Newsletter: Sami’s Birthday and dog beach visit

We hope you’re having a great week so far! ❤️

In our last email, we promised to show you how we celebrated Sami’s birthday last month, while we were on vacation in Spain. Well, that video is ready and you can watch it here! 🎉❤️All I can tell you is, we had a lot of fun and Sami got lots of attention and presents! (and we also added links in the description to all the presents he got, in case you are curious) 😉

Last week our friends visited and brought their dog, Sami’s best friend, Floffy. They had a great time together and here is a video of them and Sami talking 😅

We are enjoying a warm autumn so far here in Portugal. It’s still t-shirt weather on most days, but the leaves are falling and evenings are cooler. How’s the weather where you’re at?

And to make your day, here is a video from when Sami was 1 year and a half, watching TV and reacting to the doggos on the screen, haha! He still enjoys watching TV, although he rarely reacts like that now. But he will watch anything we watch and whenever there’s an action scene, like chasing, he is very involved and his ears move a lot :)) Super cute! Are your dogs TV lovers too, or not so much?

Until next week, be well,

Miruna (and Sami) 💕

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