Westies being adorable in 55 photos

Our Westie, Sami, is amazing. And adorable. But, hey, don’t take our word. Here are 55 reasons we think so:

Westies are the most adorable pups! Why, you ask?

First of all, they have the forever puppy look. Even if they are fully grown adults!

They are never not in the mood to play with you!

They always have a smile on their face!

They are very, very curious. Which makes them adorable!


They will never say no to food.

Especially if it’s your food!

Your food is their food. Just so we’re clear.

And they are adorable enough to convince you to share!

Can we talk about how they have the best ears?

Kinda like a bunny. Only cuter.

And they look good in everything!

They have attitude! More like westietude…

And style!

Even when they are wearing their human’s clothes! (Pssst, you can get this T-shirt here!)

And when it comes to daytime naps, they’ll find a place. Don’t you worry about them.

Nobody sploots like a Westie.

Seriously. Look at this little guy sploot!

So comfy and adorable.

And when they are sleepy, they are more adorable than ever.

Sometimes, they’ll bark in their sleep and it’s the cutest sound!

Um, did we mention how curious they are?

Also, they’ll do anything for treats.

Even selfies! 😀

Or tongue out pics!

And they look adorable when freshly groomed.

Or if it’s a special occasion, like their anniversary 😉

They are brave.

And always ready to get a taste of whatever you’re having.

They’re always watching you.

(Except when they’re sleeping.)

And they’re always so, so happy to see you!

Always ready to show you a new trick they learned!

Even if it’s standing, like a tiny human…

…or waving!

Or rubbing their nose in the sand 🙂

They are the most adorable dogs! (in our opinion, but hey, we might be subjective!)

But look for yourself!

They are adorable AND smart.

And nothing is cuter than a Westie with table manners.

Maybe just a sleepy Westie.

Or a well traveled Westie!

A Westie who likes to travel by car…

…or by plane!

Or, well, by other means of transportation 🙂

But wherever they travel, they are always thinking of you (and waving!)

Some Westies like to dance…

Others like to nap.

And nothing beats a Westie smile!

It’s just the best!

And how adorable is that puppy face?

A smiling Westie is a happy Westie!

Even if sometimes the smile is, well… forced 😀

Be honestly, aren’t Westies just the most adorable? 🙂