Pet + Me Multi-Functional Grooming Brush Review

We’ve just published a really comprehensive guide for grooming your Westie! You can read it here!

Honestly speaking, we absolutely love grooming our Westie. Some dog owners really despise needing to brush their dogs and keep their coats looking great, but we’ve found that this is some of the best bonding time that we can have together. Plus, it’s pretty easy to do!

A significant factor of pet grooming that can make or break the grooming process is the actual tools that you use. Some grooming tools are very frustrating to use, while others make the grooming process go smoother than you could ever imagine.


Today, we’re going to share some insight into one of the tools that we find really interesting, the Pet + Me Multi-Functional Grooming Brush. This brush has a lot of potential uses, but will those line up with what you need for your next grooming endeavor? Let’s find out!

Pet + Me Multi-Functional Grooming Brush

The Pet + Me Multi-Functional Grooming Brush is a 100% silicone brush that massages, cleans, and brushes all at once. It’s got a very unique design that is a bit different from regular brushes, and that’s what makes it unique.


Who Is This Product For?

This type of multi-functional brush can be used to handle a lot of different kinds of hair on pets. Whether they have short hair, long hair, or something in between (like our Westie!), you can use this brush on them with ease. Basically, it works on all types of dog hairs!


If you find that you want to be able to really massage your pet as you brush to make sure you’re getting everything out of their coats, while also stimulating blood flow, this is a perfect brush for you. In fact, it can be used just to give a massage even when you aren’t grooming.

The brush is perfect for someone who had tried traditional brushes on their dogs before and not really loved the results. While this isn’t great for tangles, it is excellent for smoothing and shaping.

What’s Included?

The grooming brush is the only thing included when you purchase this product.


Overview of the Features

This product is a 100% silicone brush that has an open back design as well as a number of smooth knubs on the front side. The open back design ensures that hair, water, and other debris are pulled away from your dog’s coat. The smooth knubs help with loosening any build-up while simultaneously creating a great massage experience for your pet.

When you brush with this, the hairs come right out because of its design. We weren’t ready for this at first and made the mistake of brushing on my couch. Trust us when we say you want to brush somewhere that is easy to vacuum or sweep up because the hairs will come out the backside. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the brush afterward.

The silicone material is very durable, so it will last through many grooming sessions. In fact, it even survived after our Westie pup decided that he wanted to chew on it for a little bit! Though he left small marks, the brush was in no way compromised by that little play date.

We also found that the best time to use this brush is right after (or sometimes during!) a bath. That’s because that is when the hair that needs to be removed comes out the easiest. Then, we just rinse our dog one more time and clean up the hair from the water rather than from my floor.


  • Has a durable build
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-functional
  • Works on many hair types
  • Easy to clean


  • Hair not trapped; comes out the back
  • Doesn’t get out small knots in long coats


How to Use This Brush

There are a few ways that we make use of this brush. As mentioned, our favorite way to use this grooming brush is to use it when our pet is still wet from a bath. Sometimes, we will use it when he is being shampooed.

Not only does it help me to really break down any debris that has built up, but it also gives my pet a fun massage experience while we’re cleaning him! When we rinse him out, we can see all the dirt, grime, and loose hairs come out so easily.

Another way we love to use this product is just to give him a good brushing session when we notice any build-up, knots, or loose hair. You can use the brush to massage these things until they loosen and fall out of the coat.

Then, we usually use a broom to sweep up any mess left behind. Again, you don’t want to do this grooming on a hard-to-clean surface!



If shedding hair is your biggest issue, and you don’t want to have to sweep up as much as this brush requires, using this shedding glove will make it easy to de-shed your pup while also catching all of the hair that comes loose from them while in the grooming session.

Another tool we love to use when grooming our Westie is a soft bristle brush. We found that this type of gentle brush is very comfortable for him, and it can also move through the hair and release any tangles that might be starting to form with absolute ease.


The Pet + Me Multi-Functional Grooming Brush is such a favorite tool to use when we really want to make sure that there is nothing built up in our pup’s coat. Whether it’s bath time or just brushing time, we’ve found that it really gets fallen hair and everything else out of the coat.

Plus, the massage action that it provides to our puppy is so relaxing for him! He tends to run for much longer than he wants to, so we’ve found that massaging him with this brush really relaxes him at the end of a strenuous day. It’s a great bonding experience for us both, and we think he simply adores the feel of this type of brush massaging him.

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