Westiepoo and What You Need to Know About Them

A Westiepoo seemingly has all of the personality traits you would expect from a family-oriented designer dog. As a breed that is notoriously loving and is always seeking approval from their family, they are incredibly endearing and will become your most loyal companion.

westiepoo and what you need to know about them

Here, at westievibes.com, we’re a happy family that includes an energetic Westie puppy called Sami. We love our dog to bits, but we have a friend that has a westiepoo, so we became curious about the breed and did some research.

As a mix between a Westie and a Poodle, there is plenty to appreciate in regards to this Westie mix. Curious to know how it’s like having a Westiepoo in your life? This guide is here to help!

What Is a Westiepoo?

What is a Westiepoo? A Westiepoo is a direct mix between a Westie and a Poodle, but to be more precise, it is a mix of a West Highland White Terrier and a Miniature Poodle.

As this breed is a first-generation hybrid, they typically exhibit a 50/50 lineage. However, this isn’t a written fact. It’s impossible to predict which parent will have a stronger presence in the offspring. As such, some Westiepoos may look more like Poodles and vice versa.

Westiepoo common traits

Having a strong idea of the traits typically presented by a Westiepoo can help you to determine whether they are the right designer dog breed for your family or not. As a breed that is destined for companionship and is even perfectly sized for apartment living, there are plenty of great traits you’ll instantly fall in love with.

1. High Energy

If you’re looking for a pet that will love to keep you active and healthy, this is one of the best breeds to consider. Westipoos are known for their high energy, and they love being exercised, which is essential to ensure they do not become destructive.

Similar to other breeds with the same heightened intelligence, the more bored they become, the easier it will be to destroy everything in the house.

2. Loyal and Loving

As earlier discussed, it’s difficult to tell whether the Poodle or Westie parent is more prevalent in your dog, which means it could be incredibly independent or very dependent. Regardless, Westiepoos are known to be loyal and loving and will always appreciate spending time with you and its family over being alone.

One of the most notable aspects of their independence is that they are unlikely to deal with separation anxiety, which is ideal for crate training.

3. Family-Oriented

Once a Westiepoo has established who is in their immediate family, they will become fantastic protectors of every member, especially children. We’d like to think Westiepoos love kids, especially because they can keep up with their high energy levels and simply love to play!

Their family-oriented and playful manner also helps to make introducing new dogs into the household much easier. With that said, if you intend on introducing small animals or cats, be prepared for a lot of stress. Westiepoos have an incredibly strong prey drive, which means they won’t ever be able to settle down in a house with small animals.

4. Stubborn and Sassy

Many owners find the two most endearing traits of a Westiepoo is that they are both stubborn and sassy, which can make training a little more difficult than anticipated. The main thing to remember is that they are unlikely to perform unless they see what’s in it for them. This means you will surely have to rely on reward-based training to improve their obedience.

At first, training your Westiepoo will be incredibly difficult because they will be prone to showing off their stubborn streak. However, once rewards are introduced, they will be incredibly eager to please.

5. Highly Alert

You’ll quickly realize that your Westiepoo is a fantastic pet for alerting you to new movement and activity, though they aren’t the best guard dogs on the planet. As they are so friendly, they will likely accept strangers far faster than other breeds would. However, they are highly alert to sounds and movement and will bark at unfamiliar presences.

westiepoo and what you need to know about them

The Pros and Cons of a Westie Mix

By understanding their traits, you can easily get an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Westie mix. These are a few of the most notable pros and cons you’ll be likely to experience.

1. Require Regular Exercise

On average, a Westiepoo will need to venture at least eight miles weekly as their minimum amount of exercise, which equates to approximately 45 minutes per day. Even though they are highly recommended for apartment dwellers, they certainly aren’t couch potatoes.

With that said, if you have a very busy lifestyle with minimal time for dog walking and exercise, this is not the breed for you.

2. Need Consistent Maintenance

Even though Westiepoos are small in size, they require a sufficient amount of maintenance and grooming. Their hair is very prone to matting, especially around their ears, and if it becomes too dirty, you’ll be forced to cut away any tangles and caked-on dirt.

