33 unexpected reasons to NOT get a Westie dog [with photos]

1. They are the world’s ugliest dogs.

2. They are not even that smart.

3. They are definitely not cute.

4. Nope…

5. Not cute at all.

6. ESPECIALLY when they wake up.

7. Oh, and they are not big cuddlers.


8. Actually, they can’t stand humans. Especially kids.

9. And don’t get us started when going to the vet! They are a beast.

10. They are never happy.

11. Especially when having to go on car rides…

12. Just look at this little guy protesting.

Sami the Westie on Christmas holidays

13. Yeah, they are not big travelers.

14. In fact, you can’t take them anywhere.

15. They are not keen on hiking.

16. They are not adventurous dogs at all!

17. Seriously. They don’t like going on adventures with you. Like, ever.

18. …or working out with you.

19. Or giving you kisses.

20. Or demanding you share your food!

21. They don’t enjoy silliness.

22. …or making new friends.

23. And they are anything but curious.

24. They are also very anti social.

25. And they can’t be trained.

26. They are boring. (Who said white dogs have more fun? Not us!)

27. And, like all terriers, are always hyperactive.

28. Seriously, they can’t stand still.

29. Wait, did we mention they’re not cute at all?

30. So not cute, they’re practically invisible everywhere they go.

31. They don’t like walks in nature. They’re very fancy that way.

32. Oh, and they’re especially not cute when dirty.

33. They’re not at all the perfect life companion.