Gifts for Westie Owners: Complete Reviews with Comparisons


Westies can easily be considered one of the best dog breeds, which is why owners want to spend as much time as they can with their pups. As a Westie owner, we look for items that will keep our dog happy and will give us enough free time to enjoy their company.

If you’re looking for some of the best gifts for Westie owners, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top five. You’ll find items that can save time for Westie owners, help them enjoy their pups a bit more, and keep them connected when they’re far away.

Best Gifts for Westie Owners: A Review

1. Furbo Dog Camera

This item is a great gift idea for any Westie owner who hates having to leave their pooch to go to work every morning. Most owners don’t enjoy leaving their dog while they work or run errands, but this item can help owners feel more comfortable.

Product Highlights

The Furbo Dog Camera is a camera designed with dogs in mind. It does not function the same way a nanny cam or other indoor camera works. Instead, it works hand-in-hand with an Alexa device and offers 1080p Full HD Night Vision and camera.

Westie owners can view their dogs at all times. There is also a diary feature that even lets Westie owners see their dog’s entire day in a 60-second clip.

Westie owners can also livestream video to keep an eye on their beloved dog straight from their phone. There is a full 160-degree wide-angle view available both during the day and at night. In addition, there is a barking alert and a two-way audio function.

The Furbo’s barking sensor can let you know when your dog is barking. It will then send a notification straight to the owner’s phone, alerting them. Using the two-way audio, the owner can actually talk to the dog straight from their phone.

Westie owners can also toss treats to their dog through the iOS or Android app on their smartphone. The owner just needs to fill the Furbo with treats before leaving the house.

There are also smart alerts, including a person alert, dog activity alert, and a dog selfie alert. The person alert signals when someone is in view of the camera. The dog activity alert detects the dog’s movements while the dog selfie alert lets the owner know when the dog is facing the camera.  

Setting up the Furbo is pretty straightforward. You need to plug it into an outlet, download the app, and make sure everything WiFi connected. The owner does need to have a good internet connection.

The Good

We really love the alert features on the Furbo. It works to let Westie owners know when the dog might be in real danger. It can alert an owner when there is a fire, when they’re Westie is barking, and when someone else might be in their home.  

We also love the features that enable owners to stay in contact with their dogs while they’re away, even if away for a prolonged period. For example, the treat feature is great, as is the two-way audio.

The Bad

What we don’t like about the Furbo is that it seems to have issues with connectivity often. This is a huge disadvantage since nearly every function relies on the internet to work.

It also makes it quite challenging to set up. If there aren’t connectivity issues, the setup is actually as simple as advertised. 

Another thing we don’t like is that some features come with a premium subscription fee. Lastly, there are virtually no instructions that come with the Furbo. You have to find everything you need in the app, which is fine, except when you are having connectivity issues.


  • Great picture quality
  • Good interactive features 
  • Beneficial alerts
  • Dog diary


  • Can have big connectivity issues
  • Some features require fee payments
  • Very few instructions included


2. PetSafe Smart Feed Dog and Cat Feeder 

This product is a huge help for Westie owners who may be away from their dogs for longer periods. It allows owners to feed their dogs straight from their phone. Owners could never leave their Westies for a long time, but if so, an item like this might make it easier.

Product Highlights

The PetSafe Smart Feed Dog and Cat Feeder allows owners to personalize their pet’s meals as well as feed them straight from their smartphone. It is compatible with an iPod or iPhone running on iOS 9.0 or later, as well as with an Android smartphone 6.0 or later. 

There are plenty of personalization options available for feeding. Owners can schedule meals for their Westies up to 12 hours in advance.

A “feed now” option which allows owners to feed their dog in addition to the already scheduled times is also available. So, if the owner is away for longer than intended, they can feed their dog before getting home.

There are also different meal portion sizes available ranging from 1/8 cup up to four cups. There is a slow option available as well, allowing the item to dispense food over a full 15-minute time period for dog’s who might have digestive issues. 

Additionally, there is a battery backup in case the WiFi fails. The item is dishwasher safe, too, and the quality is guaranteed.

The Good

We really like that there is a battery backup option with the PetSafe Smart Feed Dog and Cat Feeder. We understand that many items rely on WiFi now, but the connection can often be unreliable, so it is nice to have a backup available when needed. 

We also really like that the product is dishwasher safe. The bowl, lid, bowl holder, and hopper are all top-shelf safe and made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. 

