Westie Rescue Ohio Groups: Finding Your Westie

I’m so happy to have Sami, my Westie, in my life.

Having a great friend and companion like him makes every day a bit brighter, and I know that my life just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have him around to enjoy this world with.

For those in Ohio hoping to find their own best friend for life, Westie Rescue Ohio-based groups are the perfect resource to use when starting your search for the perfect rescue.

Even if they don’t have the Westie for you right now, they can point you in the right direction and provide the education needed to be a great Westie owner.

Westie Rescue Ohio Groups

Are you hoping to find your own Westie?

If you are and you are located in the US, I highly recommend reaching out to one of the many rescue organizations working there.

So many Westies have been lost, neglected, abandoned, or otherwise left homeless, and your perfect pet might be out there in need of a loving home.

1. Westie Rescue of Western PA

(services many parts of Ohio)

This group primarily focuses on working to save West Highland White Terriers (Westies, like Sami!) that need help in western PA and western NY state.

More than that, they also do some work in Ohio.

If they cannot work in your area, they have many associates that might be able to help in their stead.

The group is run entirely by volunteers and is a non-profit that only does what they do to rescue, save, and rehabilitate Westies in need.

The dogs that they work with are from as low as 18 months to as old as 11 years.

Finding their adoption listings on the site is very easy, and the initial application to adopt is located on the site, as well.

At the time of writing this, however, they only have one pair of dogs waiting for adoption.

While that’s not so great for your search for your own Westie, that’s great news for all of the Westies that need to find a loving home!

Keep an eye on their adoption list to see if any new Westies need some extra love.

2. Great Lakes Westie Rescue

The next organization to look at when you’re searching for a way to connect with the Westie community in Ohio is the Great Lakes Westie Rescue.

This organization prides itself on being a “safe harbor” for Westies that need some extra help, and they have been doing so since 2011.

This organization does not limit itself and works on many different facets of the adoption and overall Westie industry:

  • Transportation of Westies in need
  • Helping get veterinary care for needy Westies
  • Screening permanent homes before adoption
  • Setting up foster care for Westies
  • Placing and monitoring Westies after placement
  • Teaching responsible pet care and ownership
  • Education about the risks of puppy mills
  • Promote spaying and neutering

At this time, the GLWR focuses on helping Westies located in northern Indiana, Michigan, northern Ohio, and northeastern Illinois.

If you are located outside of these areas and still have an interest in utilizing their services, contact them to see what they can do for you.

National Westie Rescues

If these organizations aren’t right for you, there are also some national US organizations that might be able to provide different types of support that you are looking for.

As these operations work on a national scale, they will often help you connect with a local organization that can provide support resources.

1. Westie Rescue USA

Of all the national US rescues I learned about, I found that Westie Rescue USA really stood out as an organization with a lot to offer.

This nationally recognized organization does a lot of work to rescue Westies.

Originally working only in the mid-Atlantic region, the group still does a lot of work in this area.

This rescue center works like a large network that connects many capable organizations together for the greater good of the Westie.

Isn’t that awesome?

Through the communal efforts of all organizations that work under the Westie Rescue USA banner, more than 2,500 Westie dogs have been rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed into better situations.

They might be able to help you find the Westie for your family, too.

2. National Westie Rescue

The National Westie Rescue is a sub-organization run by the West Highland White Terrier Club of America.

They work to ensure that Westies around the country who wind up homeless through one thing or another are able to find safe, comfortable homes.

This committee works hard to ensure that all dogs that they find out about are moved into better living situations; they often do this by working with local organizations.


Helping to foster or rescue a Westie-in-need is a great thing to do; Sami and I are thrilled that you want to bring a Westie into your life!

Hopefully, one of these Westie rescue Ohio groups can help you do just that.

Make sure that you take the time to reach out to the organization near you to see what you can do to help.

Even if you can’t adopt a Westie right now, volunteer-based organizations are always in need of some extra assistance to stay on top of things.

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