Christmas Westie Gifts for the Holidays

Christmas Gifts for Westie Owners

For someone who loves their Westie more than anything, the best Christmas Westie gifts would prove to be fantastic! They are an excellent gift idea for co-workers, friends, or even your veterinarian during the holidays.

From Christmas cards to decorative cushions, there are several different types of Westie-themed gifts for you to choose from. With these, it would be easy to share your love for your Westie with everyone. After all, the Christmas season is a time for sharing love, right?

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Westie Christmas Cards

The best way to send your holiday greetings is to give your loved ones a Christmas card. With the best Westie Christmas cards, you can make their holidays a little bit brighter. Below are our favorite Westie-themed Christmas cards you can find.

1. Wonderful Westies Christmas Cards by The Best Card Company

If you’re on the hunt for something adorable, this is one of the best bundles of Christmas cards you’ll find. Filled with cute pictures of dogs adorning their favorite Santa hats, they are hilariously iconic and will fill the holidays with joy.


  • Included Inside Sentiment

Instead of receiving a blank card where you have to come up with the inside sentiment yourself, these cards do the well-wishing for you as they read, “Merry Christmas.” Of course, you can add your very own as well, as there is plenty of blank space you can write on.

  • Envelopes Included

Another convenience of these cards is that they arrive with envelopes. As each card measures four by five inches, it is far simpler to have envelopes included than having to buy them separately.

  • Made in North America

For shoppers concerned about quality, these cards are designed and built both in the United States and Canada. Each one is created using 30% recycled materials, and the photos are printed on a thick premium white card stock.

  • 10 Cards

Each order comes with 10 individual Christmas cards with unique pictures of Westies in their Santa hats. With these, you’ll easily be able to pick the perfect card for all of your loved ones.


  • High-quality printing
  • Card stock is thick and luxurious
  • The cards fit easily into the envelopes


  • The inside sentiment is short
  • Only available in packs of 10


2. Westie Skating Holiday Cards by Stephen Fowler

There’s something about uniquely made Christmas cards that make the holidays brighter. Each one of these Westie Skating Holiday Card has impeccable attention to detail that recipients will adore.


  • High-Quality Card stock

As with most of the Westie Christmas cards on this list, these are made using high-quality card stock with a premium matte finish. You’ll find that this is far more luxurious to the touch than cards you would find at the store.

  • Envelopes Included

With specialty cards, it can be tough to find the right envelopes. Fortunately, these come with A6 envelopes. All of the card packs have their very own plastic sleeves, too.

  • Blank Interior

Perfect for someone who loves writing great sentiments inside of their cards, the interior of these adorable Westie cards is empty. You can write as much or as little as you desire to wish your loved one’s happiness during the holidays.

  • 12 Cards

These are available in a pack of 12, which means that you’ll have plenty of card options to give your loved ones.


  • High-quality print
  • Artwork is stunning
  • Envelopes seal easily
  • Cards ship with care


  • International shipping is expensive
  • Cards arrive blank inside

3. Westie Christmas Eve Card by Hellowallace

Compared to a real photograph of a Westie on a card, why not opt for an animated one? The Westie Christmas Eve Card by Hellowallace is cute as can be.

This card shows an adorable Westie on the front, stealing a carrot left out for Santa’s reindeer. This illustration is one of the favorites that we’ve seen, as it captures the childlike spirit of our pet.


  • Textured Finish

Compared to other Christmas cards that feel flat to the touch, this has an added ounce of luxury as it features a textured finish. This finish helps to boost the quality of the card so that recipients will feel even more special.

  • Blank Interior

You can create your very own message with this card’s blank interior. For some, this makes it simpler to write anything that you want to say to your loved ones over the holidays.

  • Recycled Envelope

To help aid in environmental awareness, the envelope you receive with this card is made using 120gsm recycled brown paper. You’ll also find that this type of paper has become incredibly trendy, making your wrapping perfect.

  • Sealed in Plastic

To prevent the card and the envelope from being damaged during shipping, they are both wrapped in a sealed plastic sleeve. Being sealed in plastic is also a great way to prevent water from penetrating the package before you receive it. These insert into a hard-backed envelope for added protection.


  • Adorable illustration
  • High-quality feel
  • Affordable international shipping


  • Tracking not included with shipments
  • Single card only

4. Westie Christmas Cards by Robert James Hull Art

By far, these are our favorite Westie Christmas cards on this entire list, as they feature a stunning illustration of the sweetest features of your pet.


  • Set of Five

When you place your order, you’ll be receiving five individual Westie cards. Pictured is a beautiful Westie with an adorable little bow around its neck. Because of that, these cards will surely take the breath away of the recipient. Also, they are all handmade, which makes them even more special.

  • Individually Packages

Instead of grouping all of the cards for shipping, each one is individually packaged. The cards have individual cellophane sleeves, and these help to prevent moisture from ruining the cards.

  • Premium Quality

The card stock used for these cards is in impeccable condition as it is FSC-certified 350gsm thick card stock. Compared to what you would purchase from a card store, these are higher quality.

  • Envelopes Included

Luckily, you’ll find that it is easy to send these cards to your loved ones as they come with their own envelopes.

  • Blank Interior

Similar to the other cards, there aren’t any messages written on the inside. With that said, you can easily use these for Christmas or birthdays.


  • Beautiful watercolor illustration
  • High-quality premium card stock
  • Packaged individually


  • Slow shipping during the holidays

The Verdict

Overall, our favorite Westie Christmas cards are the Westie Christmas Cards by Robert James Hull Art. Designed beautifully with immaculate attention to detail, the watercolor illustration on the front is something you won’t soon forget. What’s more, we’re sure that the recipients of the cards will love them just as much as you do!

Westie Christmas Tree & Westie Christmas Ornaments

Once you have all of your Christmas cards ordered, it’s time to focus on holiday-themed décor. The best Westie Christmas tree & Westie Christmas ornament can help to make your home feel even more special during the holidays. With these six options, you’ll have more than a few choices for this upcoming yuletide season.

1. Old World Christmas Westie Ornaments

Designed with a similar style to the ornaments crafted in the 1800s, this is the perfect touch of classic Christmas for your home. It is specially crafted to suit anyone’s decorating style, which is why this ornament will quickly become your favorite item to pass down over generations.


  • Mouth-Blown Ornament

Each ornament is created with care, as they are individually mouth-blown from molten glass into molds. A coating of liquid silver adds to the pattern for durability and longevity.

  • Hand-Decorated

Once the molten glass and silver have been added to the mold and cooled, artisans then decorate the ornament by hand. With hand-painted features and immaculately placed glitter, each one is unique. All of these labor-intensive steps help to create one of the most luxurious Christmas decorations you’ll find.

  • Versatile Design

Not only will you be able to use the ornament on a big Christmas tree, but you can also hang it from a garland or any other decoration. It is just under four inches in width and two inches in height, making it ideal for plenty of decorative purposes.