We also love that the device can be programmed ahead of time. This works well for being away from the Westie or for just scheduling feedings early in the morning and not having to get out of bed. Finally, we like that quality is guaranteed and that customer service is available from Monday through Saturday.

The Bad

It is too bad that the PetSafe Smart Feed Dog and Cat Feeder can only be used with dry dog food. It would be helpful if it were compatible with wet food as well.

Many older Westies move to wet food as they age, at which time, this would no longer be useful. You also can only use this product indoors. That can be a drawback if the owner’s dog stays outside for a long time.


  • Plenty of customization options 
  • Battery backup available 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with multiple phones


  • Indoor use only 
  • Only compatible with dry food


3. Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket or Throw 

This blanket is the ultimate in comfort, intended to keep any Westie warm and cozy. Any Westie owner knows that their dog likes to feel safe and secure. A nice, cozy blanket on their dog bed can help keep the pup stay comfortable.

Product Highlights

The Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket or Throw is made of 100% polyester. It is pill-resistant and Mirco-plush. This blanket is available in two color options, namely medium and light gray.

The blanket itself can help to protect the fabric from clawing and scratching. It can also limit pet hair accumulation on furniture items. The blanket is reversible and double-layered, with a nice thickness. 

The blanket can simply be thrown in the washing machine and then dried right in the dryer. It seems to stand up to washing and drying quite well, keeping its shape and softness without a lot of pilling. The blanket measures 53 x 41 inches, so it can be used to cover large spaces if needed.

The Good

The Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket or Throw is incredibly soft, and we’re confident it will keep any Westie warm. It seems to really stand up to wear and tear, and we love that it can be washed and dried right at home with no fuss.

The Bad

We don’t like that this blanket isn’t available in more colors. We like the two available gray options, but we’d like to be able to choose from more options.


  • Very soft and cozy
  • Machine washable 
  • Double-layered


  • Lack of color options


4. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum 

Most of us would rather be outside playing with our dogs than inside vacuuming up dog hair. The iRobot Roomba helps keep any area clean, even with Westies running around. It is a must-have item for any Westie owner who doesn’t want to spend time vacuuming.

Product Highlights

The iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum offers a three-stage cleaning system. It can rid floors of hair, dirt, and dust without anyone having to lift a finger.

There is an auto-adjust cleaning head that will independently adjust to the height of the floor so that it works as well on the hardwood as it does on the carpet. It also moves easily under furniture and around objects, given the many sensors that help it navigate through rooms. There is also a brush designed for edge sweeping, which has a 27-degree angle.

The Roomba can be connected and scheduled from anywhere, and it can be used with Google Assistant or Alexa to control cleaning. The vacuum will run for up to 90 minutes before it automatically docks itself and starts charging back up.

The Good

We really like that you can still use the iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum without WiFi. We also think it’s incredibly convenient that it will run for 90 minutes all on its own before docking itself and recharging. That means not having to keep track of how long it’s been running before needing to charge it again. 

Lastly, we love how this product navigates the floor. It moves from carpet to hardwood quite easily and rarely gets hung up around items or under furniture.

The Bad

We don’t like that you have to set up an account to schedule cleaning with this version of the Roomba. It would be helpful to schedule right on the robot itself. Also, this version of the Roomba seems to have a bit less suction and power than previous versions.


  • Navigates easily
  • Doesn’t require WiFi 
  • Docks and charges itself


  • Must set up an account for scheduling 
  • Seems to be a downgrade in suction or power


5. Pooch Selfie Dog Selfie Stick 

This product is a great item to use when trying to snap a good selfie with a Westie whose attention is hard to grab. It is a must-have for any Westie owner who wants to capture memories with their pups, as this item can make it easier to get a great shot.

Product Highlights

The Pooch Selfie Dog Selfie Stick is geared toward improving the way dog owners capture photos of pets. For Westie owners, ball on the Pooch Selfie can grab the dog’s attention while the owner snaps a good photo. Then, the ball can be used as a reward for a great picture.

The Pooch Selfie attaches right to a smartphone. It can be used on both rear- and front-facing cameras of phones and tablets. You just slide the clip over the smartphone and attach the tennis ball at the top of the phone. That tennis ball is squeaky and is sure to grab the Westie’s attention long enough to grab a picture.

The Good

We like that this can be used with both front- and rear-facing cameras. That just increases its convenience and ease of use.

It is also nice that it isn’t reserved for only phone screens. If a tablet is easier to hold and use, it is also compatible with those. 

