Does Your Westie Like to Cuddle?

When I return home from a long day outside, I miss my Sami. He’s always waiting for me. And I pick him up and give him a huge hug!

A Westie’s Life: Sami’s Instagram

But does your Westie like to cuddle? Yes, they like to cuddle. They might not like to be handled, though.

See, there are some dog breeds that are natural cuddlers and then there are those that aren’t.

For instance, just because my Sami is a cuddler doesn’t mean your Westie will be a cuddler too. You have to find out if your dog likes to cuddle or just likes to snuggle close to you.

Do Westies Like Cuddling?

Sami is one of the sweetest, kindest, friendliest West Highland White Terriers you’ll come across. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that most Westies are cuddlers. However, I would tell you to practice caution the first time you pick up your puppy to cuddle with him.

Because they are smart and alert dogs, you need to be careful, as picking them straight up from the floor can backfire. To cuddle with him, train him.

Fun fact: Cuddling isn’t an innate trait in dog breeds, but it’s a learned behavior.

Even though your Westie has the qualities of a cuddler, training them to cuddle is still necessary.

Qualities that Brand Westies as Cuddlers

A West Highland White Terrier has the following three qualities that make them cuddlers:

1. Easy to Train

Sami is intelligent, but he’s also trainable. I asked some of my friends how long it took them to train their dogs, and I learned that Sami, being the clever dog that he is, learned faster than other dogs we know.

What I am trying to tell you is that training your Westie to cuddle might take less time; this way you’ll be cuddling with them in no time.

Don’t tell Sami, but he’s one stubborn dog and chances are that your Westie is too. They’re a stubborn dog breed, so if you’re training them as an adult, it’ll be more difficult, but not impossible. It will take them more time. If you can, start training your puppy as early as possible.

With Sami, I got lucky because cuddling came naturally to him, but I also didn’t force it. You can see if cuddling comes naturally to your Westie as well and if it doesn’t, train him. And, again, rememeber that training a puppy to cuddle is much easier than training an adult dog. If you rescued an adult westie, expect the training to take longer and see results slower.

Will the stubbornness ever go away though? Nope, it will always rear its ugly head, but not as frequently because your Westie will be trained to let things go and jump in your arms to cuddle. Promise!

2. Not agressive

Kid holding westie puppy's tail whilw playing in the park

Sami’s a well-behaved dog who likes to bark from time to time, but will he ever lunge at you? Nope, not a chance.

Just don’t handle him roughly because he hates that. Be gentle with him and he’ll give you the best cuddles of your life.

Once you’ve trained your Westie, he’ll get along well with children, as well. Actually, Sami’s problem is that he gets so excited playing with kids, sometimes kids get scared 🙂

There’s absolutely no reason to feel threatened or in danger.

3. Attention-Seekers

Sami basks in the attention, and so will your Westie. But aren’t Westies independent dogs? You’re right, they are, but they also demand attention from the people they love. If you’re cuddling them, they’ll love it because you’re being attentive to them. Make them feel loved and adored.

Westie Owner selfie with her westie puppy on the beach

Why Do Dogs Like to Cuddle?

Here are a few reasons dogs love cuddling:

1. Keeps Them Warm

Why do dogs love to cuddle up to their owners, puppies, children, and even hide under the blanket with you? Because cuddling keeps them warm.

Your dog can’t tell you he’s cold, so he’ll show instead. What they’re actually saying is that “Human, I am only trying to keep myself warm, not cuddle you!” Still, regardless of the reason, you’re getting free cuddles from them.

2. Displays Affection

Or your dog may just be trying to show affection, but you’re thinking that they’re only using you to keep their body warm. Cuddling creates and strengthens the bond between you and your dog. With dogs, when you give affection, you’ll receive it.

Other ways to tell your dog you love him is to shower him with praises. Appreciate his good behavior and he’ll display it again. Each time he does, praise him, so he’ll be keener to display it. This is how Sami and I created our strong bond.

3. Strengthens the Bond

Science tells us that cuddling creates a strong bond between a dog and his owner. What happens is that when you cuddle your dog, he releases the hormone called oxytocin. The hormone calms and comforts your dog.

Researchers state that 3 minutes of cuddling releases more oxytocin in not just your dog, but in you as well. With both of you releasing this hormone, your bond is bound to get stronger with every cuddle. Do you know why they say that if you’re depressed or sick, get a dog? It’s because the hormone oxytocin reduces the symptoms of depression, reduces the risk of stroke, and decreases stress levels.

Get a Westie, so both of you can give each other endless cuddles. If they do not like cuddling, you can train them. Either way, you’ll soon be getting a lot of cuddles. Now go and hug your sleepy dog, like I do in the photo below 🙂

Sleeping puppy hugged by owner

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