Sami’s Travels: A week in the village of San José, Almería

Since this year we didn’t travel much, we decided to enjoy what was left of the summer in one of the warmest spots in Europe: the South of Spain. Which, thankfully, even at the end of September had beach weather and water that was warm enough to swim in.

We spent a week in the village of San José, Almería, right by the sea. It was absolutely gorgeous! And Sami had a great time on our daily walks on the beach and exploring the town center (where it’s as full of cats as it is in any Mediterranean village, by the way).

Here is Sami waving at the people walking by!
Sami climbing the cliffs like a typical Westie 🙂
Sami enjoying the view from the terrace of the apartment we stayed in
Smiling, as usual, even if the sun was in his eyes and poor Sami couldn’t see a thing :))
Waiting for an OK to taste the fresh shrimp. Spoiler alert: Nope. That didn’t happen.
Maybe the octopus then? Sami is a foodie just like his hooman :p
Sami keeping human’s seat warm while waiting for his own breakfast.
Windy day by the sea.
Waving for a pic down by the beach!
Just a typical morning, running and playing on the beach before starting the day

Needless to say, we had a great time on our travel in the south of Spain and Sami made the best of it, as he always does. He loves long walks and never gets tired. Whenever we stopped somewhere to eat, he would lay down under the chair or the table, drinking his water and resting, sometimes sleeping like a baby.

The trip there and back was about 12 hours of driving (we drove from central Portugal, where we live) and Sami slept through most of it. We made a few stops for walks and getting something to eat, so every few hours he could stretch and do his business, then back to bed. He has the whole backseat to himself, with his fluffy blanket and pillow and AC, so he’s basically traveling first class 🙂