  • Subtle glitter
  • Stands out against other ornaments
  • Fantastic memorial gift


  • Doesn’t arrive with a hanging hook
  • May arrive broken


2. Conversation Concepts Westie Sleigh Ornament

Ideal for Christmas trees that are more kitschy in style, this ornament is a fantastic addition. With a beautifully designed sleigh carrying a personable Westie perched on the seat, it’s an excellent present for dog lovers.


  • Removable Winter Scarf

On the Westie, there is an adorable winter scarf that is fully removable. This feature also helps to make the ornament versatile in that you can use it for other occasions.

  • Removable Rope

If you prefer to display this ornament somewhere other than your Christmas tree, you’d be glad to know that the hanging rope is detachable. Also, the ornament has a felt bottom so that you can easily place it on a delicate tabletop without worries of scratches.

  • Hand-Painted Design

Each ornament is painted by hand to ensure that even the most delicate details look fantastic. This also means that every decoration is unique, which makes it even more special to have in your home.

  • Stone Resin

If you’re concerned about having glass ornaments in your home, then this might just be what you’re looking for. This ornament is 100% stone resin. Although this adds a little more weight to it, it’s safer to display around the house.


  • High-quality and heavy
  • Versatile design
  • Far more durable than glass


  • May be too heavy for trees
  • Westie facial expression isn’t joyous


3. Sandicast Westie Christmas Ornament

What we love the most about this ornament is that it captures the pure joy and happiness of a merry little Westie during Christmas. Adorably designed as a puppy on its hindlegs with a string of Christmas lights in its mouth, it shows off the personality of your furry friend. Compared to most other ornaments, this one is exceptional for a shelf or a tree.


  • Removable Cord Loop

There is a metal cord loop included with the ornament, and it is easy to remove. This gives you the ability to put it on your Christmas tree or add it to another holiday display in your home.

  • Designed by Sandra Brue

Sandra Brue, a well-known artist, designed this ornament. Each ornament is meticulously designed and crafted to suit your needs.

  • Hand-Cast Ornament

Similar to other Sandicast sculptures, this one is both hand-cast and hand-painted. Hand-casting helps to make sure every piece has beautiful details. Also, the paints comply with International and U.S. EPA guidelines.

  • Packaged Carefully

Every Sandicast Westie Christmas Ornament is packaged with care using reusable packaging. The special packaging means that at the end of the holiday season, you can put the ornament away safely in its very own storage box.


  • High-quality and durable
  • Very realistic design
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • Easy to hang


  • Much smaller than expected
  • Cumbersome for small Christmas trees


4. E&S Pets Westie Christmas Ball Ornament

Perfect for households looking for more traditional decorations, this Christmas ball ornament is a great choice. Designed to fit in with the other items on your tree, the adorable face of the Westie will quickly become the forefront of your decorations.


  • Shatterproof

As a pet owner, you’ve likely experienced one or more shattered ornaments in your lifetime. Luckily, the E&S Pets Westie Christmas Ball Ornament is entirely shatterproof. With this, you won’t have to worry about it getting destroyed.

  • Realistic Print

Although these Christmas balls aren’t handmade like the other decorations on this list, they do feature a realistic print. All of your favorite features of Westies will be easy to see with the high-quality imagery on the ball.

  • Arrives in Great Packaging

If you intend to give the E&S Pets Westie Christmas Ball Ornament as a gift, you’ll be glad to know it comes in gift-ready packaging. As such, you won’t have to rewrap the gift upon receiving it.


  • Very durable
  • Looks just like a Westie
  • Has a cute bow topper


  • Feels like inexpensive plastic
  • Packaging might damage while shipped
  • Coloring may be off


5. Westie Sweater Ornament by Handmade Mary Ellen

There’s just something about handmade ornaments that makes the holiday season happier. This unique Westie Christmas ornament by Handmade Mary Ellen is an adorable little sweater on a coat hanger hook. It’s the perfect addition to any holiday tree.


  • Handmade Knit Sweater

The entire ornament is a cute little handmade red knit sweater with a Westie head on the front. The sweater is 100% wool yarn, which gives it an even more homemade feel.

  • Innovative Hanger

Instead of relying on a traditional piece of string, this sweater ornament arrives on a three-inch wire hanger. When displayed, it definitely looks like a real Westie sweater on a hook in your closet.

  • Reasonably Sized

Instead of being too large or too small, the entire ornament is four inches high and six inches wide. It’s the perfect way to add a focal point to your Christmas tree that the whole family will love.


  • Exquisite artistry
  • Perfect for kitschy decorations
  • The sweater can be customized


  • Wool may deteriorate over time
  • Quality of knitting may vary

6. Personalized Westie Ornament by Wag-a-Tude Tags

If your family has their very own adorable little Westie, why not consider getting them their ornament this year? This ornament is perfect for current pets or as a memorial present for a recently departed furry friend.


  • Personalized Design

As mentioned, you can personalize this ornament with your dog’s name. The name must be within 12 characters and has to fit inside of the bone graphic.

  • Rear Message

To make the Personalized Westie Ornament by Wag-a-Tude Tags even more unique, you can add a message to the backside of the decoration. However, if you prefer to leave it blank, the designer will mimic the front design on the back of the ornament.

  • Free Gift Box

Upon the arrival of your ornament, you’ll appreciate the cute little gift box it arrives in at no extra cost. Because of this, you’ll find that it’s much easier to give this as a gift, as you won’t have to buy additional wrapping materials.

  • Hanging Ribbon Included

As soon as you open the package, the ornament is ready to be put on your tree. It ships with a beautiful red satin ribbon for hanging.


  • Well-made prints
  • Beautifully designed artwork
  • Convenient gift box


  • May be smaller than expected
  • Gift box may arrive in poor condition

The Verdict

Our choice for the best Westie Christmas tree & Westie Christmas ornament is the Old World Christmas Westie Ornaments. It has the stunning authentic appeal of old-world Christmas decorations that is unmatched by the others on this list. Also, the attention to detail put into each ornament truly helps them to be unique.

Westie Christmas Sweaters

A Westie Christmas sweater is the best way to show your love for your favorite furry friend. With a combination of the best holiday-inspired designs in a comfortable sweater, you’ll have the perfect item for your Christmas parties this year.

1. CafePress Westie Sweatshirt

There’s nothing better than having a relaxed and comfortable sweatshirt to wear for outings, holiday parties, or while you’re lounging around at home. This CafePress Westie Sweatshirt is relatively simple in its design, which is excellent for someone looking for something basic. With an adorable printed Westie on the front, it could also make a fantastic gift.


  • High-Quality Sweater

The material used for the CafePress Westie Sweatshirt is 90/10 cotton/polyester, which makes it incredibly soft against your skin. Also, the materials work together to create excellent insulation for the colder days of the year.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll appreciate that you won’t feel any chafing or discomfort even after wearing it for hours. This makes for a perfect gift for anyone who adores Westies.