The tennis ball really does work to grab the pup’s attention. It ends up being just long enough to snap a photo in most cases, but it does work. The product basically does precisely what it promises to do.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this product is limited in its compatibility when it comes to smartphone cases. It is not compatible with Bodyglove, Lifeproof, or Otterbox cases. This is really too bad given how popular each of those case companies is with many smartphone users.

It can also be a bit challenging to prevent a Westie from actually getting the tennis ball before the photo gets taken. The owner might end up snapping a few photos of the dog jumping at the camera, instead of just looking at it. However, those will likely be cute shots the owner will cherish too.


  • Grabs the pup’s attention easily 
  • Can be used on both rear- and front-facing cameras 
  • Easy setup


  • Not compatible with all phone cases 


Buyer’s Guide 

It is hard to imagine anyone not loving a Westie. They have great individual personalities and are great companions.

With that said, they can also have an independent streak and require a good amount of attention. My Westie took some time to train, perhaps longer than I would have liked. His stubborn streak is strong, but that also makes him quite playful and is one of the qualities I enjoy most about the breed. 

Keeping the breed’s features in mind can help you select the best gifts for Westie owners. Nonetheless, there are a few other things you should consider when finding the perfect gift for Westie owners.

1. Ease of Use 

Many products designed to make life easier also rely a whole lot on technology. This can be both good and bad when it comes to ease of use and operation. These technology-based products often need to be set up and connected to WiFi, or they need passwords or apps to use them.

With that said, finding a straightforward product can often be challenging. For Westie owners, time is of the essence. Having to spend hours being frustrated at setting something up is less than ideal.

A product that is easy to use will allow Westie owners to spend more time with their beloved pooch and less time setting up gadgets. Technology might make things easier, but that isn’t the only factor to consider. Overall, you just want something that can be attached or set up quickly so that the owner can move on to other things.

2. Functionality

This is a huge consideration when looking for one of the great gifts for Westie owners. It also ties right into ease of use when it comes to saving time. 

If you can find a gift item that will complete a chore for a Westie owner, that means the owner has more time to spend with their pup. Finding something that takes away having to feed the dog manually or can keep up with collecting and disposing of dog hair and other items can be helpful. It means the owner has more time to spend with their dog, and less time cleaning up or completing mundane chores. 

In many instances, those same items end up fulfilling a need for the dog as well, keeping the Westie happy as well as the owner. Something that does both of those will certainly be a big hit with the Westie owner.

3. Durability

This is a pretty universal consideration when making any gift purchase. You do not want to give a gift that is cheaply made or will fall apart after one or two uses.

Price point no longer dictates durability, either. There are plenty of affordable gifts that are very durably made. Likewise, several costly gifts don’t deliver on their promises.

Look at the materials used when choosing a gift, as this can help determine an item’s durability and longevity. Sometimes checking the weight is also a good indication of an item’s overall durability.

If you have the chance to purchase an item with a warranty or guarantee, that can be helpful. If the item doesn’t stand up over time, you’ll at least have the option to return it or have it replaced.

4. Technology

You want to make sure you pay attention to the technology required to operate any gift you purchase. While some, though few, require no technology, many do need WiFi to operate. With that said, you want to ensure the person for whom you are buying the gift actually has that technology available to them.

You also want to make sure if you buy an item that requires it, the person knows how to use the technology. Technology is often intended to make life easier, but for a Westie owner who doesn’t know how to install or use the product, they won’t be able to get much use out of it.


1. How Can I Choose a Gift Without Really Knowing the Owner? 

If you are planning on buying a gift for a Westie owner with whom you are just a casual acquaintance, you have plenty of options. Knowing they love Westies is enough to find the perfect gift.

If you don’t know what else the owner likes, stick to what you do know, which is, nearly every owner enjoys things that will free up their time so that they can spend it with their pup

You can choose an item that eliminates a chore for them. If that doesn’t work, you can also select an item that can be used by the dog and owner collectively.

2. How Do I Know a Gift for a Westie Owner Is Well-Made?

You don’t want to purchase something cheaply made. To ensure that doesn’t happen, choose to purchase from both reputable sites and reputable sellers. Brand recognition goes far when it comes to selecting reliable items.


While each of the five items listed here could easily be considered the best gift for Westie owners, we’ve chosen the PetSafe Smart Feed Dog and Cat Feeder as the top selection. The product makes it easy for owners to keep their Westie fed, and there are plenty of useful customization options.

We like the personalization that is available and how it isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of product. This means feeding the Westie at a time that works best, and over a period that works best, even if the owner is away. It is both convenient and practical.