3 Reasons Why I Got (Dog Crocs) Shoes For My Dog | Sami tries on Wag Wellies FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Yes, Sami is now wearing dog boots… or, as people on the street say, dog crocs 😅 they’re not made by Crocs, just so you know, but they look a lot like the ones we know for humans.

It’s not a fashion choice, it’s actually for his health. I explain everything in the video (you’ll also see Sami walking for the first time in his new shoes, haha!) ❤️

My first thought is they are super easy to put on, looks like I got the right size, I just followed the measurements on the website. The velcro that goes around the ankle is super quick to adjust, so the whole process doesn’t take long at all.

I gotta say I’m surprised. I was expecting him to take longer to get comfortable with these. These are not the first shoes I try to get him to wear. I had bought a previous pair of dog shoes that Sami tried, this was about a year ago and I had to return them a few days later because he simply refused to walk in them. So this is a lot better than I expected. Also, I can’t get over how cuuute they look :))

3 Reasons Why I Got Shoes For My Dog | Sami tries on Wag Wellies FOR THE FIRST TIME!

This was Sami’s first walk in his new shoes and it was a successful one. I was happy to see they stayed on and he seems perfectly comfortable wearing them.

Did you ever try to get your dog to wear shoes? Or if, not, did this video convince you to give it a try?