Are Dogs Allowed Inside Shopping Malls in Portugal?

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Can dogs go into malls in Portugal?

Our Answer:

Dogs aren’t allowed into malls in Portugal, normally, but we take ours to the pet shop there and they let us go if it’s just for that.

We go straight to the pet shop so technically it’s ok 😁 no one ever said anything to me.

They aren’t allowed in stores or restaurants in Portugal, but most restaurants/cafes have big outdoor spaces where you can take your dog, so it should be no problem ☺️

Question follow-up:

Oh Ok. I’m from Canada, so it’s a very long trip for us and I want to make sure it’s worth it. I have wonderful ppl he can stay with and be so well taken care of, but I miss him so much when I’m gone for only a few days!

Our Answer Follow-up:I completely understand! I’m the same way with Sami, I spent 9 days once away from him and it was hard for me 🥰

I would say taking him or not depends a lot on your itinerary, what you plan to do and see while staying here. If you are into museums, for example, and indoor activities, then no. But if you want to do more outdoor things like walks, hikes, renting a car and visiting places, then you can take your puppy, too! And you can always leave him in the hotel room for 2 hours every now and then if you plan on doing something indoors ☺️

Another thing is what time of year you plan to come. If you come during summer the downside is it can be very hot during the day and uncomfortable for dogs. During July-August when we have high temperatures in Portugal, sometimes it’s uncomfortable for us to get out of the house too 😅 Also, during summer season dogs aren’t allowed on most beaches here 😔

However if you come in April-May or October, then all is good and you won’t have these problems 😊

Sorry for the long novel 😂 Hope it helps you. Let me know if you have any questions!