12 Reasons to Get a Westie

Are you wondering why I love our Sami? Here is a list of reasons:

1. The Most Adorable Puppies

How my life changed after having a Westie puppy

When you get a Westie pup, you’ll have the same reaction as you do when you see an adorable baby, “I can just eat him up!” When Sami was smaller and could fit into my entire lap comfortably, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He’s still adorable, but these white hair fluff balls are extra cute when they’re a puppy.

2. The Plop Down Position

Sami likes to plop down and sprawl on the bed or the backseat of the car. Even though he’s resting, sleeping, or completely zoned out, it’s the perfect time for me to take out my camera and take his picture. When I find him assuming a new position, my phone comes out and click, click I go like the proud mommy I am.

3. Two Westie Puppies Together Are Aww

Sami is an only child, but I’ve seen two Westie pups snuggling up to each other, and let me tell you, it’s beyond adorable. Right now, I am not ready to get two Westie pups, but I am also not crossing out that idea entirely because you never know. If you want to get two Westie pups, know that it’s a big responsibility. But if you’re ready to take it on, tag me in pictures on Instagram because I would love to see all the adorableness.

4. Dress Up Westies

Westie puppy wearing a straw hat on the beach in Crete, Greece

It’s so much fun making Sami wear shower hats, cowboy hat, sunglasses, and more accessories. I am always dressing Sami up. I bet in the beginning, Sami must have thought what’s up with mommy, but now, he’s so used to it that he looks forward to dressing up.  If there’s a special occasion, he loves to dress up and show off his cute bow tie or top hat.

If you’re taking your Westie to an event, find clothes for him to wear because he’s definitely looking forward to looking good and receiving tons of compliments. You can get some dress up ideas from my Instagram.

5. Grown Up, But Still Small

If you like small dogs, Westies are your go-to dogs. They don’t grow very tall but remain cute and small, regardless of age. You’ll still find yourself treating your Westie like a puppy. Don’t worry, he’ll love it because Westies love to be spoiled. And I am speaking from experience.

6. They’ll Not Miss a Chance to Snuggle Up to You

Sami gives me cuddles and sweet kisses. He’s a very expressive dog. If you get a Westie, shower him with love and he will give all the love right back to you. Sami likes to sleep with me or cuddle up on the couch or randomly come up to me in the day. Sometimes, he comes up to me on the sofa while I am watching TV to get my attention because he wants to play with his momma.

7. Westies Aren’t Camera Shy

My Instagram is proof of that. Sami isn’t camera shy at all. When he knows the camera is out, his posing begins. He’s in the spotlight, so he shows off his funny, silly, serious, tired, and moody side on camera. I’ve also sneaked a few pics of him when he’s busy playing or sleeping. Since Westies are so cooperative, you can create an entire album, featuring your Westie striking various poses.

8. Cold or Hot, They Prefer the Outdoors

Westie puppy making a silly face while walking through the water at Obidos Lagoon inPortugal

Westies are energetic dogs, so they love the outdoors. They enjoy playing under the sun and in snow. Whether it’s hot or cold, you’ll still find them outside, having the time of their lives. Put a sweater on your Westie in the winter and let him play in the snow. He’ll dig, run around, and get snow all over him. Be like a Westie and don’t let the weather bum you out!

9. Autumn is Their Favorite Season

Westie playing in the leaves, in fall

When I take Sami outside in the autumn, his first instinct to run through the pile of fallen leaves. Westies like the sound the leaves make when they go through them. If you have just gotten a Westie and autumn hasn’t arrived yet, wait for the season to come, take him outside, and see him have a ball!

10. Traveling is Their Favorite Hobby

Why do you think the bond between Sami and me is so strong? Because we both are avid travelers. I would never have dreamed of leaving him behind because I am so used to him being around me when I go on vacations. When the suitcase comes out, Sami sits inside, reminding me, you better take me with you, and I always do! He’s my travel buddy, I can’t leave him behind.

11. Westies and Wet, Matted White Fur is a Sight You Don’t Want to Miss

One of my favorite things to do is to shower Sami because when his fur is wet and matted, he looks shriveled up and goofy.

12. Westies Have a Naughty Streak

A Westie’s Life: Sami’s Instagram

Most of the time, they’re well-behaved dog, but they also have a naughty streak. Don’t be surprised if you see them playing with the tissue roll in the bathroom. Remember, they’re curious creatures. This often makes them do naughty things. Hey, but it’s okay because they’re too cute not to be forgiven.

These are the reasons I am grateful that I got Sami. You’ll have plenty of reasons of your own when you get a Westie. Get a Westie and start your list of why he’s the perfect small dog to get!

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