  • Stretched Cuffs and Waist

Both the waistband and cuffs on the sweater are elastic, so they create a more custom fit. We highly recommend sweaters like this as they help to prevent cold air from getting close to your body. Also, you’ll find it’s much simpler to choose the right size sweater with these custom-fit features.

  • Professionally Printed

The adorable picture of the Westie in its Santa hat with a Christmas ornament is professionally printed. As it’s professional, the graphic will have plenty of attention to detail and won’t look overly handmade.

  • Machine-Washable

At times, with screen-printed sweaters and t-shirts, manufacturers don’t advise you to put them in the washing machine. However, with the CafePress Westie Sweatshirt, you can machine-wash it inside-out in cold water. For drying, you can use the tumble dry feature or hang it to dry.


  • The Westie photo is adorable
  • The sweater is soft and warm
  • Durable stitching


  • The graphic fades after washing
  • The image resolution is grainy


2. Westie Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt by Jensine Marie Designs

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without a Christmas sweatshirt. What better way to show your love for Westies than to adorn them on your chest? The Westie Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt by Jensine Marie Designs has all of the quintessential features of a traditional Christmas sweater, and with an adorable Westie included.


  • Funny Slogan

In comparison to other Westie sweaters that have a picture of the dog, this sweater also has a funny slogan that reads, “Jingle bells, jingle bells, Westies all the way.” It’s the best way to declare that your pet’s breed is top tier!

  • Comfortable Sweater

Made from 50/50 polyester/cotton, this sweater gets more comfortable over time. You’ll find that it’s one of the softest sweaters you own after wearing it for the very first time. We also found that it’s fantastic to wear in colder weather, as it provides exceptional insulation.

  • Pre-Shrunk

There’s no need to worry about this sweatshirt shrinking in the wash because the material is pre-shrunk during manufacturing. This process helps to make sure the sweater stays in its original condition for longer and that it always has its classic fit.

  • Reduced Pilling

One of the most frustrating things about owning inexpensive sweaters is the pilling. Luckily, the air-jet spun yarn used to create this sweater is resistant to pilling, which increases its durability and longevity.

Another feature designed to improve the quality of this sweater is the double stitching found at the shoulders, collar, cuffs, waist, and arms.


  • Unique and interesting graphic
  • Very soft sweater
  • Warm and easy to layer


  • Special laundering instructions
  • The graphic may crack in the wash

3. Barkley and Wagz Westie Christmas Sweatshirt

Compared to the other sweaters on this list, this Christmas sweatshirt is easier to wear and is far more casual. Instead of the typical ugly Christmas design on the front, this features an adorable portrait of a Westie with glasses and reindeer antlers.

What we love the most about the Barkley and Wagz Westie Christmas Sweatshirt is that it alludes to Christmas without being too over the top.


  • Multiple Colors and Styles

There are a variety of options available to Westie owners interested in this sweatshirt. You can opt for a hooded or non-hooded version, as well as choose from the colors green, charcoal, light grey, and white. It’s almost as if you will be able to personalize the sweater for every member of your family.

  • Soft and Comfortable

To improve the overall comfort of this sweater, the two materials used during manufacturing are cotton and polyester. With a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, you’ll have an incredibly soft material against your skin. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend this sweater for every age.

  • Pill Resistance

Pilling is quite common with poorly made sweaters. Thankfully, the Barkley and Wagz Westie Christmas Sweatshirt is pill-resistant, thanks to the air-jet spun yarn. After washing the sweater multiple times and wearing it constantly, it won’t show a lot of wear and tear.

  • Double-Needle Stitching

To improve the quality of the collar, waistband, armholes, and cuffs, there is double stitching in all of the essential areas of the sweater. It also helps to give it a more structured feel so that you won’t have to worry about it falling apart after one wash.

  • Special Design Elements

As these sweaters are all made to order, you can add a couple of extra items to them, as long as you contact the seller. You can add wording, change colors, or add any other distinctive elements to make it a far more personalized piece.


  • High-quality print
  • Unique and interesting design
  • Comfortable sweatshirt
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • Special laundering instructions
  • Not a relaxed fit

4. Funny Christmas Sweater by RockPaperRaw

If there’s one thing known about Westies, it’s that they often have a fun and hilarious personality, much like the one on this sweater. With an image of a West Highland White Terrier making the iconic “dabbing” move in a Santa outfit, it’s everything you dreamed of.


  • Three Color Options

There are three primary colors you can choose from when you’re ordering the sweater: black, red, and navy. We highly recommend either the black or the red for the holidays as it compliments the illustration the most.

  • Sweatshirt Design

The hilarious graphic of the Westie dabbing is on a comfortable and thick sweatshirt, compared to a hoodie or a fancy sweater. You’ll love wearing this out running errands or to a family ugly Christmas sweater party. The sweatshirt is pre-shrunk and features a classic fit.

  • Warm and Soft

The interior of the Funny Christmas Sweater by RockPaperRaw is something to make a note of, as well. On the inside, you’ll notice it’s made from air-jet spun yarn, so it immediately feels soft the first time you wear it. Over time, and after washes, the sweater is only going to get softer as the materials are 50/50 cotton/polyester.

  • Durably Designed

Not only is the air-jet spun yarn resistant to pilling, but there are also other durable features in the sweater as well. The collar is double-needle stitched, as are the arms, cuffs, waistband, and shoulders.

  • Screen-Printed

The graphic on the front of the sweater is screen-printed onto the material. With that said, we recommend washing the sweater inside-out to prevent the graphic from flaking off over time.


  • Incredibly soft and comfortable
  • Warm for the winter
  • Designed with attention to detail


  • The graphic may flake with washing
  • The sweater may shrink in hot water

The Verdict

Overall, our choice for the best Westie Christmas sweater is the Barkley and Wagz Westie Christmas Sweatshirt. It has the most exceptional attention to detail and has beautiful features you would expect from a professionally-made sweater. Not to mention, there are plenty of customizable items that you can also add to your order.

Westie Christmas Stockings

A Westie Christmas stocking is a great way to decorate for the holidays. You can use one for your pet, or you can buy unique ones for every member of your family. With plenty of designs and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect stocking to display on your fireplace mantle.

1. Peking Handicraft Christmas Stocking

If you’re searching for a more traditional design to fit in with your holiday décor, check out this stocking. Crafted using quality needlepoint stitching, the Peking Handicraft Christmas Stocking is ideal for any home. 


  • 100% Wool

To add to the authentic Christmas feel of the stocking, its primary material is wool. Compared to polyester or cotton, wool is thick and burly, making it perfect for your holiday decorations. It also adds a little bit of extra texture to the needlepoint stitching.

  • Needlepoint Design

If you or someone you know loves needlepoint, this is a fantastic way to show off your interests without having to make the stocking yourself. You’ll immediately realize how this decoration contributes to more traditional Christmas décor, perfect for grandparents.

In addition, the red velvet backing on the stocking creates the ideal amount of contrast against the adorable Westie on the front.

