Westies CAN be trained 🐾 Dog Training

You have no idea how many times I get reactions like this from people 😅 when they see how well Sami behaves:

“My dog could never be like that”…


And truth is, it wasn’t easy at all. Sami didn’t come calm, obedient and relaxed in stressful situations. It’s all consistent dog training, rules at home and a good structure of how they spend their time. Do this everyday. Repeat.

I started going with Sami to training school when he was 4 months. We were going to weekly 1-on-1 classes (once, sometimes twice a week) and also to group classes weekly (for socialization).

It took about a year and a half until I could finally see that it paid off. During this time, there were many many days when I would be frustrated with him, feeling hopeless, feeling like I’m failing and that it’s all for nothing. I am glad that I didn’t quit.

The main reason why Sami now is so well adjusted, so anxiety free and we have such a great bond is sticking with the dog training routine 😊 If you feel the same way too, I hope this helps!

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