AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads Review

Training a puppy is NOT easy. If you have never trained one before, then you are probably thinking that it will take just a couple days to help them learn where to go and what to do around your house.

Trust us when we say that puppies might get somewhat trained in a few days, but it takes weeks of positive training behaviors to really help them learn those habits for good.

One of the things that we have found most helpful in training puppies is using pet pads. We used these from the very start with our Westie so that we knew he would always know his back up place to go to the bathroom if we couldn’t let him outside, and they’ve been a lifesaver.


Today, we will talk about the super affordable AmazongBasics pet training pads and how they might (or might not) work for your needs!

AmazonBasics Carbon Pet Training and Puppy Pads

The AmazonBasics Carbon Pet Training and Puppy Pads are a type of puppy and pet training pad that uses the power of carbon to absorb both liquid and odors that happen when your pet has an accident.


Who Are These Training Pads For?

These training pads are perfect for anyone who has a pet that has accidents indoors or someone with a dog that they want to train to use the bathroom in the right places. Having these training pads makes it easy and convenient for owners of puppies like us to keep their homes clean and in order.

Owners of pets in the following situations will find these training pads to be most beneficial:

  • Puppies
  • Pets who have accidents
  • Pets who have to be at home by themselves for long periods
  • Elderly pets
  • Pets who sleep in crates

In all of these situations, having these types of puppy pads on hand can make it very simple to train your puppies while you keep your house clean.

What’s Included?

These multi-layer pads from AmazonBasics come with a set of either 30, 40, 50, 80, or 120 training pads. These pads are layered using carbon so that the odor doesn’t become overwhelming. That’s really all that you need to use these pads!

Overview of the Features

Now, let’s get into talking about the ways that this training pad can become part of your puppy’s training plan.

These pads are absorbent and leak-proof. The film on the bottom ensure that they will not stick to the floor even when they get wet, and that’s essential. We have had the problem before; trust us when we say that you don’t want to have to clean that up!

There are five layers within these pads. The core turns any liquid that soaks through into gel so that it cannot escape the pad and form any dangerous (and smelly) potty puddles.

We also loved how fast drying these training pads are. Some pet pads will always feel damp because they just absorb liquid, but these pads turn the liquid into gel so that the surface of the pads will actually feel dry. When you’re cleaning up the pads, you’ll be incredibly thankful for this small difference.

The internal core of these pads also contains carbon. The carbon is a great component that helps to absorb any odors that might form in the pads after they get wet, and that will help to make sure that you don’t have to de-odorize after you clean up. The carbon traps any lingering odors.



  • Very absorbent
  • Carbon absorbs smells
  • Easy to clean up
  • Doesn’t stick to the floor
  • Comes in affordable value packs


  • Harder to tell if used compared to white pads
  • Dusty if dog rips it open

How to Use These Training Pads

We’ve found that using training pads is a really good way to not only train our puppy but to also give us peace of mind when we need to leave him at home. We’ve taught him that these are OK to use by training him to use them, and now we put one near the door when we aren’t home. If he needs to go before we get there, he’s learned to use the pad like the grass.

We have had friends tell us that they use these pads to line their dogs’ crates if they keep their pups in one. Even the smartest dog can have an accident sometimes, and using a pad like these will make it so that your dog doesn’t have to sit in a puddle if they do have an accident in their crate.

In the past, we have layered two pads from other brands on top of each other in case our Westie’s pee leaks through, but we have learned that this isn’t necessary with these pads. As a result, we save money and only use one at a time instead.


While most people go with a disposable pad because they are generally easier to use, some people would prefer a washable pad like these ones. These training pads can just be tossed in the washer after they are soiled, and that can prevent a lot of waste.

If you like the AmazonBasics design but aren’t big on using carbon training pads, they also have a standard version without any carbon available. These pads work just as well and have a different type of odor-neutralizing compound in them to prevent any smells from building up.


For our little Westie pup, these AmazonBasics Carbon Pet Training Pads have been super helpful in helping us not to feel frustrated with any accidents. We know our little guy is learning and doesn’t mean to have accidents, so we are doing our best not to get frustrated by setting these up for him.

Learning the best ways to use puppy pads like these will depend on how your pets are used to going to the bathroom, but setting it up isn’t hard once you get the hang of it. In time, you’ll find that using them makes your day-to-day pet care less about cleaning up messes and more about having a great time with your doggie.

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