  • Versatile Design

As mentioned, you can use the stocking for yourself or your pet, as there’s plenty of storage room for toys and treats. This stocking measures 18 by 11 inches, which is more than enough space for plenty of small gifts.

  • Velvet Hook

Made from the same material like the back of the stocking, the hanging hook at the top is red velvet. With that said, you may want to consider putting the stocking on the ground once it’s filled with treats.


  • High-quality needlepoint image
  • Shows the real character of Westies
  • Well-made for dogs


  • Hanging hook isn’t reinforced


2. Elegant Décor Westie Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

If you’re still searching for a needlepoint stocking but aren’t a fan of the first one, this is another option to consider. The Elegant Décor Westie Needlepoint Christmas Stocking has a more authentic Christmas feel. On the front of the stocking, there is a Westie surrounded by holly and Christmas ornaments.


  • Needlepoint Design

With the immaculate attention to detail put into the needlepoint stitching on this stocking, you’ll feel as if you have a handmade décor piece for the holidays. With that said, it’s also high-quality, so it looks professionally made. We love the style of this stocking for more traditional Christmas decorations.

  • Velvet Backed

On the rear of the stocking, you’ll notice the red velvet backing. The velvet adds a softer look when compared to the needlepoint stitching. It also helps to ensure the durability of the stocking.

Because of this feature, you won’t have to worry about the material pilling over time, and it creates a brilliant contrast against the deep green and white needlepoint.

  • Large Size

With this, you’ll appreciate how much space there is for treats and toys. With measurements of 18 by 11 inches, it’s the perfect size to hang from your mantle and then fill with your pet’s favorite items.


  • Fantastic needlepoint design
  • Image looks just like a Westie
  • Perfect as a gift
  • High-quality


  • Hanging hook isn’t reinforced
  • Red velvet will get damaged if wet


3. BA Barker Gifts Christmas Stocking

There are plenty of Christmas stockings with Westies on them, but wouldn’t it be better if you were to find a personalized stocking? The BA Barker Gifts Christmas Stocking is just what you need for your home. With plenty of fantastic features, it makes the perfect gift, as well.


  • Personalized

When ordering, you can decide if you want the stocking personalized or not. All you need to do is provide the seller with your pet’s name; it has to be eight letters or less for the best results. If you prefer to leave the namespace blank, you can opt for no monogram.

  • Multiple Fonts

For pet parents who want to have their pet’s name embroidered on their stockings, you can choose from an assortment of different fonts. You’ll easily be able to find the perfect font to suit your Westie’s personality.

  • Needlepoint Design

Aside from the customization options, the overall appearance of the stocking is fantastic. At the top, you’ll realize there is an image of hanging garland with stunning Christmas ornaments. The rest of the stocking shows an adorable Westie with a cute Christmas wreath.

Needlepoint designs are a fantastic way to add a little bit of coziness to the most popular holiday-themed room in your home. This stocking will look incredible when displayed beside your Christmas tree.

  • Cotton Velvet Backing

Similar to the other stockings on this list, at the back, you’ll notice there is 100% cotton velvet. The velvet helps to add contrast against the wool needlepoint on the front. Also, velvet is one of the best materials that capture the true spirit and look of Christmas.


  • Embroidery is beautiful
  • Needlework is done professionally
  • Arrives quickly with personalization


  • Velvet hanger his poorly made
  • Cannot be machine-washed

4. Sweet Bella Stationery Christmas Stocking

At first glance, you can tell this stocking would be the perfect addition to a more modern Christmas décor scheme. Designed with a combination of linen and burlap, it takes advantage of natural materials. The Sweet Bella Stationery Christmas Stocking is an excellent option for someone looking for a more minimalistic type of stocking. 


  • Burlap and White Linen

Compared to yarn, wool, or cotton, these stockings are made using burlap and linen. This is why we love the idea of using them as a pet’s stocking, as burlap is a very heavy-duty material that will last over years of use. The top half of the decoration features white linen, which helps to give it a more authentic Christmas feel.

  • Decent Size

Although this stocking isn’t as large as some others you can find, it’s still very decently sized. You’ll easily fit your pet’s favorite treats and toys. It measures 17 inches long and six inches wide.

  • Pressed Design

At the top of the decoration, you’ll notice an adorable image of a Westie pressed into the fabric. The pressing helps to make sure that it never fades or wears away even after years.

  • Personalized

Similar to the previous stocking we discussed, you can opt to have this one personalized, as well. All you have to do is contact the seller and provide them with your pet’s name. They will then press it onto the stocking above the image of the Westie.


  • Beautiful illustrations
  • High-quality burlap
  • Great for modern Christmas décor
  • Customizable


  • Westie image is small
  • Poor quality linen

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing the best Westie Christmas stocking, we highly recommend the BA Barker Gifts Christmas Stocking. With the beautiful needlepoint work and velvet accents, it’s gorgeous to display during the holidays. We especially love the fact that pet parents can customize the look of the stocking with their pet’s name embroidered.

Westie Christmas Jumpers

Choosing the best Westie Christmas jumper for your pet is much more than dressing them in a cute outfit. It’s also an outstanding way for them to stay warm in colder weather. Westies look exceptionally adorable in jumpers, especially these four styles we’ve found!

1. Blueberry Pet Christmas Dog Sweater

There’s plenty of detail put into the Blueberry Pet Christmas Dog Sweater, especially if you’re looking for a high-quality sweater for your pet. With an adorable image of a reindeer on the back, it’s one of the most iconic things you need this Christmas.


  • Unique Materials

There are multiple items added to the sweater that makes it unique when compared to a traditional screen-printed dog sweater. The reindeer face features a burly soft material with embroidered antlers. Also, the bowtie at the neck of the reindeer is 3D, which adds depth and dimension to the image.

  • Spandex, Polyester, and Cotton Blend

You can guarantee your dog will feel remarkably comfortable while wearing this jumper, as it’s a blend of 80% cotton, 17% polyester, 3% spandex. All of these materials work together to create durability, breathability, and comfort. You’ll also appreciate how it will protect your dog’s coat from rain or snow.

  • Machine-Washable

Luckily, you won’t have to hand-wash this sweater because it can easily go into the wash with your other clothes. The only recommendation is to wash it with similar colors and in cold water.


  • Fits dogs well
  • Comfortable on senior dogs
  • Well-made details
  • Not too thick


  • Doesn’t have a leash hole
  • Requires specific sizes


2. NACOCO Dog Snowman Sweater

This Christmas sweater is a similar style to other shirts you’d find from a local pet store. If you’re looking for a more traditional holiday sweater for your Westie, this is a great option to have. With an adorable stitched image of a snowman on the back with red and green stripes, your dog will love it.


  • Acrylic Fabric

To prevent skin sensitivities and itchiness, this entire sweater is crafted from acrylic fabric. It’s also incredibly flexible and comfortable, perfect for your dog to wear out or while lounging around the house. What you’ll find with this sweater is that it insulates your dog’s heat in cold weather.

