Westie Terriers Personality: 10 Things You Need To Know! | ❤️ Are They The Best Dogs In The World?

In this video, I talk about 10 personality traits of Westie dogs, based on Sami! ❤️

Why they are big dogs in a small dog body, curious, stubborn and the best companions you could hope for. Let me know if you agree with these – and if you have any new ones to add? 🐾

Today I thought I’d talk about Westies and their personality. What they are like, why we love them and why anyone who’s ever had a Westie will tell you they’re the best dogs in the world! If you agree, give this video a thumbs up!

So here are 10 things you need to know about Westie dogs and their personality:

  1. They have a Big personality. If a Westie lives in your house, you will know it. You will never be bored and you’ll never have to wonder what your Westie wants. They make their wishes known by staring at you and herding you to give them more food, or take them for a walk or play with them. Sometimes, if they don’t agree with you, they’ll even talk back!
  2. They’re a big dog in a small dog body. That’s one of the first things they say about Westies and it’s entirely true. Westies are considered a small breed, but that’s just not how they see it. They are bold and confident and act like big shots most of the time. Nothing intimidates them, not even a dog 10 times their size. A lot of the times this is funny, but sometimes their lack of awareness can get them in trouble. Let’s just say Sami once tried to pick a fight with a big labrador, thinking he could take her. Luckily, no one was hurt.
  3. They are great companions. Westies are extroverted dogs, so they need to be around people. The more, the merrier. I always joke that Sami is more of a people person than me, because he loves meeting new people and he’s super friendly. You should know that Westies don’t like being left alone for too long, so if you get a Westie, make sure you can spend enough time with them.
  4. Westies are Independent. Even if they don’t like being alone, Westies do need their space. Sami likes having us around while he’s doing his own thing. Every now and then he checks in and he’ll come snuggle next to me and put his head on my leg and sigh. It’s the best feeling ever when he does that and it makes me really appreciate it :)) Of course 2 minutes later he’s gone again, because he probably heard a dog barking outside and he needs to check it out.
  5. Westies are Stubborn. The so-called Westietude is NOT a myth. Anyone who has a Westie will say that this is both the most endearing, as well as the most annoying thing about westies. They can be extremely stubborn, for apparently no reason, at any given moment in the day. Sometimes they’ll refuse to walk that way. And no matter what you do, they’ll hold their ground while bravely holding your gaze. I find that dealing with Sami’s Westietude is possible, and his stubbornness CAN be defeated, but only with a lot of training and some negociating tactics. Let me know in comments if you’re curious to know more about Westie training.
  6. Westies are Curious. Westies need to know EVERYTHING. And I mean, everything. Nothing happens in theirhouse without them knowing about it. No jar gets opened, no bag crinkles, no door opens or closes without a Westie’s nose coming around to sniff what’s going on. They have a great FOMO and sometimes we joke that Sami is like that nosy neighbor that spends their time looking through the peephole, concerned with “what’s everybody doing”.
  7. Westies are Hunters. They will chase anything that moves. And that’s understandable, since Westies were originally bred for hunting down vermin, like rats, mice and other small animals. Chasing squirrels, cats or rabbits is their favorite sport and no amount of training will change that. And I’m talking from experience here. It’s the reason why I don’t trust Sami off the leash almost anywhere, no matter how well trained he is.
  8. Westies are Smart. They are Quick learners and the cool thing about that is they can be trained to do pretty much anything. The not so cool thing… they will also learn the bad habits pretty quick, if you’re not paying attention. And once a Westie learns something, it’s twice as hard to get them to stop doing it. So make sure you teach your Westie good habits.
  9. Westies enjoy being busy. They are working dogs and they enjoy having something to do. Westies need stimulation, both mental and physical, which means if you’re not gonna give them a job to do, they’ll find one.
  10. Westies are Forever Young. Westie doggos usually age very well and will still be playful and fun in their old age, as long as their health allows them. Now I obv don’t know this from experience, but I met many Westies over the age of 10 and their owners say that they still play and chase after squirrels just like when they were puppies.

Leave me a comment and let me know which of these Westie personality traits is your favorite! And if you have a Westie, what are they like? I’d love to know.


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00:00 – Intro

00:33 – Big personality

01:06 – Big dog in a small dog body

01:45 – Companions

02:10 – Independent

02:39 – Stubborn

03:19 – Curious

04:22 – Smart

04:48 – Busy

05:05 – Forever young