Sami Turned 2! And We Travel to A Coruña, Spain


Last week we went on a trip to Galicia, Spain. We went by car and it took us about 4 hours, so it wasn’t exactly a long trip. Sami slept in the back, as usual, and when he wasn’t asleep he looked at the road to see if we’re going the right way like he always does, haha. Just look and see!

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Sami is 2!

The most important news, however, is Sami’s birthday! Sami turned 2 years old!!! He’s officially an adult! (please give your pups extra treats today to celebrate with us!!)

We celebrated in the city of A Coruña, where we stayed for a few days.

He had the best day, we walked through the marina in the morning and he was wearing his birthday hat, haha, and all the dogs were stopping to congratulate him (well, actually their humans did, but you get the point) 😁

Sami also went into the water down in the marina and other dogs joined in, too! We joked that they had a pool party.

Finally, Sami had his breakfast cake in bed (wet food) and he was so excited!

Then in the afternoon we took a long walk through the city to explore.

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See also the city through Sami’s eyes below 😁

This is part of a series of videos we started, where we walk with Sami and show you the places we travel to. What do you think of the idea? Would you like to see more videos like this?

A Westie Touristing in Spain

The rest of our trip was amazing, we enjoyed every minute because it was the first time we traveled in half a year or so!

We felt safe enough, everybody is wearing masks, even outside, walking on the streets there. People take safety very seriously (the restaurants even moved their menus digitally, you access the menu by scanning the QR code on the table).

Sami had his first bite of octopus, haha! We were out for dinner and it was past his eating time, we had no snacks with us, so I googled if octopus is okay for dogs. Looks like it is actually a great treat, in small quantities of course, so Sami got a few bites and enjoyed it!

Here is Sami waiting for his octopus:

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He also enjoyed his ice cream treat, like any tourist on vacation enjoying his last days of summer 😁

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And if you want to see how happy Sami is when travelling, check out this pic from a stop we made on the road. He was eager to go for a quick walk!

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Fun and cute Westies

I have lots of photos with Sami, as you already know. So, as a joke, I’ve put around 30 together to show people why they SHOULDN’T get a Westie! What do you think?

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My favourite at the moment is this comfy dog bed! Isn’t it cute? 

Until next week,
Sami & Humans (Miruna and Bobby)

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