  • Multiple Sizes

As a pet owner, you know that not every dog is the same, which is why this sweater is designed in numerous sizes to choose from. It is available in sizes from XX-Small to XX-Large.

  • Woven Design

There are a couple of features stitched into the sweater, such as the arms and nose of the snowman. However, the majority of the sweater is woven, which gives it a more authentic holiday sweater appearance. The woven design also helps to make the sweatshirt more relaxed than fitted.

  • Easy to Wash

There aren’t any special washing instructions with this sweater. It can be machine-washed and put in the dryer whenever necessary. To avoid shrinking, it’s recommended you use cold water and then tumble dry setting.


  • Looks great upon arrival
  • Comfortable for dogs to wear
  • Great attention to detail


  • May be too small
  • Poorly designed stitching
  • Doesn’t have a leash hole


3. Mamas Pets Christmas Costume

Showing off your pet’s style during the most beautiful time of the year is easy with this costume. The Mamas Pets Christmas Costume is designed just like an elf’s outfit, which makes it perfect for your adorable Westie. With a comfortable hood and high-quality stitching, this handmade item is truly one of a kind.


  • High-Quality Stitching

Compared to other dog costumes on the market, you can tell this jumper is substantially better made. It features high-quality details that will stand out when you put it on your Westie for the first time. Also, the stitching is soft and comfortable against their skin to help prevent scratching.

  • Warm Materials

The materials used to make this elf costume are thick and durable, making them ideal for cold weather. You’ll find that this costume will also double as a fantastic option for a Westie that gets cold around Christmas. It will look adorable on them when you’re out for a walk.

  • Built-in Leash Hole

One of the most important features any dog sweater or costume should have is a leash hole. This feature allows you to attach a strap through the back of the shirt for walks. Luckily, this design has a reinforced hole so you can comfortably attach a leash.

  • Built-in Hood

As another adorable and convenient feature, the Mamas Pets Christmas Costume has a built-in hood. No matter if your dog likes hoods or not, this is a great extra feature to protect their head from rain and snow while outdoors.


  • Photographs well
  • Material is very soft
  • High-quality colors and stitching


  • May be too small
  • Not available in multiple sizes

4. Wild Paw YYC Ugly Christmas Sweater

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll want to find the perfect outfit for your Westie. Instead of choosing a more traditional sweater, you should consider this ugly sweater. With the Wild Paw YYC Ugly Christmas Sweater, you and your pet can wear matching outfits for your Christmas party.


  • Handmade

According to the seller, each dog sweater is handmade, which helps to ensure that your order is unique. Being handmade helps to add to the quality of the jumper. As a gift, it has more sentimental value, and it’s unlikely that anyone else’s dog will be wearing the same thing.

  • Custom Fit

When you are placing your order for this ugly sweater, you will need to provide your dog’s precise measurements. These measurements are necessary because the seller will be custom-making the jumper to fit your dog. This task helps to make sure the sweater isn’t too large or too small upon arrival.

  • High-Quality Print

Compared to hand-stitched or woven images, this Christmas sweater has high-quality bright prints that contribute to its “ugly” nature. It truly is one of the better sweaters you’ll be able to get your hands on this holiday season.

  • Stretchy Materials

If your dog isn’t a big fan of wearing clothes, this jumper may be more natural to get them to wear. It’s more comfortable because the materials used are stretchy, breathable, and comfortable. They’re not too bulky and will surely keep your pet Westie as warm and cozy as possible.

  • Versatile Design

Not only is the Wild Paw YYC Ugly Christmas Sweater made for dogs, but it can also be a fabulous option for cats. If you own multiple pets, we highly recommend ordering an assortment of ugly sweaters for them to wear during the holidays.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Vibrant prints and colors
  • Customized fit
  • One-of-a-kind design


  • Doesn’t have a leash hole
  • Custom sizes are non-refundable

The Verdict

The best Westie Christmas jumper is easily the Mamas Pets Christmas Costume. It features a leash hole for easy access for walks and is thick enough to keep your Westie warm in the snow. We love the look of the elf design that will quickly contribute to the personality of your favorite pet.

Westie Christmas Hats

A Westie Christmas hat is the best way to finish your pet’s holiday outfit for many reasons. It gives you the ability to show off their style, but it also keeps them warm when out for walks in the winter. We’ve found the four best Westie Christmas hat designs for the holidays that you need to check out.

Best Westie Christmas Hat: A Closer Look

1. Needy Paws Dog Christmas Hat

The main thing to appreciate about the Needy Paws Dog Christmas Hat is that it’s versatile for every breed, especially Westies. So, if you are a pet parent to multiple dogs, you can buy one for everyone!


  • Two Color Choices

There are two color choices to choose from, depending on what the rest of your Westie’s Christmas outfit looks like. The first is fully Buffalo plaid, which we find to be the most quintessential holiday print. The second is forest green with a couple of Buffalo plaid accents, which is also iconic for the holidays.

  • Fleece Material

Fleece is a fantastic material for dog clothes because it is soft, comfortable, and soothing for sensitive skin. This dog hat is made entirely from fleece, so your Westie will be able to feel warm and cuddly even on the coldest days.

  • Ear Protection

The most important aspect of this hat is to ensure that your dog’s ears aren’t cold. It will surround the entirety of their head without being too tight and obtrusive. It looks quite similar to the hood of a hoodie with an adjustable hem to achieve the perfect fit.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Easy to fit on various dogs
  • Doesn’t obstruct their view
  • Very warm for winter


  • Doesn’t have any ear holes
  • Adjustments may be difficult

2. Outward Hound Dog Santa Hat

If you’re shopping for a Christmas hat that is more about style than functionality, we highly recommend this Santa hat. It’s adorable and will bring a smile to the face of anyone you and your pet pass while on a walk. You’ll find it’s also perfect for holiday parties where your dog is expected to dress up.


  • Three Sizes

There are three different sizes to choose from when ordering the hat: small, medium, and large. Compared to other manufacturers, this doesn’t come with a size guide, which can make it tough to find the perfect size for your Westie.

  • Adjustable Strap

The only adjustable feature included with the Outward Hound Dog Santa Hat is the strap designed to go under your dog’s chin. The strap allows you to manage the tightness of the hat when it’s on their heads.

  • Soft Plush Materials

The top of the hat has soft velvet material with the base surrounded in fleece. All of the articles will feel soft against your dog’s skin, so you won’t have to worry about irritation.

  • Costume Piece

As mentioned, this hat is a costume piece rather than a functional hat to wear all of the time outdoors. It photographs well and gives your dog the chance to dress up and celebrate the festivities with their furry friends.


  • Works well for dogs and cats
  • Fabric is very soft


  • No size guide
  • Runs too small
  • Adjustable strap is poor


3. Wiz BBQT Pet Santa Hat and Bow Collar

With this fantastic combination of items, you can guarantee your Westie will be ready for the holidays. In your order, you will receive a Santa hat and a Christmas bow collar that is fantastic for male and female dogs alike. Also, it arrives with a Santa scarf that helps to pull the whole look together.


