Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs/Westies [Infographic]

This is a handy reminder of how to do the Heimlich maneuver for dogs (and westies, in particular).

I found it on reddit, I don’t know the original source. Still, it’s worth going through the comments on the page there, as well, as there is some added advice. like this one, below:

Please keep in mind that, as with humans, if they can still breathe then these measures can do more harm than good so be sure to evaluate the need before letting panic set in

Do NOT blindly sweep their mouth!

It may push an object further in and worsen the situation. If you can’t see it/grab it, then don’t waste time. Go to one of the other methods mentioned.

Let’s just hope we don’t need to use this… ever! But better to be safe, right?