In all honesty, clipping your dog’s hair short will help to make it much easier to maintain over the years. Ideally, Westiepoo owners will need to brush through their pet’s coat at least once weekly. You’ll also want to consider investing in a pin brush, a de-matter, and a clipper if you intend on doing the grooming at home. Alternatively, you can use a professional groomer as Westiepoos are friendly.

3. Loving Nature

Compared to most other dog breeds that simply love to be around family, Westiepoos have a type of intelligence that will make you feel like they genuinely love your company. If there’s one thing to be said about this mix, it’s that it offers the true meaning of companionship.

Your kids will love having a play partner readily available whenever they want to expel some energy, and you will love having a companion at your side every moment of the day.

4. Very Friendly

If you have ever been concerned about owning a dog because they may be unfriendly to strangers or your existing pets, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with a Westiepoo.

Though they don’t play nicely with small animals, thanks to their prey drive, they are notoriously friendly with other dogs and strangers. Introducing your new dog to new family members and friends will be substantially easier than with other breeds.

Tips for Owning a Westiepoo

As one of the most popular mixed breeds, Westiepoos are only going to increase in popularity over the years. Here are our favorite tips for prospective owners.

1. Great for beginners

If this is the first time you have considered owning a dog, you will love the idea of this breed as they are fantastic for first-time owners. With reward-based training, you’ll find that developing the intelligence of your Westiepoo is easier than you’d think. Also, as they are so eager to please, creating a bond with your new pet will be quite simple.

2. Ideal for allergies

People who suffer from allergies will be glad to know that with this breed, you won’t have to worry about sneezing and wheezing. Westiepoos are hypoallergenic and rarely shed a lot of hair, especially if you brush their coat every other day or weekly. They’re a great alternative for people who have always wanted a dog but couldn’t consider one due to allergies.

3. Gentle natured play

Some dogs adapt to roughhousing better than others, which is important to discuss with your children before introducing a Westiepoo into the household.

Although the dog will love to play with your kids, it’s important to remember they do not tolerate rough play very well. Also, if your Westiepoo seemingly wants its space, it’s best to let them be independent for a little while.

4. Has an average appetite

You certainly won’t have to worry about spending an excessive amount of money on owning a Westiepoo, which is another reason as to why they are a fantastic option for first-time dog owners.

Though maintaining regular vet visits is highly recommended, the day-to-day costs of owning a Westiepoo are minimal. Compared to most other medium-sized breeds, your dog will require two cups of food daily, which barely totals $35 per week.

It’s important to note that these figures may change depending on the activity level, age, and any dietary restrictions your dog may have. Obviously, the more specialized their food needs to be, the more expensive it will be to feed them.

5. Requires a variety of toys

You’ll find that it’s unlikely your Westiepoo will want to try to entertain itself with the same toy day after day. Instead, they’ll be begging for your attention and will always have the desire to switch things up and get a little different with their playtime.

It’s highly important you have an assortment of toys readily available for them to choose from. In addition, you’ll want to schedule at least 45 minutes out of every day to have one-on-one playtime with your pet. This will give you the ability to bond together as well as expel any excess energy they may have.

Westiepoo: Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, owning a Westiepoo is quite unlike any other mixed breed. You’ll have the benefit of a fun and loving dog that is always seeking your approval, but one that is also independent in their own right.

As a fantastic addition to any household, Westiepoos are far more affordable than most other breeds and will fit perfectly into your home, even as a first-time dog owner.

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  1. 2 months ago we rescued a 5 year old Westiepoo…. I’ve always wanted a Westie, but when we met this little guy at the shelter, we immediately fell in love with him. He is SO affectionate!! WOW. Even more than our Golden Retrievers were! This article pretty much nailed everything about our little guy!

  2. I have one concern i have a rescue elderly cat who we brought into our home a year ago after the death of our rescue bichon .
    I have been offered an older ex breeding dog ,is this dog more likely to have a stronger prey drive .I dont want to upset either animal .Thanks karen

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