  • Adjustable Features

To make sure you’re getting the perfect fit, there are plenty of flexible features for the three items included in this package. With the Santa hat, you can adjust the chin strap. The Santa scarf comes with Velcro for adjustments, and of course, the bow collar is adjusted similarly to a regular collar.

  • Soft Materials

Although the seller doesn’t specify which materials are used to make the accessories, you can tell that the Santa hat and scarf are plush and soft.

If your Westie is prone to skin irritation, we highly recommend opting for soft material for their Winter costumes. The bow collar is made out of a ribbon material for aesthetic purposes.

  • Measuring Tape Included

As a strange yet convenient item included with your order, pet parents will also receive a Wiz BBQT measuring tape. It is specifically designed to help you record the growth of your pet from Christmas to Christmas.


  • Plenty of items included
  • Easily adjustable Velcro
  • Material is very soft


  • Difficult to launder
  • Bow collar is low-quality


4. BINGPET Christmas Costume

With the help of the hat and scarf included with this order, you can outfit your Westie for the upcoming holidays. Instead of being designed for either aesthetics or function, these two pieces feature both. They will keep your Westie warm while making them look even cuter.


  • Three Sizes

There are three sizes to choose from when placing your order. Be sure to measure the circumference of your pet’s head so that you can set the correct order. There is a sizing chart available for your reference on the seller’s page.

  • Comfortable Material

The materials used to design the hat and scarf will be soft to the touch, though they aren’t as plush as some of the other Christmas hats on this list. The pom-poms on the end of the scarf are quite plush, though.

  • Adjustable

With the help of Velcro pads, you will easily be able to adjust the scarf, so your Westie feels their most comfortable. The hat is also adjustable with the help of the elastic chin strap. An added feature we appreciate is the ear holes on the top of the hat, which allows an even more comfortable fit.


  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • The scarf is easy to adjust
  • Great for Christmas photos


  • Sizing might be slightly off
  • Hard for large dogs to wear


The Verdict

Our choice for the best Westie Christmas hat is the Needy Paws Dog Christmas Hat because it is the most comfortable for cold-weather outings. Although it’s not as aesthetic as a Santa hat, it’s far more functional for the holidays to keep your Westie warm. Also, it has the closest attention to detail out of the other hats on this list.

Westie Christmas Shirts

A Westie Christmas shirt is a fantastic way to show your adoration for your favorite pet while staying comfortable during the holidays. They are also an excellent option as a gift for someone who has a special place in their heart for their pet. Below are five great options for Westie shirts.

1. Barkley and Wagz Westie Christmas Baseball Shirt

If you are a fan of Westie sweatshirts, you’ll surely love this baseball shirt, as well. Designed by Barkley and Wagz, this shirt is incredibly comfortable and easy for anyone to wear. With a cute image of a Westie on the front with reindeer ears, glasses, and a holiday sweater, it’s a fantastic choice.


  • Blended Materials

Instead of relying on a basic cotton or polyester t-shirt, this shirt is a blend of materials. You’ll love the 50% polyester, 25% ringspun cotton, and 25% rayon mix that makes the shirt soft, stretchy, and comfortable. It will quickly become one of your favorite items this holiday season.

  • ¾-Length Sleeves

Compared to a traditional long or short sleeve shirt, this baseball tee has ¾-length sleeves. With these, you’ll have far better mobility without feeling too constricted; also, it makes the shirt far more comfortable to wear in warmer weather.

  • Unisex Sizing

You won’t have to worry about men’s and women’s styles while ordering, as these shirts are designed to be unisex. You’ll find this helps to make it easier to shop for family members and friends.

  • Personalization Options

You can personalize the shirt for an added cost, depending on what you’d like to have changed. You may be able to opt for a different color, add wording to the front or back of the t-shirt, or anything else that is specific to your Westie.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to wear daily
  • Customization is simple


  • The shirt needs to be laundered inside-out
  • Image may crack over time

2. Barkley and Wagz Westie Holiday Party Tee

With the same design as the baseball shirt we just took a look at, this t-shirt is designed to impress everyone. If you’ve always been a fan of short sleeves instead of a ¾-length raglan, the Barkley and Wagz Westie Holiday Party Tee may be a better alternative for you. We also find that this shirt is better for young kids.


  • Unique and Quirky

The illustration on the front of this t-shirt is incredibly unique and quirky, especially when compared to other Westie shirts. They also have prints of several breeds so that you can give them as gifts to other pet parents. With the perfect festive design, it’s a beautiful option for this upcoming holiday season. 

  • Pre-Shrunk Cotton

Crafted from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this shirt is incredibly easy to clean, as you won’t have to worry about it shrinking in the dryer. Also, the cloth is incredibly soft against your body, which makes it ideal for pet parents with skin sensitivities.

  • Double-Needle Stitching

Throughout the shirt, you’ll notice there is double-needle stitching, which helps to add to the quality of the shirt. You can wash it multiple times without worrying about frayed edges or signs of wear.

  • Customization Options

Just like the sweatshirt and raglan tee from the same brand, you can easily customize your shirt in many ways. There are a few colors to choose from, and you can also add your dog’s name or any other defining characteristic to show off their personality.


  • Beautifully designed illustration
  • Very high-quality shirt
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • No sizes under small
  • Should be washed inside-out

3. Rock Paper Paw Funny Christmas Shirt

Perfect for pet parents with a great sense of humor, the Rock Paper Paw Funny Christmas Shirt can show off the funny side of your pet. With several illustrations of hilarious Westies in fabulous costumes, it is perfect for Christmas parties.


  • Great Attention to Detail

Each of the illustrations of Westies in their costumes will get a chuckle out of absolutely anyone. Some of the pictured costumes include a Christmas tree, elf, Santa, and even a gingerbread man.

  • Multiple Colors

There are several different colors you can choose from when selecting your holiday shirt. These colors include red, black, navy, green, white, and blue.

  • 100% Ringspun Cotton

To add to the incredible softness of the shirt, it is made from 100% ringspun cotton and is pre-shrunk. This means that you will be able to wash it in warm or cold water without the fear of the shirt shrinking. To preserve the printed graphics, we recommend only washing the shirt in cold water.

  • Quarter-Turned

If you’re typically bothered by creasing in your t-shirt, you’ll be glad to know that this one is quarter-turned. This method helps to prevent creasing down the front of the shirt so that you can show off the funny Westie illustrations all day.


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Breathable in warm weather
  • High-quality pictures


  • Too large for children
  • Difficult to size

4. Family Tree Westie Lovers Tee

This shirt is an excellent option for someone who loves the idea of Christmas sweaters but doesn’t like how bulky they are. With a print that is similar to what you’d find on an “ugly” Christmas sweater, it’s a great alternative. Printed on the Hanes Tagless Tees, these shirts are comfortable to wear all day long.


