Zee.Dog Crosby Dog Collar Review

While fashion isn’t going to be the number one priority that you have when buying accessories for your dog, there’s no reason that you can’t put a little bit of thought into making sure that your pup looks great! Choosing cute collars, leads, and more is one easy way to do just that.

When it came to our adorable Westie, we knew that we were going to want to get home some fashion-forward collars, but many of the local shops only had basic, solid-colored options. While those collars are just fine, we want some special occasion collars, too!

Our search for something fabulous brought us to discover Zee.Dog’s collars. We’d seen some of their products before, but it wasn’t until we looked for new collars that we discovered how completely coordinating all of their pieces can be.

Today, we’ll be talking about the Zee.Dog collar in the Crosby pattern. This same collar is available in several different designs, so remember that you can always choose another pattern and get the same features.

Zee.Dog Crosby Dog Collar

The Zee.Dog Crosby Dog Collar is a smart, soft polyester collar that has a unique pattern on it. This was created by Zee.Dog in coordinating lead, collar, bow tie, and other accessories. This durable and adjustable collar is a popular choice for fashion-loving dog owners.

Who Is This Product For?

This collar is perfect for anyone who has a dog! Unless your dog needs some type of specialty control or training collar, there really aren’t any dogs who wouldn’t be able to use this one. The collars from Zee.Dog are available in four different sizes. We used a small-sized collar for our Westie as recommended on the Zee.Dog website.

This pattern is especially great for those who love to rock pops of color and anyone who is feeling inspired by the return of ‘80s fashion statements. The Crosby design hits that angle perfectly, so you’ll love this collar if you love those looks.

What’s Included?

This collar does not come with any other accessories or items.

Overview of the Features

The basic Zee.Dog collars like this one are made from soft and resistant polyester material. This means that while they are smooth and comfortable for your dog to wear, they are also very durable and reliable. The polyester material used is officially known as teteron polyesters, and it is weather-resistant.

The collar has a four-point lock buckle on it. This locking buckle helps to ensure that your dog will not be able to easily rip themselves out of the collar, which is especially important for young pups and dogs that haven’t learned how to stop pulling when going out on walks. Despite being secure, it’s still quick and easy to latch.

The quality of Zee.Dog collars is hard to match when compared to similar products. The polyester used really does make a big difference, and we noticed immediately how tough yet soft the collar was when we were first testing it out.

The adjustability is really great, too. While there are four different sizes, we were still worried that the sizing wouldn’t be right for our Westie. Thanks to the easy-adjust slides, we were able to get a perfect fit without needing to do a return.


  • Four different sizes
  • Fully adjustable size range
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Funky, eye-catching design


  • Very strong dogs can break the buckle
  • Common sizes frequently out of stock

Cleaning Your Polyester Dog Collar

One thing that we cannot stand about dog collars is how dirty they become if you let your dog play in them! When you buy a cute collar like this Crosby design, you want that design to be able to shine through even if your dog was playing in the dirt a few days prior.

Thankfully, washing polyester dog collars isn’t that difficult. The following method is a great way to keep your dog’s collar clean, but remember that you should always spot test your collars before you wash them! This method shouldn’t pull any color out of polyester collars as they are quite colorfast, but it’s always good to check before washing the entire collar.

Here’s how to wash that Zee.Dog collar:

  • Get a bucket. Fill it about halfway through with warm water.
  • Add one or two spoonfuls of baking soda, and stir until it dissolves.
  • Soak the collar in the mixture for up to 15 minutes.
  • If there are any specific areas of the collar that have thick buildup, you can use a toothbrush dipped in the solution to help scrub the dirt out.
  • Rinse the collar a few times until it seems like the baking soda solution is out.
  • If the collar had been very stinky, get a gentle peppermint soap. Use that to wash the collar to help eliminate any remaining smells.
  • Hang the collar to air dry. Do not put it on your dog until it is completely dry!


If you’re not a huge fan of the Crosby pattern, but you liked what the Zee.Dog collar offers, you’re in luck! Zee.Dog makes their collars in a lot of different designs. A collar with a much simpler design like this one might be better suited to your tastes.

If you aren’t sure about a single pattern that you want to get just yet, why not try a multi-pack of collars like this one? Using a multi-pack helps enable you to change up the statement that your dog is making every day, and that can be very fun!


We loved trying a fun, fashionable collar on our Westie! In fact, you would be absolutely correct if you have already guessed that we have more than one cute collar for Sami by now! There’s just something super special about being able to dress to his (and our) mood every day, and collars like this Crosby pattern collar from Zee.Dog make it possible to do just that.

Then again, don’t feel like collars are the only way to dress up your dog! We’ve seen and tried harnesses, leads, and even little bow ties that can be used as great accessories. They are all available in tons of different patterns and colors, so you can explore the exciting world of dog accessories without feeling limited!

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