Westie Rescue Centers to Volunteer in the United States

We live in Portugal with our amazing Westie puppy, Sami. There aren’t too many Westies in Portugal and you can’t really volunteer at a Westie rescue center. On the other hand, if you live in the United States and want to help with these amazing dogs, here’s a list for some Westie rescue centers in the US.

Sami the Westie on Christmas holidays

1. Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue

Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue is a nonprofit organization established in 1987. Their goal is to rescue Westies and other purebred dogs and place them up for adoption. They want to find a loving home for these abandoned and neglected dogs.

Striving to become a non-political charitable organization, they find Westies from local shelters and owners who are unable or unwilling to look after their needs. The agency alerts potential adopters of the availability of purebred dogs. Before they hand over the dog to interested individuals, they educate them about basic care, selection, and training of the dogs.

2. Westie Rescues of California

Westie Rescues of California is a private and non-profit organization that offers information and education specific to the breed to the general public. The Westie rescue center offers foster rehabilitation services and rescue services from a team that comprises employees and volunteers with vast knowledge on how to provide good care to dogs.

After they rescue the dogs, they provide them with training and life-saving medical care prior to putting them up for adoption. Among all the rescue centers on the West Coast, this remains one of the largest Westie rescue centers.

The center routinely collaborates with several organizations and businesses to share their information and knowledge about Westies. Their mission is to give back to Westies by helping them find loving homes.

3. West Highland Terrier Rescue and Placement of Northern California

West Highland Terrier Rescue and Placement of Northern California is a volunteer-based rescue center. The center has rescued stray, abandoned, and surrendered West Highland White Terrier since 2016. The center’s objective is to save Westies living in local shelters before they are euthanized.

The center wants to provide this breed with a loving and caring family who have complete knowledge on how to look after this breed. Additionally, they help Westie owners find their lost or stolen dogs. They provide the rescued dog a private foster home with a program volunteer until they can find them a good and permanent home.

4. National West Highland Terrier Rescue

National West Highland Terrier Rescue opened its doors for abandoned and displaced Westies since 1999. The center rescues and rehomes West Highland White Terriers. The organization aims to promote, assist, and recognize the rescue efforts of staff and volunteers.

The rescue center routinely collaborates with small regional clubs, offering assistance during rescue missions. They also help develop rescue centers in regions without any centers. They help rescue coordinators share information about Westies, recruit volunteers to join their rescue efforts, and promote responsible ownership among owners and breeders of Westies.

5. Maryland West Highland Terrier Rescue Inc.

Maryland West Highland Terrier Rescue Inc., established in 2007, adopts and rescues purebred and mixed lineage Westies. The organization rescues stray, abused, abandoned, surrendered, and neglected West Highland White Terriers from Maryland. Their purpose is to find them permanent families.

They are a volunteer-based rescue center that offers immediate medical care to each dog they rescue. They place Westies in foster care until they can find them a family to take them in.

6. West Highland Terrier Rescue of Orange County and Beyond

West Highland Terrier Rescue of Orange County and Beyond is a non-profit organization with the aim to find a loving home for abandoned, abused, unwanted, and neglected Westies. Kay and Karen founded the rescue center. Both have more than 25 years of experience rescuing pets.

They established the rescue center because they wanted to rehabilitate and rehome the Westies they had rescued and taken home. They also specialize in correcting the behaviors of West Highland White Terriers displaying challenging behaviors due to the environment and treatment they experienced in their previous homes.

They specialize in taking care of pets with chronic health problems as well because they would have the hardest time finding a forever home to grow and flourish. The center has an extensive screening process for interested families to ensure they place Westies in a loving home. Their extensive screen process involves asking for references, background checks, and visiting the home.

7. West Highland Terrier Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic States

West Highland Terrier Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic States operates at the home base for known organizations and people who commit themselves to rescuing as many Westies as possible for poor living conditions. The rescue center gives owners a chance to surrender their dogs to them, so they can provide them with a safe environment.

People can also notify the rescue center about a dog requiring immediate medical condition due to living in an unsafe environment. The center’s goal is to rescue West Highland White Terrier and other smaller breeds from poor conditions and place them with a loving family.

8. North Atlantic West Highland Terrier Rescue

North Atlantic West Highland Terrier Rescue is a non-profit organization in New England, offering numerous exclusive services to West Highland White Terrier owners and volunteers. The rescue center welcomes Westies suffering from complicated medical issues and takes extra care of aging dogs.

They offer foster and adoption services to all six states in the New England area. They have introduced the Sprite Program that allows them to take breeds in need of long-term or hospice care. They also offer free training webinars to volunteers who join them in furthering their mission to provide a home to the rescue dogs. When a person adopts one of the dogs in their care, they receive owner training and coaching.

I strongly encourage people looking to get a West Highland White Terrier to look, initially, for Westie rescue center in their area. This way, you will give  a permanent, forever home, to a Westie in need.

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