Can Westies eat Shrimp?

Can Westies eat shrimp?

Yes, but be careful. It should be really small amounts. The shrimp should be plain and cooked (steamed is perfect). Fried or breaded shrimp is really bad for your puppy because of the fats and oils you use to cook them.

Sami, our Westie, eats shrimp from time to time, if we give him, but it’s not something he loves (like mango). If we cook for ourselves we might give him some, but we don’t make an effort for that.

Is shrimp good for dogs?

Shrimps have some nutrients good for your pup, like vitamins B3 and B12, phosphorus and antioxidants. They’re also low in fat, carbs and proteins, which makes it great for a dog on a diet. Still, shrimps are high in cholesterol, which brings another set of issues.

Is shrimp bad for Westies?

Yes, in big quantities. You also need to cook the shrimp (steaming it is the best option).

Raw shrimp can be really toxic for the dogs, because of the bacteria that’s on the shrimps. Also, giving your pup unpeeled shrimp can generate risks of choking and intestine blockage.

Fried or breaded shrimp is bad for your Westie because it contains oils and fats from the process of cooking that are almost certainly bad for any dog.

And don’t forget: even if the shrimp is steamed, the shrimp cocktail is probably not good for your puppy. So don’t give your Westie shrimp that was in any kind of cocktail beforehand.

In the end, remember this: we are not vets. You should talk to your vet before giving your Westie any new treat. And shrimp is one treat you HAVE TO talk to your vet about before giving it to your pup.