Growing our community, Sami reacts to another Westie’s video and strawberries


I hope you are well!

This past week, as we grew our community on Instagram at over 10K followers, we realized how this is such a wonderful part of our daily life! 🥰

It all started for fun, as a time capsule with photos of Sami that we can later look back on (because our phones are overwhelmed with photos of him by now).

But there is now a community that has formed there, people who we feel like we know (some of them we actually met and became friends!), people who have watched Sami grow, gave us advice when we needed it and are a real comfort whenever we have any issues or scares.

And it’s helpful to be able to exchange thoughts with other westie parents.

Starting this Instagram was for sure one of the best things we did 😍 And we had some questions in messages, from people starting their accounts, asking for advice on how to grow their communities too, so we wrote on our blog about it.

Read it here!

And even if Sami isn’t the one posting his photos on Instagram, he likes to keep up with what his friends are doing, too! It isn’t the first time we show him a video of another insta friend, but it’s the first time we’ve filmed it 😁

Watch here how Sami reacts to his friend Bali the Westie (who he actually met in real life). Spoiler alert: he is VERY opinionated!

Lately, we feel like summer is getting close and we have proof: we bought fresh strawberries. Naturally, we wanted to share them with Sami, since we learned they can be a healthy, delicious snack for doggos. And this is our tip of the week 😁

Well, Sami doesn’t agree at all!

He doesn’t like strawberries (along with bananas, which we learned when he was a pup). However, he likes spinach, which isn’t so common for dogs, that we heard of.

What are some other delicious snacks your pup hates? What about weird ones he loves?

Let us know, reply to this email! 🙂

Also, if you have an instagram account for your doggo, send it to us and let’s follow each other!

Stay safe everyone! Until next week!

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