  • Adorable Illustration

On the front of the t-shirt, you’ll notice that the image of the Westie is similar to the iconic Christmas movie, Home Alone. With the Westie sitting with a surprised face, it’s the perfect homage to one of the holiday’s best classics. You’ll also love how the puppy is wearing a Santa hat to pay tribute to Christmas.

  • High-Resolution Printing

All of the shirts are printed in the United States using state-of-the-art color transfer technology. This method helps to ensure every shirt has the highest resolution image possible that stays bright and stunning for longer.

  • 100% Preshrunk Cotton

Similar to many of the other t-shirts on this list, this one is also designed using preshrunk cotton. This makes washing and drying the shirt much more straightforward and also keeps the shirt comfortable after each wash.


  • High-quality printing
  • Funny and unique graphic
  • The shirt is soft and breathable
  • Does not have an uncomfortable tag


  • Christmas print is only on the front
  • Print may fade after several washes


5. Inktastic Candy Cane Cutie T-Shirt

No one would ever argue that Westies are cute, and this shirt seemingly captures the most adorable features of your favorite pet. The Inktastic Candy Cane Cutie T-Shirt is unique and exceptional for the holidays, especially if you want a more subdued graphic on the front of your shirt. Showcasing a Westie with a candy cane in its mouth, we love the cartoon vibes from the illustration.


  • 100% Preshrunk Cotton

For your comfort, the red shirt is constructed entirely from 100% cotton. This material gives it a softness that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Also, you won’t have to worry about the shirt shrinking in the wash or the dryer.

  • Materials Vary

Depending on the color you choose, each shirt is made from different materials. The ash grey is 98% cotton and 2% polyester, with the athletic heather having 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

  • High-Resolution Image

You’ll immediately be able to see the impressive quality of the image on the front of the shirt when you wear it for the first time. Compared to other screen-printed shirts, this one has phenomenal quality.


  • Adorable image
  • Shirt is comfortable
  • Breathable in summer


  • Special laundering instructions
  • Graphic may peel


The Verdict

The Barkley and Wagz Westie Christmas Baseball Shirt is easily the best Westie Christmas shirt because of how soft and comfortable it is to wear. We also find that it’s the most versatile out of the other shirts on the list, as the sleeves are ¾ length. With the ability to customize your order, you can even create special gifts for loved ones.

Westie Christmas Art

Many homeowners forget that it’s not always about ornaments and lights, especially when you have beautiful hanging artwork. Westie Christmas art could quickly become one of your favorite ways to decorate this year. These are easily our favorite pieces of art for Westie lovers.

1. Clever Creations Christmas Canvas

Everything that you need to bring the holiday spirit home is included in this piece of canvas art. With a stunning home interior and an adorable Westie sitting in the window overlooking a snow-covered front yard, it makes you feel like you’re at home. It’s a fantastic option for a unique Christmas decoration.


  • Versatile Design

You’ll find that this canvas works perfectly with all different types of décor, as it pulls out all of the best colors of the holiday season. We guarantee that when it is on your wall, you’ll be more excited about the holidays than you have ever been.

  • Built-in LED Lights

What makes this piece of artwork unique is that it lights up. There are several LED lights perfectly placed throughout the canvas that brings brightness to the most critical parts of the scene. It adds depth and dimension to the art for a jaw-dropping holiday display.

  • Hanging Mount Included

When it comes to putting the canvas up, everything you need is included in your order. You receive a hanging mount on the back, so you can put it up as soon as it’s unboxed.


  • Adds light to dim rooms
  • Kids love the LED lights
  • Creates the perfect glow


  • Accents are silver and not gold
  • Requires three batteries
  • The material doesn’t feel like canvas


2. Sarah Mac Art Christmas Dog Painting

It can be a brilliant idea to display an artist’s original artwork in your home, such as the Sarah Mac Art Christmas Dog Painting. With a stunning image of a Westie with its snout poking through a Christmas wreath, it captures the fun and joyous aspects of your pet and the holidays. Above all else, the attention to detail in this original piece of artwork is exceptional.


  • Watercolor Artwork

The softness of this art can be attributed to the fact that it was designed using watercolor paints. We think it gives a more authentic appeal that will fit into any room in your home. It is an original that was initially designed for Christmas cards, and the text on the bottom is not included in the artwork.

  • Signed and Dated

As with any other type of original art, you can guarantee that your order will be signed and dated. The signature helps to ensure the authenticity of the artwork and is a nice added touch.

  • Vibrant and Beautiful

The actual colors in this piece of watercolor art are vibrant and stunning, which makes them ideal for a modern Christmas design. It will quickly become the focal point of any room in your home.


  • Original artwork
  • Vibrant and lively
  • Adorable and funny
  • Designed on watercolor paper


  • Does not arrive framed or bound
  • Only one available

3. L.A. Shepard Art Westie Snow Painting

If you’re searching for a piece of artwork that is more winter-themed than Christmas-centric, this is the one for you. Designed by L.A. Shepard, this Westie snow painting is the perfect addition to any home after the first snowfall. There’s something about the painted image that makes us feel excited about the colder weather and playing outside with our Westie. 


  • Archival Ink Work

The specialty canvas used for this painting helps to show off the best features of archival fine-art inks. You’ll love the quality of the colors and the finer details in the painting. The canvas is so high quality that you will feel as if you own an original painting.

  • Easy to Frame

This is incredibly simple to frame, as you won’t have to worry about sensitive materials. You can put it in a frame with or without backing and with or without glass.

  • Hand-Signed

To prove the authenticity of the artwork, you’ll notice the print has a distinctive signature from the artist located at the front border.


  • Soft and stunning details
  • Great color selection
  • High-quality print


  • Doesn’t arrive framed

4. Todd Young Art Westie Christmas Print

As a limited reproduction print of an original painting by Todd Young, there is only one remaining print available for purchase. This painting is one of our favorites as it captures the child-like personality of a Westie that is also headstrong and happy. It’s a beautiful item to have hanging in your home during the holidays.


  • Printed on Specialty Paper

Instead of merely reproducing the print on regular paper, you will receive acid-free 90lb watercolor paper. Under normal conditions, the ink will stay bright and of the highest quality for up to 100 years.

  • Authenticity Measures

Apart from the hand-signed signature at the bottom of the print, each one is also numbered and titled. The name helps to ensure your copy is authentic.


  • Brings a homey feel to a room
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Accurately authenticated


  • May get damaged during shipping
  • Colors may vary

The Verdict

Our favorite Westie Christmas art is the Todd Young Art Westie Christmas Print because it has an aesthetic unlike anything else we’ve seen. This beautiful print, even though it is a limited edition, can bring joy and happiness to your home during the holidays. We also believe it’s the best piece of art that shows off the real character of your Westie.

