Zeedog Lola Dog Lead Review

Choosing a dog lead may seem like an effortless task at first. After all, isn’t anything that can clip onto your dog’s collar going to be enough? In it’s simplest form, all that you need is indeed something to lead your dog around, but there is no reason that you cannot choose a dog lead that helps you do even more than that!

We always worry about how strong and secure a dog lead is; we wouldn’t want it to break very easily or have a weak clasp, or my dog could get lost! Another aspect to consider is the material used – I’ve heard of many dogs easily chewing though the lead.

So while I was searching for a quality dog lead, I found ZeeDog. A cool brand with an impressive amount of choices when it comes to dog leads. What I love about their products, aside from great quality, is the fun colorful graphics they have! You have to admit, it’s fun to get a lead that looks as good as it works!

So today, we want to introduce my favorite lead (like “love at first sight, I must have it now kinda moment”), the Zeedog Lola Dog Lead. It’s a very pretty, watermelon themed lead that works for both genders and it’s perfect for summer!  Can’t tell you how many compliments we’re getting on this lead (probably as many as our dog gets!). Will this lead be the right choice for you? Only you can decide, but we hope that our in-depth review will help you make that decision.

Zeedog Lola Dog Lead

The Zeedog Lola Dog Lead is a colorful and fun lead with a unique design. It’s an average sized lead (120 cm) and it’s a great length for many different applications depending on what type of situations you will be taking your dog out into.


Who Is This Lead For?

This cute dog lead is great for those who need a short lead to take their dog on walks in busy areas. We found that this lead is great for going out into a crowd or to the shops because it’s short length makes it easier to keep our pup under control.

This product is also an excellent choice for anyone who wants a fun design on their lead! The colors remind us of a summer watermelon, so it is a fun lead to use when you want something that is both functional and stylish when taking your Westie out on his daily walk.

Finally, this lead is great for those who have small or medium build dogs. While the lead is durable, it isn’t strong enough to withstand pulling from larger breeds or from dogs that weigh more than about 25 kilograms. For larger dogs, we recommend you check out this lead, it’s unique design makes sure to absorb the shock you feel when your dog pulls. Also, you get the same cool designs with this lead.

What’s Included?

This lead comes with nothing except for the lead itself. It is equipped with a 360-degree swivel hook at the end and it locks when you rotate the screw lock, which makes it super safe.

Overview of the Features

The first thing that we noticed about this lead was the fun, summer design! The lead looks like a watermelon, and we love how fun and quirky that is. Sure, that’s definitely a feature that’s more important to us than to our Westie, but we love it nonetheless. We’re always excited about pet accessories that show off our family’s personality when we use them!

The lead has a 360-degree swivel hook at the end of it. This means that no matter what direction our Sami runs in, it’s not going to get caught or tangled because the hook will continuously rotate around in the right direction.

The lead also has a great feature to protect the seams. Leads have to have some seams in them, and these seams are typically where the lead starts to fall apart. This product has a rubberized skull pattern over it so that the stitching will not tear or fall apart quickly. These skulls help the overall longevity of this lead. Sami has chewed this rubber skull many times and it’s still intact.


  • Made of soft and water-resistant polyester
  • Comes in 3 sizes, XS, S and L (ours is S, perfect for a Westie)
  • Super soft on owner’s hands
  • Has a rotating swivel hook
  • Has a screw lock – you can choose to lock it or not
  • Comes in a combination of bright colors
  • Fun, quirky design options (there’s even one of milk and cookies)
  • Matching collar and harnesses available too
  • Easy to wash


  • Short length
  • Not adjustable
We got the leash, matching collar and a practical poop bag dispenser that can be attached to the leash.

How to Use This Dog Lead

Using a lead like this one for our Westie pup was quick and easy! Since it is an average length, we didn’t need to worry about making any adjustments to the length before we headed out into town. All that we did was clip the hook to his collar, lock it to make sure it was secure, and then went on our way.

Our pup still tries to pull on the lead quite a bit. He is young, after all! Even with his pulling, we didn’t feel like the hook was going to break, and the short length of the lead makes it easier to get him back under control. We’ve found that this will be an excellent training lead to help him learn more about how to walk when we’re out around other people.

After a few months, we checked out how the rubbers seam protectors were holding up. We couldn’t even tell that we had used the lead yet, and there were no signs of wear around those protectors. We feel pretty confident that no matter how much our little guy wants to play, we aren’t going to see any problems with the durability of this lead anytime soon.


If you love the functionality of the Lola lead, but if you aren’t really a fan of the watermelon design, don’t fret! Zeedog makes other fun patterns, too, so you can find one that suits the personality of your pet family perfectly!

For those with medium or large dogs, this particular lead might not cut it in all situations. A lead especially created for large dogs, like this one from Zeedog, is sure to make your outing a bit easier because of its shock absorbing technology that helps protect you when your dog pulls. What’s more, it even has a super fun design!


We absolutely loved this little lead! While Sami can’t tell us if he thought it was cute, we think the answer would probably be a yes. Thanks to how soft this lead was and how well the swivel hook works, we didn’t have any problems with my pup exploring.

It is very comfortable for both of us to use, and we think that that is the most important thing when you are using a lead. Plus, the length was perfect for us to use since we wanted to keep him close by during our adventure.

If you’re looking for fun leads of any length, we definitely recommend seeing what Zeedog has to offer. While this particular lead was just to our tastes, there are a lot of different lengths, styles, and patterns out there that you can consider using for your next walk.

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