New May calendar, health scares and quarantine workouts

Can you believe it’s May already? We prepared a new calendar wallpaper for you, ready to use on your phone or computer 🙂

Go here and save the image as jpeg and set it as wallpaper on your device!

Sami’s Health Scare

Maybe you noticed last Friday you didn’t receive any email from us.

That is because we had a scary situation with Sami and had to rush to the emergency with him at 1am on Thursday night.

We were very lucky and he is ok now, but it’s been an emotional rollercoaster ride at the time.

Read about it here and make sure you take care and don’t repeat the mistake we made (we gave him a cooked bone to chew).

Grooming Sami at home

Since the quarantine, we haven’t had a chance to take Sami to the groomer’s and we had to take the matter into our own hands 🙂

I did a lot of research on hand stripping (and Sami’s groomer helped me with advice) and I gave it a shot!

I filmed a video where I show how I did it, watch it here.

Here is also a list of grooming resources if you’re planning to groom your pup at home (these are what we use and we like).

Sami’s Favorite Things

We bought a lot of products throughout the year and a half since we have Sami.

From grooming and cleaning stuff, to slow eaters and toys, to basics like leashes, beds and crates. We don’t have kids, so we went a little overboard with spending money on our dog kid, as people do 🙂

Many of these were a waste of money, but some of them lasted and we still use them today!

These are our favorites and we recommend them for you too. Here is our list of products Sami uses all the time.

If you have anything your doggo loves and you want to recommend to us, that isn’t on our list, please tell us! Just reply to this email 🙂

Oh, and on a fun note, Sami and me had a fun workout this week, as a team!

Watch it on our instagram and send it to a friend who needs to see it too 🙂

Stay safe everyone! Until next week!

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