Day at the beach after quarantine


This week we decided to go to the beach! Fortunately, we live about half an hour away from the coast of Portugal and it seems that now we are allowed to get out of the house a little, as long as we are wearing masks and don’t gather in groups. It was out first road trip in 2 months and we missed it so much.

Our day at the beach was so much fun! It was hot, the water was nice (we got our feet in as we walked on the shore) and Sami had a blast! He did zoomies, chased after the shadows of seagulls on the sand, explored all the new smells!

It was so nice that, at some point, we were just laying on the beach, enjoying the sounds and we completely forgot we were close to the water. Then, a not so small wave thought of letting us know and it soaked us and our stuff. Nothing dangerous, but a long walk to the car with somehow wet clothes and shoes 😁

Of course, just the humans got wet: Sami saw the wave and ran away. Without even a sound to let us know! Westitude to the max! 😁😜

We realize how lucky we are to be living where we live and to be able to go out in nature like this. Many of out friends live in more crowded areas and aren’t able to go out, get fresh air or be around nature at all. So we realize we’re very lucky for that.

How about you? What is it like where you live?

This week we also hit a milestone: we reached 10K followers on our instagram! Yaay! We are very happy about that and we never thought so many people will follow Sami’s adventures daily!

As a thank you, we have a surprise!

I’m an illustrator by trade and I designed our first T-shirt (which I actually created for myself, because I wanted a “working from home Westie mom” tee to wear) and it’s now available to order from Amazon!

I’m super proud of it because it’s the first T-shirt designed with Sami in mind.

You can get it from here if you’re in the UK (and EU) or from here in the US (when they restart shipping).

Also, after last week’s email, where I showed you videos of me grooming Sami at home, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the grooming products.

So here’s the list of things we use for Sami all the time and we can recommend them to you: Sami’s Things List. Again, these are things we own and we use on an almost daily basis.

Stay safe everyone! Until next week!