Westie Christmas Wrapping Paper

Finding the best Westie Christmas wrapping paper allows you to make the most of your gift-giving. If you want to make an impression, you’ll want to find an adorable paper design to match your wonderful gift.

1. Otter House “A Christmas Wish” Wrapping Paper

This pack of six sheets of wrapping paper from Otter House will make any Christmas gift more magical. With a combination of blue, silver, and gold, along with adorable photos of Westies, it’s great for any dog lover.


  • Full Wrapping Set

Everything you need for wrapping a fantastic Christmas gift will be included with your order. You will receive six individual sheets of wrapping paper that measure 700mm x 500mm. You will also have six matching gift tags to write a holiday greeting for the recipient.

  • Special Wording

Instead of a traditional wrapping paper design with bland photos of Westies, this wrapping paper has unique wording. It reads, “A Christmas Wish!” which is bound to get anyone excited about opening their gifts.

  • Cello Wrapped

To protect the paper from damage and moisture while shipping, the sheets are wrapped in cellophane, so they arrive in pristine condition.


  • High-quality print
  • Great for small gifts
  • Adorable images of Westies


  • Not recommended for large presents
  • Paper may tear easily


2. Santa’s Little Westie Wrapping Paper

One of the main things you’ll appreciate about Santa’s Little Westie Wrapping Paper is that it has the perfect amount of holiday cheer. With graphics of small Westies, some in Santa hats, it will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. The wrapping paper also features the different ways “Merry Christmas” is said, such as “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays.”


  • Cello-Wrapped Pack

Wrapped in cellophane, this wrapping paper is sufficiently protected during shipping. In your order, you will receive six sheets of paper that are ready to use for a variety of gifts.

  • Tags Included

Instead of having to make gift tags on your own, there are six already included with your order. These match the pattern on the wrapping paper.

  • Recycled Paper

To help promote a healthier environment, every sheet of wrapping paper is made from 100% recycled paper.


  • High-quality paper
  • Plenty of sheets included
  • Great for Westie lovers


  • Graphics may be slightly blurry


3. Starprint Designs Christmas Wrapping Paper

The Starprint Designs Christmas Wrapping Paper is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve found, as it has numerous photos of adorable Westies with different expressions and positions. Throughout the image, you’ll also notice “Merry Christmas” printed in bold red ink on a cold wintery background.


  • One Sheet

When you place your order, it’s important to note that you will be receiving one sheet of wrapping paper. A single layer is an A2 size (23.5 inches x 16.5 inches), so you will likely need to order multiple sheets for all of your presents.

  • Homemade Wrapping Paper

Compared to larger companies that manufacture hundreds of different types of gift wrapping, this paper is handmade. Starprint takes all of the pictures of the Westies and then added to the overall design.

  • Traditional Style

If you’re shopping for wrapping paper for a grandparent, this is by far one of our favorites. The design is very homey and handmade, making it perfect for older generations.


  • Great for wrapping one main present
  • Unique pattern


  • Only available in one sheet
  • Paper feels thin

The Verdict

Our choice for the best Westie Christmas wrapping paper is the Santa’s Little Westie Wrapping Paper. It is the most stylish and comes with six individual sheets. With the exciting and high-quality print on the paper, you’ll be able to create a more custom flair with each of your holiday gifts.

Christmas Westie Cushions

Finding a Christmas Westie cushion is a great way to add an accent to the most used piece of furniture in your home. You’ll find that the right pillows can completely transform a bedroom or a couch into a winter wonderland. Below are our three favorite choices for bringing a little taste of Christmas inside.

1. Shorping Westie Christmas Tree Cushion

Everything that we love about Christmas is showcased on the front of this cushion, including a Christmas tree, ornaments, and a very festive Westie. With a polyester blend material, this cushion is equally as aesthetically pleasing as it is soft and comfortable.


  • Pillow Cover

When you purchase the Shorping Westie Christmas Tree Cushion, it’s important to know that you will be buying only the pillow cover. This gives you the ability to fill it with any material you choose or to use a 20” x 20” pillow you already have at home.

  • Highly Elastic

Fitting a pillow inside of this cover has never been easier as the material is relatively stretchy. The elasticity helps to prevent wear and tear as well as minimize wrinkles when it’s displayed on your couch. The durable polyester will also feel incredibly soft and comfortable against your skin.

  • Hidden Zipper

Once you have filled the pillow, you will then be able to seal it by using the invisible zipper. The closure makes it much better to put on display, as there won’t be a distasteful zipper taking away from the look of the pillow. 


  • Available in three sizes
  • Looks adorable
  • The print is very high-quality
  • Easy to zip closed


  • Only available in one size
  • Not recommended for washing


2. Handmade West Highland Terrier Cushion

Perfect for homeowners who want a décor piece that make you go all soft inside, this cushion is a fantastic option. With an adorable Westie pattern on a red background, it will easily fit into the décor scheme you have for the holidays.


  • Perfect as a Gift

This cushion cushion cover is handmade using 100% cotton, which far more comfortable to sit on while on your couch or bed. It comes wrapped in a lovely silk paper and tied with a twine.

  • Envelope Style Back

You won’t have to worry about tearing the material or breaking the zipper when filling or fitting the cushion.

  • Cushion Cover

With your order, you won’t receive a full pillow, only a cushion cover. Opting for a cover makes it easier to choose the perfect amount of fill that you prefer.


  • The material looks like linen
  • Minimalistic design
  • Easy to wash


  • The printed image is grainy
  • Easily stained

3. Ecarlate Boutique Westie Throw Pillow

Everything you need for the perfect Westie pillow for the holidays is included with this order. Instead of receiving a simple cushion cover, you will be ordering a filled pillow. With its very rustic and organic design, it will easily fit with any décor you have in your home.


  • Filled Pillow

The Ecarlate Boutique Westie Throw Pillow is filled with down feathers for the most luxurious feel. However, if you prefer to order the cushion without the insert, you can contact the seller to buy the cushion cover only.

  • Ticking Fabric and Cotton

There are two main fabrics used to construct this pillow: ticking fabric and cotton. The two materials help to add depth and dimension as well as a unique flair. The cotton piece features an adorable Westie face drawn with black fabric ink and a brilliant red bowtie.

  • Exposed Zipper

On the rear of the pillow, you’ll notice there is an exposed zipper to make filling the cushion easier.


  • Looks great and modern
  • High-quality details
  • Great combination of materials


  • Zipper is exposed
  • Fill may become caught in the zipper

The Verdict

When it comes to our choice for the best Christmas Westie cushion, we choose the Ecarlate Boutique Westie Throw Pillow. The front of the pillow works perfectly with all types of Christmas décor and looks luxurious and fresh. Filling the pillow is also easy with the help of the exposed zipper at the rear.

Final Thoughts

When you’re preparing for a Westie Christmas, you’ll need an assortment of the best Christmas Westie gifts. From wrapping paper to comfortable articles of clothing, the options are endless. With these, you can easily find the perfect gift for yourself, your dog, or a family member.