. In doing so, we do not need to worry about whether or not he’s going to make a mess around the house, chew something and swallow and altogether be stressed out and restless. The crate becomes quickly his safe space where he feels protected and can sleep belly up without anybody bothering him.


When we’re home, setting him up with a comfy bed in the crate gives him a place that he can easily escape to when he wants to relax or take a nap.

Basically, any dog owner can use this crate as long as its the right size for his dog. If it’s not the right size, you can find the same style of crate from AmazonBasics in various sizes as well.

What’s the right size?

The right size means the dog should be able to stand, lay down and turn easily inside the crate, but not large enough that he would have space to pee or poo and still sleep comfortably nearby. Dogs usually don’t like doing their necessities where they sleep, so if the crate isn’t super spacious, we guarantee he won’t be tempted to do that.

We got the 36” (91cms) size, just to be sure Sami has enough space to move around.

What’s Included?

This crate is a double-door style metal crate. It has an optional divider panel inside as well as a removable plastic tray on the bottom so that you can clean wastes out or even compost what’s left very easily and quickly.

Overview of the Features

We were really impressed by this metal crate. At first, we thought it was going to be a very simple cage without much to offer, but we actually found that it’s a crate that can be adjusted for many different situations.

The first thing to mention is the size of this small crate. This one measures 24 x 19 x 18 inches, so it’s suitable for small dogs or for puppies that haven’t yet grown into their size.

Additionally, it’s a foldable crate. All that you need to do is unhook a few pieces, and it can be folded up to fit into small spaces or come with you in the car on vacation.

As mentioned, this metal crate has an optional divider included. You can use this to split up the crate for two small dogs if you need to. It is a double-door crate so you can easily use this single crate to keep two small pets.

Finally, you’ll be glad to know that this crate has two slide latches that will stay very secure. Even if your dog pushes on the door, it will not pop or slide open.



  • Has a good air flow
  • Easy to break down and put together
  • The solid plastic bottom that is comfortable for the dog
  • Multiple sizes available


  • Paws can get stuck depending on the size of the pet. That never happened to us, though.
  • The handle has durability issues


How to Use This Dog Crate

We found the double-door design of this cage to be very useful for training our pup about crates and how to be comfortable in them. At first, we would set up the crate with both doors open so that the puppy would be comfortable to go inside. Eventually, we would close one of the doors until he gets used to it, then both. Always start small, 2-3 minutes tops, then gradually allow him to spend longer periods of time in the crate. Encourage the puppy to feel safe there, as opposed to trapped, by placing his favorite toy inside and even a Kong filled with treats! This way, he will associate the crate with happy memories and look forward to spending time inside the crate.

Crates are very useful for that type of training and also for being in control of your pets when you’re not at home. Crate training can be hard at first, but having a comfortable crate like this one makes it simpler for you and your pet.

This small crate was the perfect size for our Westie, too! He enjoys sleeping in here with his favorite toys, and we love to see him cuddled up inside. He always looks so cozy!



If you don’t want to use a metal crate because you don’t think it’s comfortable enough for your dog, you might want to try a soft cage. We’ve used soft cages like this one for our dog before, especially at home when we want him to be extra cozy.

If you need more of an enclosure and less of an actual cage, using a playpen like this one might be great for your pets to be able to play inside of. This can be used both indoors to keep pets in one area or outdoors to keep them safe if you don’t have a lead for them.



When we first got a dog, we didn’t think that we were going to need a metal cage like this one, but we have found that it is super important for our Westie to have his own place to retreat to when he gets tired. Not only does a crate give him his own space, but it also gives us somewhere to keep him safe when we need to go out.

Crates such as this one are also very useful when you are traveling, which we do constantly. You can fold it up and bring it along with you on your travels, bring it in your hotel room. In doing so, your pet has a familiar place to cuddle up when you’re away from home and it will make it feel more like home to him,

Our Westie has become much more comfortable traveling since we started bringing his cage along. What’s more, we haven’t had to worry about accidents, either. He can be left alone in the hotel room for 1-2 hours without problem, if we go out to dinner in a place where pets are not allowed, and we can be sure he won’t do any damage to the room or himself.

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