A Terrific Teacup Westie can be your New Best Friend!

People claim that owning a pet can be healing, especially if your furry friend is a dog. When I met Sami, our Westie, I realized that this is true.

Before having Sami, I never knew that life could feel so fulfilled, even in moments when other people were absent and loneliness loomed on the horizon. But now, knowing the joy my westie has brought, I recommend trying out pet ownership to everyone.

sami the westie

Speaking from my own experience, I naturally gravitate towards advising people to get Westies.

Westies originally comes from Scotland, and can be distinguished by their stark white fur coats. Being smart dogs, they can quickly become members of your family as they develop a bond with you, your children, and your friends.

Are “teacup Westies”, “mini Westies”, “miniature Westies” real?

Smaller westies are sometimes known as teacup westies. Or mini Westies. Or miniature Westies. But they are just that: smaller Westies. They are not bred differently. Just like some people are shorter just because they are, so are some Westies.

I’m underlining this because some people have the impression the “tea cup westies” are a different breed, which is not true. Just a smaller Westie, who came like that by nature, not by some human intervention.

So don’t get fooled by anybody telling you “this is a teacup Westie, bred like this”. You might actually be scamed with a Westie that may not be that healthy (hence, the smaller size).

You will find many Westies for sale online and some will probably be smaller. However, commit fully to their welfare before you actually get one, because even though they are smaller, looking after them is a big responsibility! They may be a smaller version of the highland terrier, but they are just as energetic, and they will definitely take you for a run.

Westies get restless if they are kept stationary in one place too long. They also need tons of exercise and play. Hence, you might find yourself chasing after a dog that jumps onto everything, and runs out the door the moment it opens.

These puppies are also curious and passionate about exploring new things. You should cater to this desire and allow them to roam around the house, in the yard, anywhere you can watch over them. Keep this in mind, since they have a strong prey drive and they will run after that squirrel the moment they see it.

However, since they are smaller, make sure they aren’t exposed to household items that can injure them. Remember, because even if Westies are quite sturdy, they still have small and fragile bodies, and they can suffer serious harm if exposed to adverse conditions.

If you wish to own a Westie, I am sure there will be breeders in your area with smaller westies for sale. But you can also start your search online. While you will have to thoroughly vet any breeder you do business with, some places where you can start include:

This platform serves as one of the USA’s largest westie focused platforms, and also provides breeder listings which you can review to see if any breeders have teacup westies for sale.

Dog experts working for this network seek out responsible breeders and emphasize on safe breeding practices while finding pets for new owners

This group of dog loving Europeans have published a country specific list of breeders for new pet owners. You might be able to get a teacup westie from one of these breeders

This establishment came into being in 1994, and has been connecting westies with families in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and more, for several years. Perhaps your new teacup westie can be found here.

In the business for several years, this platform in Canada brings together breeder clubs that can provide families with dogs. Some of the breeders listed here may have teacup westies for sale.

All Westies can take you on a wonderful new adventure, as our Sami did with us. They are amazing friends, who can add a sparkle to your life. If you haven’t experienced the joy they bring yet, make sure to check them out!