Westie smiles and our first pictures with Sami


I hope this finds you well!

We recently caught Sami on camera smiling 🙂

He does this all the time when he sees us (especially if we baby talk to him), but we never had a pic of it until now. Does your pupper smile at you? You can see him smiling in the image below (if you don’t, choose to allow displaying images in this email).

Yesterday we shared on our instagram the first photos we ever had of Sami. It was heart melting going back to that moment in time and it’s the first time we make these photos public, so you can see them below.

We’d love to see your first photos of your puppers! So go ahead and send them to us, reply to this email 😁

Some of us celebrated Easter last Sunday and, even though it was a different celebration considering the situation we are in, we hope you were surrounded by loved ones (at least virtually) and that you had a good time.

One idea for an Easter hunt (or just an everyday treat hunt really) is hiding all sorts of treats for your Westie pup to find! We used his kibble mixed with diced apples and carrots and hid them through the grass. He spent a good 15 minutes outside looking for them.

You can do this indoors too, by either hiding them through the house or using a snuffle mat and hide the treats in there. It’s fun and gives your pup a reason to use his nose!

We created a fun game for you to play, also! It’s not just our dogs that need games 🙂 It’s called “Catch Sami!” and the idea is, well… to catch Sami. If you can. We shared it in insta stories here (just tap until you reach the actual game!)!

It’s fun and our insta friends had a blast playing. Make sure you post your result in stories and tag us, so we can see it too! 😁

Stay safe everyone! Until next week!